How to Create an Organized Role-Play

Hola, I’m Artey (Arty) you can spell it, however. Anyway, I figured if there are people who want to try and create a Role-Play but never have before they should at least figure out the basics. I know @AnimeOtome’s thread (Which I have linked) touches on some very important and useful things, but it doesn’t exactly explain how to create an organized and easily readable role-play thread. Well here’s how.

I like to split the How To into two different categories, one for the sign-ups thread which you will need and one for the official thread which you will also need. Both of those things are actually mentioned on the ’About the Roleplay Category’ thread created by @ShanniiWrites. And as she said on that thread it helps keep things organized, I mean you wouldn’t want to be in the middle of some dramatic role-play scene then see someone write that they signed up in the middle of the dramatic scene. Anticlimactic much? So having two thread is useful albeit sometimes space consuming.

The first part of this How To will be explaining how to keep a sign-ups thread organized, the second part will be explaining how to keep the official thread organized. Now let’s get onto the first portion.

How to Create Your Sign-Ups Thread

A sign-up thread is almost, if not more, essential than the official roleplay thread. A sign-up thread allows you (the roleplay creator) to communicate with the other people who were interested enough to join your roleplay. It also allows you to let people sign up.

The main things you should have on a sign-up thread are the signup sheets, the faceclaims, the description of the roleplay. Extras are also extremely useful and it is helpful to put the rules on the sign-up thread. Signup sheets can be done a multitude of ways but there are two more popular ways that I’ve seen.

The first way to make a signups sheet is by making a google form with questions about the characters, heres an example. Preferably yours would be more detailed (and eye-pleasing) with maybe an option for fears, or other things but even a simple signup form works.
The second way to make a signups sheet is to just have a form on your sign-up thread, kinda like this


And people will fill that out and post it onto the sign-up thread.

Now there is no specific way to properly do a sign-up sheet but I myself do prefer the google forms option, it allows you to be much more organized and its easier to go back and check over each signup. But I will say do whichever works for you and your roleplay the most.

Now onto Faceclaims. Faceclaims are what let other people see what your character looks like and it lets others look at their bios and personalities. Faceclaims like signups can be made in many ways.

The first and most common way is a Google slide, you would create a theme and write or copy & paste each characters info onto it. Pretty self-explanatory I hope. (some people do use other slide sites)
The second way that I have seen is to use a google form and allow a person to click onto a name to see what their faceclaim, bio, and personalities are.

Sorry for not adding a whole bunch to faceclaims, I felt it was quite self-explanatory but if it is not I will happily add more.

I mentioned descriptions for your sign-up thread which if you don’t know a description would essentially be the description of your roleplay (what is happening or what it is about). Think of your roleplay description like a book description!

And rules change depending on the roleplay some will have rules like ’You have to reserve before signing up’ or other things along those lines.

I believe that is mostly everything for the sign-up thread so now I will be discussing the offical thread.

How to Create Your Offical RP Thread

The offical roleplay thread (often referred to as the offical thread) is where the RP itself will happen, its where you get to finally play out a story with your friends!

The offical thread will often repeat the description, have a set of rules (may be similar to the sign-up thread may be different), have a series of links (sign-ups, faceclaims, and extras) On the offical thread most people will usually prefer that you dont put off-topic or ORP things on that thread, because everyone wants that thread to be even more organized and just the storyline focused.

If you dont know how to link something I suggest hyper-linking it, there is a tool for that on the forums (the lock looking things). I reccomend that people create their sign-up thread first wait for a good amount of peeps to sign-up THEN create the offical thread.

On the offical thread the standard format is:

Yo Characters Amazing Name Here || Can Include Who They Be With || And Possibly Location

Here is a totally great paragraph example of what you would put under the name for examples. So blah, blah, my cat, blah, blah, BOO!. Blah. Blah. No! Oh my! Cats, Dogs! Donuts, actually no I dont like donuts.

(The person your speaking to here, tag them or write Approachable in bolded if your characters not with anyone)

And thats really all. I want to say it is not that difficult to create a good, interesting roleplay, but that would be a bit of a lie. It can be tough coming up with an idea, but as soon as you have that great idea then things will be a lot smoother from there.

Also keep in mind that there is no specific way to create a roleplay and there is no proper way to roleplay (although some threads may have stricter more enforced rules).

I almost forgot! Lingo. Most RPs will have lingo that if you have not roleplayed before you might not understand

RP - short for role-play or roleplay
ORP - off roleplay
OOC - out of character
Faceclaims - usually a way to show what a character looks like

I really hope that everything above is helpful to people who are planning on creatin a roleplay or even just peeps who wish to join one but arent sure how things work.
And if you wish for anymore advice on how to roleplay or just how to create one you can always ask me!


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@Cadborosa and @OhSumana seeing how you both have started hosting rp’s now, any tips you can give to the others?

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Haha, funny- you think I organize stuff? XD
I wing most of what I do, and that’s because I like chaos-

But, I can say a physical medium is really good (in my opinion) to help jot down notes in one place so if you’re gone for a little while you can always check that and refresh your memory
It’d also probably depend on what type of RP it is XD

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I’m not a very organised person. But there are a few things I at least try to do

  • Have a clear idea of what I want as the main theme of the roleplay.

  • Read and collect information about the topics and subjects the roleplay includes.

  • Consider the relevance of the events and their impact of on the rp as I begin to plan them.

  • Try to avoid giving misinformation.

  • Try to treat all characters equally.