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Jasper’s shoulders eased slightly at Brex’s offer to grab some snacks while they chatted. Food always had a way of comforting him, and it seemed like a simple yet thoughtful gesture from Brex. “Yeah, that sounds good,” Jasper replied, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

As Brex showed him the small notebook filled with pictures, including those of his mom, Jasper’s heart warmed at the sentiment behind it. “Wow, Brex, this is really special,” he commented, studying the photos with genuine interest. “I’m glad I could secure it before it got lost. And I have to say, it’s nice to see something that means so much to you.” He genuinely appreciated Brex giving him some more insights in his life through this notebook.

When Brex brought up their pizza topping preferences and asked about his own food likes and dislikes, Jasper chuckled softly, appreciating the attempt to steer the conversation toward lighter topics. “Yeah, pineapple on pizza is a hard pass for me,” he admitted with a grin. “As for my tastes, I’m pretty open to trying new things. I enjoy a good variety of cuisines, especially if it involves some hearty comfort food,” Jasper continued, his tone light and casual. People were often surprised to hear Jasper’s favourite food, he was quite a small and petit guy, yet, his metabolism allowed him to basically eat whatever he wanted without gaining any weight, “But I have to admit, I do have a weakness for a well-made burger or a comforting bowl of pasta. Can’t go wrong with those,” he added, a hint of enthusiasm creeping into his voice as he talks about his favorite dishes.

Regarding Brex’s offer to share his song and possibly collaborate on a demo, Jasper felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness. The idea of singing someone else’s song, especially one as personal as Brex’s, was both thrilling and daunting. “I’d be honored to give it a listen,” Jasper replied, his voice filled with enthusiasm. “And who knows, maybe we can work something out together. It’s really cool that you trust me with your music like this.” As Brex stumbled over his words, Jasper couldn’t help but smile at his genuine enthusiasm. The fact that Brex saw potential in him as a singer was both humbling and encouraging. “Thanks, Brex,” Jasper said, his voice laced with genuine appreciation but also a touch of nerves. “Your confidence means a lot to me. I’ll do my best to do justice to your song.” It seemed quite a big deal Brex seemed to trust him with his music, and he hoped he wouldn’t mess it up.

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As Brex mentioned Jasper giving him the “good kind” of butterflies once again, Jasper couldn’t help but feel a rush of warmth in his chest. He had been so nervous about confessing his feelings to Brex, and those feelings now being out in the open was a weight lifted off his shoulders. “I’m glad it goes both ways too, Brex,” Jasper said with a genuine smile, feeling a sense of relief wash over him.

When Brex opened up about trying to be honest and open, Jasper’s heart swelled with affection for him. He admired Brex’s willingness to be vulnerable, recognizing that trust was a crucial foundation for their relationship. “You don’t have to share everything right away, Brex,” Jasper reassured him, his voice soft and understanding. “I appreciate your willingness to share tho, and I’m here for you, no matter what.”

Jasper listened to Brex’s confession about being clingy, and a genuine smile played on his lips. Brex’s honesty only deepened the connection between them. “Brex, you’re not scaring me off,” Jasper said sincerely, looking into Brex’s eyes. “In fact, it’s the opposite. Your honesty and openness about being clingy, about wanting to be close, it means everything to me. I want you to feel completely free to be yourself around me.” He gently ran his fingers through Brex’s hair, a gesture that felt natural and comforting. “I meant what I said before, your touch feels right. It’s something I want, something I welcome. You’re not too much, not by a long shot.” Jasper chuckled softly at Brex’s mention of going into “fully cling mode.” “Bring it on,” he teased, his tone playful. “I’m all for it. And you’re right, if at any point we need to adjust or communicate about our boundaries, we’ll do it together. It’s about us, about building something that feels right for both of us.”

When Brex wrapped his arm around Jasper’s shoulder and expressed his gratitude for their mutual support, Jasper felt a lump form in his throat. He was overwhelmed by Brex’s kindness and sincerity, feeling a deep sense of connection with him. “I’m glad we have each other, Brex,” Jasper said softly, leaning into the comfort of Brex’s embrace.

As Jasper began to share about his autoimmune disease, he could feel the weight of his emotions pressing down on him. Brex’s reaction was one of concern and compassion, and Jasper found himself leaning into Brex’s touch, seeking solace in his presence. “Yeah, Brex, you’re right, even if it’s under control, there is not really a cure.” Jasper replied, his tone reflecting a hint of vulnerability. “It’s something I’ll have to manage for the rest of my life,” Jasper admitted, his voice trembling with emotion, “but knowing that I have you by my side makes it a little easier to bear. Thank you for being here for me, Brex. It means more than you know, even if I don’t want to let it define me or hold me back, it’s feels good to have your support”

With a deep breath, Jasper allowed himself to be vulnerable, to let go of the pain and uncertainty that had weighed heavily on his heart. Tears ran down his face. In that moment, he found strength in Brex’s embrace, a reminder that he wasn’t alone in his journey. He looked Brex in the eyes, realising they were only inches apart. In the heat of the moment, feeling an overwhelming closeness to Brex, he gave in to the impulse. Without giving it much thought, Jasper pressed his lips against Brex’s, the kiss born from a surge of intense feelings that had been building up.

For a fleeting second, everything else faded away. It was just Jasper and Brex, caught in the whirlwind of emotions that had been simmering beneath the surface. However, as quickly as the impulsive kiss happened, a sense of uncertainty and regret crept in. As their lips parted, Jasper’s eyes widened, and a sudden rush of self-doubt took over. He pulled back, a mixture of confusion and regret etched across his face. The weight of his actions settled in, and Jasper’s mind spiraled into overthinking mode. Did he just mess everything up? Was it too soon? Certainly this wasn’t the right moment and circumstances to have a first kiss?

Caught in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions, Jasper took a step back, his eyes searching Brex’s face for any signs of reaction. His mind raced with thoughts and worries, and the impulsive kiss now felt like a bold move that left him questioning everything. “I… I’m sorry,” Jasper stammered, his tone a mix of regret and uncertainty. “I didn’t mean to… I mean, I just thought… I don’t know what I thought. I just…” Jasper trailed off, grappling with the sudden surge of emotions and the fear that he might have jeopardized something precious.

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Lila smiled as h talked about Chicago. She took his hand as she stood up to leave with him. once she was up she interlocked their arms. Lila looked where Owen pointed. She smiled “We should so do that.” She smiled as they headed over. “I say yes, yes yes.” She giggled. They reached the photobooth and went in. She sat on the seat and waited for him.


Leo had smiled at them. “Yeha you are right. about that long.” Leo shrugged. Leo wondered what was going through Killian’s mind to be so lost. then he said about him and Kashel, “I know that Kil.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. He looked at Madi. “we did have a blast.” He said as he thought about the summer.

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Braxton looked around. Then he saw a cute little mom and pop shop. He pointed to it. “Let’s go there please.” HE said to Ezra. He started walking there slowly. “I’m just happy you are safe now E. Yes, I’m happy for my health as well.” How was he suppose to tell Ezra he didn’t find him annoying because he had a crush on him. He couldn’t… “I could never find you annoying. you’re my best friend.” He smiled at Ezra.


Liv smiled at Eve. “Well it’s up to you how it goes. I told you the truth and what happened. I won’t pressure you to be my friend again or even talk to me. I’m just happy you finally let me tell you.” She said with a smile. She really hoped Eve would like the things she got her. She knew she couldn’t really do anything else. The ball was in Eve’s court now.

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Izzy observed Adrian’s attempt to brush off his struggles with a mixture of concern and understanding. Despite his efforts to downplay his feelings and change the subject, she could sense the weight behind his words. Her empathetic nature urged her to offer support, even if Adrian seemed reluctant to accept it fully.

As Adrian tried to reassure her that he was fine and that the upcoming year held no significant impact on him, Izzy’s expression softened. She recognized his attempt to maintain a facade of strength, even as he seemed to struggle internally. “I understand, Adrian,” she replied, her voice gentle yet firm. “Just know that if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. No pressure, just a friend lending an ear.” She gave him a smile smile and added, “And remember, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes!”

When Adrian complimented her painting, Izzy said sincerely, “Thank you, Adrian,” her eyes reflected a mix of appreciation and understanding. “Your perspective means a lot to me, regardless of whether you consider yourself an artist or not,” She gave him a soft smile and giggle as she continued, “But you could have fooled me you are one, you have the eyes for it!”

As Adrian mentioned needing to head back to his dorm, Izzy nodded in understanding, her smile warm and genuine. “Of course, Adrian. I have to get going too. It was really nice talking to you,” she replied, waving as he walked away. “Take care, and I’ll see you in class tomorrow!”

As he hurried away, Izzy sat down for a moment, watching him leave. There was a contemplative expression on her face, as if she was piecing together the layers of their conversation. She couldn’t help but wonder about the complexities and untold stories behind Adrian’s smiles and deflections. Maybe there was more to Adrian’s story, and perhaps, through shared moments and conversations, she could uncover those hidden layers. She took a moment to appreciate the sky that had now turned into the night as she reflected on their conversation.

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Victoria listened attentively as Shiloh shared her thoughts about the changing dynamics in their new school. When Shiloh expressed her concern about losing the competitive edge without a strong rival, Victoria considered her words carefully. Responding with empathy, she said, “Change can indeed bring about shifts in our dynamics and motivations. It’s understandable that you find motivation in a healthy rivalry, and it’s commendable how driven you are. Rivalries can be powerful catalysts for personal growth and achievement. While your rival may not be in the same academic standing here, perhaps you’ll find new challenges and rivals that will push you to excel even further.”

Victoria’s expression conveyed understanding, and she continued, “I appreciate your candor, Shiloh. And I’m honored to be considered your friend. If ever you feel the need for a different type of challenge or motivation, I’m sure you’ll find it here. The new environment may bring unexpected opportunities for growth and competition. And remember, I’m here to support you along the way, as a friend and a fellow student who strives for an A+ as well” Victoria could relate to Shiloh pretty well, Victoria’s parents too wanted her to have good grades and do well academically. Victoria mostly found her motivation within herself, but she could understand the idea of a friendly rivalry when Shiloh didn’t necessarily desired to get those grades herself. Victoria wasn’t quite sure how she would be comparing to her peers, but she knew she wanted to do well academically, she would be quite disappointed in herself for anything less than an A.

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As Owen entered the booth after Lila, Owen wrapped his arm around Lila, pulling her close as they waited for the camera to capture their moment. He looked her in the eyes, and his hand met hers. The anticipation built as Owen leaned in, and their lips met in a sweet and tender kiss.

The camera flashed, freezing the moment in time, immortalizing their kiss and with that marking the beginning of their journey together. “Let’s take a few more silly ones,” Owen said. With each click of the camera after, he struck a playful pose, and couldn’t hold back his laughter, but in the silliness, Owen also stole some sweet glances at Lila. As they waited for the printed photos to emerge, Owen’s heart swelled with affection for the girl beside him. He couldn’t wait to see the pictures, knowing they would capture the joy and genuine connection they shared in that moment.

When the photos finally appeared, Owen’s eyes lit up with delight. He handed one to Lila, their first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend frozen in time. “A little something to remember this day by,” he said, his voice filled with tenderness as he held her hand, cherishing the memory they had just created together. He glanced over at the other pictures he held, and gave her one more in which she had the biggest and most genuine smile, “You should keep this one, you look so beautiful in it!”

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Madi smiled at both of the guys, she was happy for them but this was a little awkward for her a little bit and she was not sure why exactly. But she was also thankful that Leo never told Killian that her mom was the headmistress, she likes not being known in the school as the headmistress daughter. Madi then listened to what both boys said “That would honestly sound so much fun. I need to get out of the states to be honest. My summer was good I guess. Went to the beach alot with my one of my friends I went to middle school with here, his name is Benjamin, went back up to Connecticut for a bit to see my friends from a few years ago. Went to a few parties while there.” Madi did do those things but she was only in Connecticut for 3 days which was not long and then she really did nothing besides go to the beach and help her mom out around the house and even some school stuff for her. She then looked at Leo since Benjamin was the friend Leo got jealous over so she wanted to see his reaction when she mentioned his name to see if he was over that friend yet or if he would still make a little deal out if it by rolling his eyes or make some remark.

She also looked at Leo because he did make a few statements about the summer and this Kashel person which Madi found out was Killian’s brother. “Well I am glad that you guys had fun together and got to spend quality time together and just catch up and hangout. It is always good to have people like that.”

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When Victoria said “and it’s commendable how driven you are.” Shiloh interrupted her. “That’s just the thing. I’m not driver at all. I have no will to be a straight a student, my mom does, and she gets angry if I don’t do what she has in mind for me as if I’ll fail in life if I’m not the best at everything I do and she makes sure I do plenty. I just want to rebel with all my body and not have to do so much in order to get something I don’t even want or need.” Shiloh realized she interrupted she said. “Sorry, continue.”
Victoria continued to say " perhaps you’ll find new challenges and rivals that will push you to excel even further." and as she said it Shiloh started thinking about it. She’s coming to an age when angst is the norm and changing is constant. She’s got everything that matters except hair in places, but it seems like she’s also starting to experience frustration, angst and apathy much more intently than she did up to now. That’s why having to find a rival or some way to make her motivated enough to be able so her mother could live vicariously through her meanwhile not doing what she wants to … Well it’s starting to sound like the worst and she’s starting to think what she actually wants to focus her time on so she doesn’t get burnt out but also that she doesn’t fail in life. While thinking all this she didn’t want to seem rude, so she multitasked listening to Victoria and thinking about life changing decisions. She wanted to tell Victoria that she decided she doens’t need motivation for something she wasn’t going to keep doing, but then Victoria said. " I’m here to support you along the way, as a friend and a fellow student who strives for an A+ as well” And she realized Victoria probably won’t like what conclusion her deep dive into her thoughts lead her to, so she didn’t say anything about it. “Thank you Vicky. Can I call you Vicky? All I’ll say is I hope I get an opportunity to find out what I want to do in the future, not what my mom wants me to do and following that.”


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“Well it’s up to you how it goes. I told you the truth and what happened. I won’t pressure you to be my friend again or even talk to me. I’m just happy you finally let me tell you.” Eve looked down before nodding her head. Looking up, she returned Livs smile. “Verdammt,” she swore in German. “I wish I asked you sooner. Yes. Let’s be friends again? If that’s okay? The river flows both ways Liv, I can’t say I was a good friend if I couldn’t even listen to the truth from you. I don’t know if I can jump back into the pool, but I’d definitely like to start over,” she suggested, scanning Livs face.

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Sadie’s heart raced as Colt came towards her with the play knife. She wasn’t exactly ready, and definitely not in a “statue stance”. She remembered Colt’s advice to keep it simple and strong, so she quickly moved to block his attack, knocking his hand aside and disarming him with ease—sorta. Almost. He was really tall. His six foot something was hard for her five foot five to control. She felt a surge of adrenaline as she tried to take control of the situation, her training kicking in as she focused on getting the knife away from Colt.

Despite the height and strength disadvantage, Sadie remained focused and determined as she grappled with Colt to disarm him. She tried to utilized her “agility” and “quick reflexes” to keep up with his movements, using her smaller size to her advantage by swiftly evading his attempts to regain control of the knife.

It was a challenging and intense struggle, but Sadie refused to back down. She channeled all of her energy into the task at hand, determined to prove to herself and Colt that she was capable of defending herself effectively, regardless of the physical differences between them. As Sadie continued to struggle to get the play knife from Colt’s grip, a tight-lipped concentration smile on her face, she decided to try a different approach. “So, Colt, have you heard about that new restaurant that just opened up down the street? I heard they have the best tacos in town,” she said, trying to distract him with some casual small talk.

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As he slowly approached her, giving her time to respond, she didn’t say or do anything. In her eyes he could tell she was struggling to do what she told him, but she stayed frozen in fear.
When she said “So, Colt, have you heard about that new restaurant that just opened up down the street? I heard they have the best tacos in town” He raised his eyebrow in surprise.
He pocketed his wooden knife and said. “I know what the problem was. It’s your confidence and my size that made you freeze against such a simple task. I don’t know what you think yourself capable of, but whatever it is, you have to understand that no matter who or how fast goes at you with a knife … If they hold the knife like I just did no matter what, knocking the knive out of their hand is something you’d be capable of doing if you just tried. The second thing is my size. Defence against a knife attack is the same as sex when it comes to size. Size doesn’t matter, what you do with it does matter. Talking to your attacker is a sure fire way to getting stabbed quicker. It only surprises me that you’d freeze in a situation where the knife isn’t real and you know the outcome. Should we try this again but this time you act upon it, or do you work a bit on your confidence until next time and today we do something else?”


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Brex walked with Jasper as they talked over to the table where the food was. He grabbed them both a plate to pick out a few snacks. Food was always a good way to get everyone to relax a bit and Brex really hoped it calmed Jasper enough that he would be more like himself.

Brex was hoping that all his efforts to ease the tension between him and Jasper would do something because this tension was nearly unbearable for Brex. “Yeah I mean it is really special but it was always a good place to keep my belongings.” Brex said softly biting his lip and handing Jasper the book so he could look closer if he wanted. “Im really glad you could get your hands on it I would have been wrecked had I lost this too the ether of the music room. Ill always show you things that mean a lot to me. You are open with me. You dont hold me to a different standard. I can just be Brex with you.” He smiled at Jasper he could tell some of the tension had already melted away.

Brex was a rather picky eater if he was honest but part of that was because he really hadnt had much food variety growing up. His dad was a horrible cook and his gran was in a different country from him most of his life. His dad had been a take out or resturant kind of guy. Brex really only got a home cooked meal when someone else was taking care of him. He was always willing to try things but didnt always like them. “Im glad we can agree that pineapple does not belong on pizza. I mean I know im kind of a picky eater but still hard no.” Brex smiled and nodded as Jasper talked about what he liked. “I didnt grow up with a lot of homemade meals. My dad cant cook to save his life so I only really got home made food if I was with my gran or if he had left me with someone else like one of his band make’s wife and kids.” Brex sighed. “Made me kind of picky. I mean Ill try anything at least once but I have some issues with textures on some foods.” Brex nodded tucking his hands in his pockets. He smiled when Jasper said what his favorite foods were. “Those both sound really good though honestly. I like a good Yorkshire pudding or something like that but a burger is really good too and pasta is always safe you are right.” Brex smiled at him he loved seeing the smile and hearing the enthusiasm that Jasper had as he talked.

Brex wanted so badly to reach out to Jasper as they talked about his song. He could tell Jasper was kind of nervous about this and Brex had never intended that. He realized that it may have come off holding a lot of unintended pressure. “I can probably record you a really rough recording tonight and send it over but ignore that my singing voice isnt the best.” Brex mumbled a little nervously about singing for even just Jasper. “Yeah of course I trust you with my music Jasper you are the first person in a long time that hasnt held me to some stupid preconceived ideas of me and have just let me be me in every way and taken it moment by moment. You are one of the only people I would trust with it.” Brex smiled trying to make sure he wasnt falling all over his words again. “I will always have confidence in you Jasper because I truly believe in your talents.”

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Brex already felt so close and connected to Jasper. This all felt right. Telling Jasper his feelings and everything that had been on his mind. Being fully himself around Jasper came so easily too and for Brex that was not something that was very common. Brex could easily see himself with Jasper for a long time and he really was hoping this was not some kind of honeymoon phase. He was genuinely happy with Jasper and it was the first time he had that in such a long time.

Brex loved that Jasper quelled his thoughts of inadequacy so easily by just letting him be himself and accepting his flaws as they were. Brex had a lot to tell Jasper about still but it didnt quite feel like the right time yet. Brex had some heavy issues. He was working on them but they were still there. He was glad that they were both willing to just be honest with each other and build their relationship on trust. Brex had never been in a relationship where he fully trusted the other person and vise versa. “I have more to tell you now just doesnt feel quite right because its some kind of heavy stuff.” Brex smiled as he tried to let Jasper know that he would tell him in time but not quite yet. “I know you are and honestly that means so much to have someone in my corner I dont usually have that.”

Brex smiled and laughed softly when Jasper said clingy wasnt scaring him off. Honestly that was a first for Brex. Physical touch was Brex’s love language and most people he had even tried to be with didnt really appreciate that. Brex looked back into Jasper’s eyes and smiled wide. “You saying that is kind of another first for me. Ive really kind of had to hold back on all of that with other people before. I kind of just thought it was because I was too much but it feels good to know Im not. And that I can be me with you I can just be unapologetically me I dont have to put up a front or pretend anything.” Brex leaned into the fingers that were playing in his hair it all felt so good. Brex was now genuinely smiling so wide it nearly felt foreign on his face. “Your touch feels right too and I will give you anything you want Jasper. Im just glad Im not too much because ive always been too much for everyone.” Brex was so happy and he just kept smiling and enjoying how much attention and comforting touches he was getting from Jasper. “Oh I will just you wait until you see me.” Brex joked about being full clingy mode. “You just tell me if im crossing a boundary Im a pretty good listener. I get crazy clingy when im not feeling the best so just a heads up so you know that.” Brex bit his lip a little nervously but honestly he was glad Jasper and him were already having these kind of conversations.

Brex nuzzled into Jasper a bit as he had his arm around his shoulder. He could tell something was up with Jasper and he looked at him hoping everything was ok. "Im glad we have each other too and you are not going to be able to get rid of me easily so you better get used to me being around. Brex wanted to kiss his cheek so bad but that was a boundary they hadnt talked about yet and Brex didnt want to mess things up.

Brex just pulled Jasper closer as he talked about his autoimmune disease. He knew how hard all of this had to be for Jasper and he just wanted to make sure Jasper knew he was there for him 100%. They were a team in everything now, mental health, physical health and everything else so Brex wanted to help Jasper see that. “Thats rough and just know we are a team if that gets bad you tell me and I will help however I can.” Brex kept rubbing his back as he held Jasper close to him. “I know this is hard and that now isnt the time but you can walk me through it all when you feel comfortable. Tell me what some of the common symptoms you have are, the best ways you manage it things like that so I know what to do and that kind of thing. It doesnt need to be soon or anything just whenever you are ready.” Brex held him as close as he could hoping that that would be enough to ease him just a little. “You will always have me by your side. If im not already physically there im just a call away ok.” Brex gently ruffled Jasper’s hair and leaned his head on Jasper to hold him even closer. “It doesnt have to define you. You are so much more than some autoimmune disease. You are an amazingly sweet person, a bloody brilliant drummer and a pretty great boyfriend so far.” Brex smirked at him just to see if the term boyfriend got any reaction.

Brex wiped Jasper’s eyes again and gently ran his finger through his hair trying to keep him close and make sure he felt comfortable and safe. Brex just wanted Jasper to know he wasnt alone. Brex knew he could come off as an a$$ hole sometimes but he wanted Jasper to know that wasnt really him. That the real him just wanted to be cared about and wanted to be allowed to love freely. Brex gently leaned his forehead on Jasper’s and smiled at him. They were so close and honestly everything between them felt right. Brex was a little shocked when Jasper pressed his lips to his own but he wasnt at all upset. He honestly was going to ask Jasper about that before he started to cry. Brex pulled him close dropping his arms that had been wrapped around Jasper’s waist and back a little lower on his body as he kissed Jasper back.

Brex was so into kissing Jasper. He didnt really know where it had come from but he was pretty sure he had a new addiction and it was holding this man in his arms and kissing him. Brex worried a lot as he felt panic surge through Jasper and he started to pull away. Jasper had wide eyes as he pulled away and Brex started to spiral a little trying to figure out how he had messed up kissing. Messed up this thing they had going already. Jasper pulled away and Brex reached for his hand. He wanted to let Jasper have space if he needed it but he didnt want Jasper to run off. If he had done something wrong they could just talk about it right? “Jasper is everything ok?” Brex asked softly rubbing his thumb across the back of Jasper’s hand.

Brex tried to take deep breaths and smile. He really had liked kissing Jasper but he was lost as to what had gone wrong and was already beating himself up for whatever it was. “Sorry for what? I mean I cant say as I was expecting that but I was going to ask you about kissing. I didnt know how you would feel about it but I wanted to kiss you too if that makes it any better.” Brex bit his lip again still kind of nervous. “Jasper its really ok dont stress it. I liked it a lot and honestly would like to do it more.” Brex smiled at him and he pulled Jasper back in close. “I would have stopped you if I would have had any problems with you kissing me Jasper. It may have been an unconventional time and I know emotions were running high but since I know you meant it out of love its really not a big deal. I mean honestly I think it made me have a new addiction.” Brex smirked at him softly.

Killian tied not to let it show just how much Leo kissing him even just on the cheek affected him. He didnt want to make things any more awkward for Madi than they already had to be. Killian really wanted to kiss Leo back though but he had already stood back up so there wasnt a very good way to go about that without drawing attention to it and that wasnt really something he wanted to do for Madi’s sake. “Maybe over winter break I mean my mom loves having people around and you could meet my family and Leo’s too.” He looked to Leo and smiled. “I mean you will probably spend at least some of that break with me and Ill spend some with you.” Killian nodded knowing what she meant. He knew since she was from the states it was probably different for Madi but there was just something about being back home of even in Leo’s home that felt so nice compared to being here even when they didnt have classes. “Honestly sounds like a pretty good summer. Fit a lot in it seems.” Killian reached out for Leo’s hand he just wanted to make sure Leo was ok after he heard Madi mention Benjamin Killian knew that Leo didnt really like him but Leo had never really explained why when he was openly complaining to Killian while Leo had been dating Madi.

“Yeah it was really nice. I mean we usually spend at least some of the breaks together but it seemed like we did a lot more this summer than usual.” Killian looked up at Leo still he honestly still like having Madi around as a friend but he was making sure Leo was ok since she had left him absolutely heart broken.

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Victoria maintained her attentive gaze as Shiloh interrupted her, showing no signs of offense at the interruption. Instead, she listened intently as Shiloh shared her inner turmoil regarding her mother’s expectations and her own desires. When Shiloh apologized and encouraged her to continue, Victoria nodded in understanding, acknowledging the complexity of Shiloh’s situation.

“No need to apologise,” continuing with empathy, Victoria said, “I understand how challenging it can be when our aspirations clash with the expectations others have for us, especially those of our parents. It’s crucial to find a path that aligns with our own values and aspirations, rather than solely conforming to external pressures.”

As Shiloh seemed lost in her thoughts, Victoria’s expression softened with compassion. She could sense Shiloh’s internal conflict and respected her privacy as she navigated through her thoughts. When Shiloh expressed her gratitude and asked if she could call her Vicky, Victoria responded with a warm smile. “Of course, you can call me Vicky,” she said, her tone gentle and reassuring. “And I truly hope you find the opportunity to explore your passions and aspirations. Your happiness and fulfillment are what truly matter. I believe your desire to follow your own pathway is absolutely valid.” This resonated with Victoria, she too at moments struggled with creating her own path, rather than letting her parents control her life.

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As Brex handed him the book, Jasper took it with gently, flipping through its pages with a soft smile. He marveled at the significance it held for Brex, understanding the weight of sentimental belongings all too well. “I’m glad I could find it for you,” Jasper replied sincerely, his gaze meeting Brex’s. “And I appreciate you showing me this, it seems like quite a personal things.” The gesture of Brex allowing him to see it, it felt it was a gesture that now justified to show his curiosity a bit more, “So tell me, which page in this book has the most meaning for you?” He knew it was quite the question, but he wanted to see when for a change, Jasper actually did decide to push a little bit on something.

“Yeah, I get that,” Jasper said with a sympathetic expression on his face as Brex talked about his experience with food. “It’s tough to learn to eat different things when you don’t have access to home-cooked meals. But hey, good on you for being open to trying new things. That’s what counts.” He then added playfully, “Though, Vegemite on toast might be a no go for you to try, it’s an overwhelmingly unique flavour.” As he described the typical Australian food, he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. As he did, he noticed himself that while he had originally been quite on edge around Brex, he was calming down, it felt so comfortable, so natural to talk to him. But was he misjudging it all still?

As Brex mentioned recording a rough version of his song, Jasper’s eyes lit up with interest. He nodded eagerly, a genuine excitement bubbling within him. “That would be awesome, Brex,” Jasper replied, his voice filled with enthusiasm and a hint of curiosity to how Brex sounded. “And hey, don’t worry about your singing voice. I’m sure it’s great. Plus, it’s the passion behind the music that really matters.” As Brex told how Jasper was the first person in a long time that allowed Brex to be who he was, Jasper couldn’t help but feel some sadness. It must not be easy, the life Brex has lived. He wanted to say something in reaction to it, but before he could Brex continued talking, and Jasper felt a sense of gratitude towards Brex for his trust and confidence, Jasper’s expression turned into a warm smile. This was the exact moment that Jasper knew, that he knew he wanted more than a friendship, that “Thanks for believing in me,” Jasper said sincerely, feeling a little less worried and pressured about this because of Brex’s words. “I believe in you too. And I can’t wait to hear your song.”

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Jasper nodded in understanding as Brex told him there was more to tell, but now was not the right time yet. He fully understood where Brex was coming from, and he certainly wasn’t going to push Brex to open up more. No way he wanted to make Brex uncomfortable by pushing him. And quite frankly, while Jasper would absolutely be there to listen when Brex was ready to share, he did not need to know everything about him especially not everything that was in his history, it was called history for a reason. “It’s okay, Brex,” Jasper responds softly, his voice gentle and reassuring. “You don’t have to rush into sharing anything you’re not ready for. There is no rush, at least, not if it’s up to me, I’m in this for the long term” He looked Brex in the eyes as he spoke this, it wasn’t necessarily easy for Jasper to be so open about what he was feeling, but it felt good nevertheless, to show his true intentions. “Would be kind of boring sharing it all in like the first two days, wouldn’t it?” he decided to end on a more playful note, reflecting on how quick their connection had developed.

“That means a lot, Brex,” Jasper replies sincerely, his voice filled with genuine appreciation. “I want you to feel comfortable being yourself around me, without any need to hold back. Your authenticity is what drew me to you in the first place.” It was true, Jasper had felt from the beginning Brex was just Brex around Jasper, a lot of people when meeting someone new, they didn’t feel genuine, something Jasper didn’t really like, but with Brex it had felt so genuine from the start. “And I’ll never stop reminding you that you’re not too much, definitely not for me,” Jasper reassured him, his tone gentle with a playful undertone. “I welcome all of you, every touch, every part of you. It’s what makes you unique, and I wouldn’t change a thing, no matter what I’ll still get to find out about you or how clingy you may be when you’re not feeling the best.” Jasper’s interest in Brex wasn’t necessarily unconditional, however, there was very little that could make Jasper think any less about Brex. It was crazy they had only met two days ago, but he felt like they had known each other for much longer.

Jasper let out a chuckle as Brex told him he would not be getting rid of him easily, “I better hope not” he said, his tone teasing, yet, a truth underlying in his statement. While he hadn’t know Brex for long, he had gotten so attached to him already, he didn’t really know if he could go without him ever again. “For real though, thank you. It means a lot.” He said as he looked Brex in the eye, he couldn’t help but smile as Brex talked about wanting to know better how to help him. He did appreciate it, “You’re right it’s a lot to process, and probably too much for today.” However, he also wanted to show Brex that he wanted to let him in, wanted to try to accept his help, even if that wasn’t easy for Jasper, he wanted that support from Brex “But soon enough you’ll get the full load down of it all. I’ll explain it all when the moment is right, don’t worry!” Jasper could feel himself blush as Brex ruffled his hair, and he turned even redder when Brex said all these positive things about him and then called him boyfriend, “Wow” he uttered, “I don’t think someone’s ever talked that positive about me. And, uh, about the term boyfriend…” He paused for a moment, a shy smile tugging at the corners of his lips as he met Brex’s gaze. “I, um, I think I don’t mind that term, actually, I quite like the sound of that.”

After their kiss, and after Jasper pulled back, his heart raced as he listened to Brex’s reassuring words, his eyes searching Brex’s face for any sign of discomfort. But instead of rejection, he found warmth and understanding in Brex’s gaze. That immediately snapped him out of his overthinking. “Everything is okay again now,” Jasper replied, his voice soft but steady. He couldn’t quite believe that Brex hadn’t rejected him after their impulsive kiss. It was almost too good to be true.

As Brex reached for his hand, Jasper’s fingers instinctively intertwined with his, seeking the comfort of his touch. “I’m sorry for pulling away like that,” Jasper admitted, a sheepish smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “I guess I just… got overwhelmed for a moment there. I worried because it definitely was an unconventional first kiss, but well,” he said buying himself some time to think what to say next, “unconventional fits us, don’t you think?” he settled on, his tone back to his usual playfulness. “But I’m glad to hear you liked it,” he added, a note of genuine relief in his voice. Brex’s reassurance had eased the tension that had build up in his chest. “I liked it too,” Jasper confessed, his smile growing wider as he met Brex’s gaze. “And I must admit, I wouldn’t mind making it a habit either. 10 out of 10, you’re an amazing kisser” He chuckled softly, feeling a sense of ease settle over him in Brex’s presence. Closing the distance between him and Brex once again, Jasper let out a soft chuckle. “Looks like we’re both in the same boat then,” he remarked, his voice light and teasing. “Addicted to each other, huh?” He grinned, the weight of uncertainty further lifting from his shoulders with each passing moment.

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Lila smiled as they waited for the pictures. She blushed as they kissed and she could see the flash. Then Owen said for them to take some silly pictures. So she followed suit. This was the most fun she ever had. She was so happy in this moment. She never wanted to go back to her dad.

They exited the booth. They waited for the pictures to come. He then handed her the one of them kissing. She smiled big. “thanks.” she blushed. “I’ll always cherish this and remember this moment Owen.” her eyes lite up as she talked to him. He then looked through the rest of the pictures. He handed her another one. He gave her the sweetest compliment. “Thanks. It’s what you bring out in me though Owen. I’m truly happy when I’m with you.” She was excited to spend the break with him in Chicago. She really hoped his family would love her. She wanted to go back with him for every break. Anything to stay away from where she was from and having the pain and all back.

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Liv smiled as Eve spoke. “That sounds perfect Eve. I would love to start over and build our friendship back up.” Truth be told Liv wanted more than just friends with Eve. Still after everything that happened. Seeing Eve and being here with her… it brought all her feelings rushing back. Liv just smiled and tried not to let it show that she was thinking so much. She thought Eve looked beautiful. Eve always looked beautiful to her.

She knew though that the chances of them being more than friends was highly doubtful. She still couldn’t believe the girl had betrayed her trust like that and let everything come between her and Eve. “I’m just glad we are talking again. I don’t care how much time it takes. I’ll show you I’ve never had any bad thoughts of you. Or ill words towards you. You were my best friend. I care about you more than you know Evelyn Millie Bauer.”


Leo smiled at them both. He chuckled when Killian invited Madi back home. Killian and Leo hadn’t spent time that summer when Madi came over. He looked to Killian as they held hands. “Well Killian, Madi has actually spent time with me back home when we were together. But yes it would be nice for her to come again for sure.” Leo didn’t quite believe what Madi had said about her summer but he didn’t want to call her out. Leo smiled at them both.

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“I believe that. I mean, I think you’re the only person in this school close to my age, not almost grown up, that understands that struggle. Thank you for everything today, getting to know you is a great help, I mean you don’t even have to try … Maybe it’s the fact you can understand me, better than anybody I’ve met before, including Finn who I thought came pretty close to having simmilar experiences. Not having anybody understand was kind of tough, but I didn’t understand just how tough until I met you …” She realized she wanted to see her again, so she asked “Hey, Victoria … Do you wanna meet up during lunch breaks and have lunch with me, maybe?” She blushed as she asked, being embarrased since she believed Victoria has her own friends that she lunches with, and wouldn’t want to have lunches with only her.


Madi looked between both boys and saw Leo smile. He then mentioned to Killian how I spent time back in his country when we were together but agreed that i should go back again. She could tell that Leo did not fully believe her on her summer but did not say anything. She also saw that he did not react anyway when she mentioned Benjamin which surprised Madi and she was ok with that. “Yeah I went once before and it really is beautiful and I would love to go again. Oh and umm Leo before I forget, I actually have a birthday gift for you. I bought it before we broke up but haven’t had a chance to give it to you since our breakup. Is there a way that I can come by your room or meet with you later and give it to you.”

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