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Shiloh responded simply by saying “Victoria, consider any day before the try outs cleared. I really do want to know some basics before it so I can have better chances to get in.”. Victoria got visibly excited by this, which made Shiloh feel better about asking her to coach her basically for free, seeing how happy it made her.
“A libero you say? I’ll take your word for it, at least until I learn what that means. I honestly don’t know what to get, but I agree, let’s head there.” She said as she starts walking towards what she hopes is the right way.

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“It’s true, I’m often talked about amongst the parents, but that’s probably more so because I’m active in the community and help often, rather than being good at what I do. I’m often preaised for being good at what I do, when in actually it’s the quantity of my work rather than the quality that makes me good.”
“I can’t say I’ve met all 74 staff members.” He smiles “Yes, I completely understand this feeling, and it’s mutual between us that we haven’t seen or heard of each other before. I’ve seen you around school, but never having met you, I assumed you were a student. Don’t you think though, that people here will still find out about this and gossip nevertheless? I think I’d be safer if you said you came here nonchalantly, otherwise if they find out and realize you’ve been hiding it, they might think you’ve been silent because there is something to hide, and most will assume something like that. Trust me, I’ve heard the rumors going around, it’s a safer bet if you didn’t hide it. But of course, you don’t need to outright tell people, but if it comes up, it might be better not to hide it just becuase of the gossips.”
When she said she could always switch to a professional teacher later, he was happy she at least understood the lessons he offered her were not professional, nor could he legally charge her and that she can’t really go into the streets with what she’s been told.
“Since we cleared up any possible misunderstandings, let’s get to business.”
He got serious and said “Considering you want to know how to defend yourself on the street, I suggest starting with some lessons on kinfe fights. Most people in the street, who would attack a person would do it either with a knife or a gun and today we’re covering only the knive becuse the gun is a more serious topic and we’re leaving that for the second lesson. You might be wondering why you’ll be learning about knife fights rather than defense against a knife attack, but guess what. If somebody in the street attacks you with a knife, you’re in a knife fight wether you like it or not. If you block a knive, they’ll attack again, which means in defense you’ll have to counter attack, and that makes a knife fight. Firstly, plant both your feet on the ground and get into this position.” He got into a stance waiting for her to follow.

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Ezra was easily excited and just having Brax around was exciting for him. They hadnt got to spend that much time together lately and it was really nice to not be limited on time with him in person. They called and video chatted a lot but in person was different. “Ill just have to make up for not bugging you on your birthday everyday for a year now.” Ezra joked and smiled but honestly he would probably bug Braxton everyday now that they were living together. “Honestly Thea and I have been lucky lately. We havent been separated and there hasnt been any really big issues since that one last summer that thought they could beat me straight. Had to run off and come stay with you.” Ezra grumbled remembering that and how he had been a mess when he had shown up completely unannounced at Braxton’s door. Ezra smiled he always wondered what was going on in Braxton’s head. Unlike Ezra that could talk and talk and talk just to fill the silence and make up anything just to get some comfort from noise Braxton tended to be a lot more quite and not as open especially at first. “Oh dang its pretty cool still seems to have at least part of that old historic downtown stuff going on.” Ezra absentmindedly rubbed his thumb against the back of Braxton’s hand

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Leo smiled at them both. He looked to Madi “Yes, They have good taste.” He said knowing he had picked it out for her and bought it. HE then heard her ask Killian about his summer. “Well we spent most of the summer together actually.” Leo told her to help Killian know she was talking to him. He then turned to Killian. “All good. I’m glad you had someone to talk to.”

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Braxton smiled and chuckled as Ezra talked. He loved spending time with Ezra. He could never forget when Ezra showed up at his door that summer. “Yeah, I’m just glad you are safe.” HE said as they reached the town and looked around. He was happy to be here with Ezra to be honest. “You could never annoy me. Yes the town does.” He smiled as Ezra rubbed his thumb on his hand.


Lila blushed and smiled as Owen talked. She was pretty excited that she didn’t have to go back to Detroit for the holidays. She would be fine if she never had to go back there like ever. “I’m sure it will be great. I mean its a new place for me so it will be exciting for sure. I just hope your family likes me.” She said with a blushing smile. He then kissed her cheek and asked if she was ready to go. “Yes. Let’s go.” She smiled at him as she stood up. “I can’t wait for that either.” She said talking about the first kiss as official boyfriend and girlfriend. She was excited to see the place he had picked out.



Madi chuckles a little at Leo’s response. She is actually surprised that he kept that shirt and even that she kept his dress he picked out for her. Madi wouldn’t say the breakup ended badly but it was a little awkward and she thought he would have thrown it out. She knew when she broke up with him that he was very upset and pissed so she was shocked that he kept it. When he said that Killian and he spent most of the summer together she smiled t them happily but on the inside it hurt her a little but she was also very happy for them as she knew they liked each other but he really did move on fast. Madi hasn’t dated or been with anyone since there breakup and it wasn’t that she was wanting him back or anything, it just wasn’t the right timing for her yet. One day she will meet someone. “Well hey that sounds like fun, I bet you guys had a blast.” She smiles at them both.

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Jasper noticed Brex’s furrowed brow and the hint of worry in his eyes, and it tugged at his heartstrings. He hated the thought that Brex might be feeling uneasy because of something he did or said. Jasper’s mind raced, trying to figure out how to ease the tension without revealing too much of his own inner turmoil.

“Yeah, mate, I get it. We all have those precious items we gotta keep safe,” Jasper replied with a reassuring smile, though he knew his words didn’t quite match the weight of the atmosphere between them. He could sense Brex’s concern lingering in the air like a heavy fog, and he wished he had the words to dispel it.

As Brex mentioned his aversion to “weird stuff” on pizza, Jasper couldn’t help but chuckle softly, the tension from their earlier exchange dissipating slightly. He appreciated Brex’s lightheartedness, especially in moments of uncertainty. “Fair call, mate,” Jasper replied with a wry grin, his tone light but genuine. “No pineapple on pizza, duly noted. Wouldn’t want to risk a culinary disaster, now would we?”

As Brex opened up about his songwriting process and the personal nature of his music, Jasper would listen attentively, his expression softening with empathy. He would appreciate the effort Brex made to share this part of himself, especially considering Brex’s admission of discomfort with singing.

“Hey, thanks for sharing that with me, Brex,” Jasper responded, his tone gentle and sincere. “I get it, mate. Music can be a pretty personal thing, and it takes a lot to share that side of yourself with someone else. I’m honored that you feel comfortable enough to share that with me and involve me in it.” As he said that, Jasper almost felt somewhat guilty that he was unable to just speak his feelings, be honest with Brex about what weighing so heavily on his mind. Brex had been so vulnerable with him, at multiple moments. “I think it’s going be a blast to get to know each other better, working on that and outside of music!” he added.

Next day meeting

When Brex mentioned his excitement and the effect Jasper had on him, a warm feeling spread through Jasper. He chuckled, a mix of amusement and affection. “Stupid stomach butterflies, huh?” he repeated, teasingly nudging Brex. “Well, I hope they’re the good kind. Trust me, I feel them too, that’s what lead me to act a bit off yesterday.” he explained, “It’s a two-way street. And for the record, I’m excited too. Can’t wait for our coffee date, Brex.” He grinned, his genuine enthusiasm shining through.

Jasper’s expression softened as he listened to Brex’s honest confession. He appreciated the vulnerability and openness in Brex’s words. “Mate, we’ve all got a bit of the past we’re not proud of. What matters is that you’re trying to be better, and that’s commendable. We’re all a work in progress, and as long as we’re willing to learn and grow, that’s what counts,” Jasper replied with a reassuring smile. He reached out to give Brex a supportive pat on the back. “I appreciate you being upfront with me. It takes guts to acknowledge mistakes and work on yourself. But no need to be too hard on yourself, Brex.”

When Brex said that physical clinginess wasn’t everyone’s thing, Jasper understood what he was saying. It was something that hadn’t been easy for Jasper in the past, and he hadn’t actually always enjoyed to be touched. However, looking at Brex, he felt like he really genuinely wouldn’t mind it coming from Brex. Actually, Jasper wanted to be touched by Brex. “I get what you’re saying. Physical closeness isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, but I want you to know something,” Jasper said, his tone earnest. “With you, it’s different. I mean, I’ve had my moments with physical touch in the past, but with you, it’s like… I actually want it. Your touch, it feels right, you know?” He offered a genuine smile, hoping Brex understood the depth of his feelings. “So don’t worry about being clingy. It’s more than welcome.” He wanted what they were building together to be build on honesty, “And if it ever is too much, we’ll communicate and figure it out.” he gave Brex a small smile. Hoping that his honesty would be appreciated, rather than it scaring Brex off he had problems with that in the past.

As Brex promised him he wouldn’t be alone this year, Jasper replied softly, “Thanks,” his voice tinged with sincerity. He felt the gentle squeeze of Brex’s hand and the comforting touch on his cheek, and it brought a sense of reassurance. “It means a lot, you know? Knowing you’ve got my back, especially after last year… it’s a weight off my shoulders.” Jasper managed a small smile, touched by Brex’s offer of support. “And I’ve got your back too. I’m glad we have each other, to make this year better, for both of us.”

“Brex,” he said in reply to asking him if he was okay health wise now, his voice barely a whisper, “there’s something I haven’t told many people.” He paused, struggling to find the strength to continue, his chest tightening with the weight of unspoken pain. “Last year,” Jasper began again, his voice cracking with the weight of suppressed emotions, “I was… I was fighting an autoimmune disease.” The words hung in the air, heavy and suffocating, as Jasper relived the darkest moments of his battle. It was something he had mostly gone through alone. No one truly was there for him. No one truly had known the amount he had suffered. Not even his parents…

His eyes glistened with unshed tears, each one a testament to the pain he had endured. “It… it was hell, Brex,” he choked out, the floodgates of his emotions opening wide. “There were days when I didn’t think I could go on. Days when the pain was so unbearable, I just wanted to give up.” Tears spilled down his cheeks, each one a silent echo of the suffering he had endured. “But I fought,” he continued, his voice trembling with the weight of his confession. “I fought with everything I had, even when it felt like the world was crashing down around me.” A sob escaped his lips, raw and unfiltered, as Jasper bared his soul to Brex, the weight of his past year crashing over him like a tidal wave. “I’m okay now,” he whispered, though the words felt hollow against the backdrop of his pain. “But it… it’s been hard, Brex. So d*mn hard.”

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“Absolutely, Shiloh. Consider it done,” Victoria replied, her tone warm and encouraging. She admired Shiloh’s eagerness to learn and improve, sensing a shared dedication to the sport. “We’ll make sure you’re well-prepared before the tryouts. It’s commendable that you’re taking proactive steps to enhance your chances.” As Shiloh mentioned taking Victoria’s word about the libero position, Victoria nodded graciously. “You’re in for an enlightening journey into the world of volleyball positions,” she remarked with a hint of amusement, appreciating Shiloh’s openness to learning. “It’ll all become clear once I’ve explained it.”

Victoria nodded as Shiloh said they should head to get the beverage. They walked for a bit, and reached a nice little cafe. Victoria ordered herself a fresh mint tea, and then asked Shiloh, “Have you decided on your order? It’s my treat, so feel free to choose whatever you desire!” Victoria wanted to treat Shiloh a little, as she was happy she had met her, happy she did not seem to care about Victoria’s upbringing, no, Victoria felt like Shiloh really valued her on who she was as a person, rather than her status. And that was a feeling that was most welcome for Victoria.

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Owen’s heart swelled with warmth as he watched Lila’s blushing smile and listened to her words. He couldn’t help but feel grateful for her openness and willingness to embark on this new journey with him. Her genuine excitement about the upcoming trip to Chicago and meeting his family filled him with joy. “You’ll do great, Lila. They’re going to love you,” Owen reassured her, his voice brimming with confidence. He reached out to gently squeeze her hand, offering her reassurance and support.

As they stood up to leave, Owen’s smile widened at Lila’s mention of their first official kiss as a couple. It was a moment he had been looking forward to, eager to make it special for both of them. “I can’t wait either,” he replied, his tone filled with anticipation.

With a glance at Lila, Owen offered her his arm, ready to embark on this exciting adventure together. As they left the restaurant and they walked side by side, he couldn’t shake off the feeling of gratitude for having Lila by his side, and he was determined to make every moment memorable for both of them.

As they wandered through the city streets, Owen’s eyes caught sight of a quaint little photobooth tucked away in a corner. This is what he had been looking for. A mischievous grin spread across his face as he turned to Lila. “Lila, check this out,” Owen exclaimed, his voice bubbling with enthusiasm as they approached the photobooth. “I thought it’d be fun to capture this moment together, and turn it into a memory we can hold on to.” He flashed her a playful grin, his heart fluttering with anticipation. “What do you say?” He held the curtain open, inviting Lila inside with a playful gesture.


They finally reached the cafe and they both sat down. Shiloh took one of the drink menus and started skimming the options. The bartender came over, and Victoria odered first, probably because she was here before and she knew what to expect from this place, meanwile Shiloh was lost in all the offers since it was here first time in the school and in this particular cafe. Shiloh wanted to just pick something she knows she’ll like off the list, something vanilla, but then Victoria dared to say “It’s my treat, so feel free to choose whatever you desire!” Oh hell no.
“I will not let you pay for me, Victoria. Especially since you’re the one doing me a favor. I’m the one in here with a job, I should be the one who pays.” She turned to face the bartender and said “I’ll have the ginger tea with some honey and lemon.” She smiled at Victoria and said “Sorry for seeming rude, but I won’t have my friends paying for my stuff when I’m perfectly capable of paying myself. I don’t know if you understand the feeling, but when you have money of your own and somebody else pays for you … It feels wrong, as if I’m a gold digger in that moment. Maybe I like to pay because it makes me feel empowered, maybe it’s becuase I like the fact I have my own money, I don’t know … I just know I don’t like the opposite.”


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Ezra smiled softly at Braxton. “Yeah no that was hell and I really shouldn’t have even stayed there as long as I did before coming to you. Im glad to be safe but Im also glad you are finally healthy again because you had me worried too.” Ezra gently squeezes Braxton’s hand. He looked around the town it was nice and honestly had a good mix between little mom and pop shops and bigger stores. “Well thats good to know because I think you are the only person that doesnt find me at least a little annoying from time to time.” Ezra honestly smiled wondering what Braxton thought of him fully especially because Ezra knew he could be a lot. He had been told that most of his life. “Where do you want to go look first?”


Killian had been a bit distracted and hadnt realized that Madi was talking to him and asking about his summer. “Oh yeah sorry Madi. But yeah Leo and I spent a lot of the summer together. I was at his place for about what two and a half weeks or so? And then he was at mine just about as long.” Killian smiled and tried not to laugh as he thought about it now how Leo and him spent so much time together it was easy to see how someone would have thought they were together already. “I mean you know Kashel and I don’t keep much from each other.” Killian shrugged. “Madi what was your summer like? You should come visit sometime. You know let us get you out of the states.”

“Thank you for your consideration, Shiloh,” She paused briefly, considering Shiloh’s words before continuing, “It’s not about the money, but rather the principle behind it, isn’t it? Feeling empowered by your own financial independence is something to be celebrated, not overlooked. I admire your stance on this matter.”

She paused once again, considering how best to convey her own experiences without sounding boastful. She did not believe that simply the household or socio-economic status one was born into should give them a reason to boast or brag. “I must confess, independence has always been a cornerstone for me as well. I must admit that I come from a background where money has never been a concern. I was born into a family of nobility, where financial matters were never a burden.”

Victoria’s voice took on a reflective tone, her gaze met Shiloh’s with sincerity. “However, I’ve always held a deep respect for those who have had to earn their way through life and me personally, I’ve always strived to work hard for my own financial independence. I have never particularly enjoyed relying on my parents for money, rather I wish to earn my own. It’s why I find your perspective so admirable.”

She offered Shiloh a gentle smile, hoping to convey her genuine appreciation for Shiloh’s principles while also providing a glimpse into her own background. Victoria aimed to bridge the gap between their differing experiences, fostering understanding and mutual respect in their conversation.

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Shiloh had already had a feeling about Victoria not being from the same financial status as her, but she didn’t want to jump to conclusions only based on how fancy her name sounded and how elegant her mannerisms and expressions were because this could always be her personality and names nowadays don’t signify anything for certain. It was when Victoria said it that Shiloh knew for certain. Shiloh sipped her tea happily, waiting for her to say she comes form a rich family. "I was born into a family of nobility, where financial matters were never a burden.” However the next sentence “However, I’ve always held a deep respect for those who have had to earn their way through life” that made her slowly drop her smile. Shiloh might not have been born into a life of nobility, but she understood what it was like to not have any burdens when it comes to financial matters, but she knew exactly the type of thing which burdened her instead. She wanted to stop Victoria before she said too much, but Shiloh understood the way Shiloh said some things it wasn’t Victoria’s fault for understading them differently. After her speech. “Oh dear … I think I gave you the wrong impression. See I don’t have to worry about money either. The reason I have a job isn’t because I’m financially burdened and need the money, instead it’s because my mother capitalizes on my naturally beautiful hair so we can have more money, but even without my job my family would still be well off. Money certainly isn’t a burden to my family either, but then it’s the way we have to act in order to perserve the way people think of us that is the real burden. You being nobility I assume your parents also tell you how to act outside of your home for people to keep thinking of you and your family the same way.”


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“Ah, I see. Thank you for sharing that with me, Shiloh,” Victoria replied, her tone reflecting a blend of surprise and empathy. “It’s intriguing how our families navigate the intricacies of societal perceptions, isn’t it? While our circumstances may differ, it seems we both experience the weight of expectations placed upon us.” She said, trying to find some common ground between them.

She took a moment to reflect on Shiloh’s words before continuing, “Indeed, being born into a certain status often comes with its own set of expectations and responsibilities. My parents, much like yours, have always emphasized the importance of upholding our family’s reputation and image in society. It can sometimes feel like a delicate balancing act, navigating between personal identity and societal expectations.” She said, thinking about how her parents had always drilled her to look her best. Wear fancy designer dresses, have the best of the best hairdressers, appearance was an important part of her heritage. In that, Victoria often felt like who she was as a person got lost. She almost had to stop herself from giggling thinking about how her mother would have a heart attack seeing her precious daughter walking around in what she was wearing now.

Victoria’s expression softened, conveying a sense of camaraderie with Shiloh. “It seems we share more in common than we initially thought. Despite our different backgrounds, we both understand the pressures of maintaining appearances and the sacrifices it entails. Thank you for sharing your perspective, Shiloh. It’s given me a deeper understanding of the complexities we both face, and I believe it has deepened my understanding of you.” She said as she gave Shiloh a smile, she genuinely believed she understood Shiloh better now.

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Shiloh smiled when she realized how simmilar she and Victoria are in this retrospect which she thought would be very hard to find people to related with consiering this retrospect. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have put it in such a rude way. I’m glad though, that I met you becuase until now I never had the pleasure to meet somebody who can relate with me to the weight of those expectations. It’s exciting, at least for me, to meet somebody who I can relate to regarding this, I’ve never had friends who understood it. In fact my schedule didn’t allow me to make friends, I’ve had a rival who I was friendly with, but now that friendly relationsip is also starting to disinegrade.”

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Brex genuinely had no idea what had Jasper on edge but he didnt want to push Jasper either. He just hoped that Jasper would come around and tell him at some point. If Brex would have still drank right now is when he would have suggested drinks to ease the mood a bit, food would have to do though. “Do you want to grab something to snack on while we chat?” Brex was hoping that would Ease Jasper a bit.

Brex wondered if showing Jasper all that was in his notebook would maybe clear some of the tension that was hanging in the air between them. He pulled the small book back out and opened the front cover. There were about a dozen small pictures held to both pages of the front with a little scraps of tape. “I keep all the photos I have of my mom in here too so its more than just music and it means a lot you found it for me.” Brex showed him the pictures and smiled the mood was heavy but honestly Brex wasnt sure how to lighten it.

Brex smiled a little when Jasper at least giggled about his pizza topping preferences. There was still tension but it was a little less. “I mean Im a bit of a picky eater as wild as that sounds but I mean most things I would try at least once. What about you? I mean I take it that pineapple on pizza is a food nightmare for you too. So what kinds of things do you like to eat or totally avoid?”

“I mean its got some kind of heavy stuff so i get it if you look over it and think that maybe its not for you but I would really appreciate it if you at least gave it a look. I mean I can probably put together a little like demo and send you it over to record yourself over the track.” Brex had never asked anyone to sing one of his songs really. They were usually pretty personal and with his discomfort singing he hadnt met someone he had felt comfortable enough to let sing it before Jasper.

“Yeah no I mean absolutely its nice to get to share that.” Brex stumbled over his own words a little. “I mean I knew you were in theater so you probably sang but I didnt know how comfortable you would be with it. Im glad you have an interest in it though. I mean honestly I just think you could do it justice that I cant.” Brex knew that if he didnt let someone sing his music he never would personally so he was glad that Jasper was someone he felt he could trust and that Jasper seemed interested. Brex smiled he honestly had meant his offer as more of a date situation but was ok with Jasper taking it as a friends invite too. He was just glad Jasper wanted to be around him at all.

Next day

Brex smiled and shook his head when Jasper teased him. “Yeah you give me the good kind of stupid stomach butterflies I promise but they still are there.” It felt relieving to know that Brex gave Jasper butterflies in his stomach too and that Jasper had been off yesterday because he was so nervous to confess his feelings to Brex. Brex was so excited that he honestly didnt know what to do or say. He had never been single handedly so happy just because of one person. “I am glad that it goes both ways Jasper.” Brex smirked at him and gently nudged Jasper’s shoulder.

Brex knew that if he wanted this thing between him and Jasper to go well he needed to be honest and open there were still some things he wasnt fully ready to share but he was willing to bare his soul for Jasper. Jasper knew that Brex had done some things that were less than great but had never judged him for any of them. “Im trying I just wanted to start this off fully open I mean I still have some things Im not fully ready to share but I thought you deserved to know that Im trying,” Brex leaned into the hand on his back it was relaxing. “i just know Im a mess and I appreciate you understanding and being ok with it.”

Brex had known that he was a clingy person and could easily get to be too much especially if he wasnt feeling well mentally or physically. He was hoping it wasnt some kind of deal breaker for Jasper. Brex wanted to spend time with Jasper and be close and share every part of himself with Jasper. “Yeah I know I have scared away a few people I have been in relationships with by being a bit too clingy and in people’s space a bit too much.” Brex admitted but listened to what Jasper had to say. Brex smiled hearing that Jasper liked having him around and liked to have Brex touching him. It was such a relief to hear him say that. “I know what you mean about that. I want to touch you too and just be close with you.” Brex smiled and leaned his head on Jasper a bit. “Well then you are going to get me in fully cling mode.” he joked as he smiled at him. “I appreciate you just telling me if its too much but honestly its more just im super cuddly and really like holding hands and stuff like that.” Brex was good with this confession from Jasper honestly he didn’t mind Jasper maybe sometimes needing a break from Brex being clingy but the fact that he was willing to voice that is what made Brex feel so comfortable about the whole situation.

Brex could tell it meant a lot to Jasper that Brex had promised him that he wouldnt be alone this year and honestly Brex understood that. Brex just wanted to make sure that Jasper felt safe and cared about and comfortable enough to share anything he felt like he needed. “I know how much just having support means. It makes a bloody hell of a difference and I know that first hand.” Brex wrapped his arm around Jasper’s shoulder. He could feel the shift in the mood and that Jasper had some heavy weight on his chest. “Im glad you have my back that means more than you know to me too. And we have this year if we just have each other so its all good.” Brex smiled at him and honestly had to admit he was already head over heels for this man.

Brex snapped his attention to Jasper when he heard him say his name. Brex worried when he heard what Jasper said. Was his health bad? He wanted to make sure despite his worry that Jasper knew that he had his full attention. Brex could tell he was having a hard time saying whatever it was he had intended to share. “If its to hard you dont have to tell me right now its really ok.” Brex rubbed his back gently hoping it would relax him a little bit as they talked. Brex’s eyes went wide when he heard what Jasper said. Autoimmune disease. Those didnt go away they could be managed but Brex was almost certain it wasnt something that could be cured. That was a lot for Jasper to be dealing with alone especially on top of anything else he had been dealing with. Brex was not going to let him ever be alone when he was needing help now that he knew about that. “That isnt something that is curable its just manageable right? If there is anything I can do to help just tell me and always know Im here for you.”

As soon as Brex caught the glistening of tears in Jasper’s eyes he wrapped his arms tightly around him. He had no idea if Jasper was someone who enjoyed hugs but Brex couldnt resist. He could tell how hard this was for Jasper and he just wanted Jasper to know he was there for him 100%. “Im sure it was Jasper and Im so sorry that there wasnt someone there for you but you dont ever have to do that by yourself now. You always have me by your side.” Brex just held him in his arms and wished he could take some of the pain away for Jasper. “If the pain gets bad you just let me know if I can do something to help and you can consider it done because you mean so much to me and I dont want you to have to go through any more pain than you absolutely have to ok.” Brex gently wiped the tears that were running down Jasper’s face as he kept him close to his chest. “Im so glad that you fought because now Im here and you are with me so ive got you.” Brex just wanted to make everything all better for Jasper but he honestly wasnt sure how. He was just hoping that JAsper would never be shy about asking him for help. As JAsper sobbed Brex pulled him in closer and gently ran his fingers through his hair. “Its ok you can cry ive got you now you will never have to hurt like that alone ok I promise I really do Jasper.” Brex wiped Jasper’s face softly with his sleeve and keept him in a tight hug. “Im so glad you are ok. And I get it being hard. I have struggles to so I can sympathize with what you are saying.” Brex didnt want to share his own struggles right now and take this from JAsper. This was about Jasper he could pour his soul out later.

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Trust me, I’ve heard the rumors going around, it’s a safer bet if you didn’t hide it. But of course, you don’t need to outright tell people, but if it comes up, it might be better not to hide it just because of the gossips.” Sadie nodded in agreement.

As Colt began to explain the importance of knowing how to defend against knife attacks, Sadie’s eyes widened slightly. It was a harsh reality to think about, but she knew it was a necessary skill to have. Sadie took a deep breath and planted both feet firmly on the ground, trying to mimic the stance that Colt had shown her. She felt a surge of nervous energy coursing through her as she mentally prepared herself for what was to come. “If somebody in the street attacks you with a knife, you’re in a knife fight wether you like it or not.” As she took on the stance, thoughts raced through her mind. How would she react in a real-life situation? Would she be able to remember and execute the moves Colt was teaching her? The gravity of the situation sank in as she realized the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.

Sadie was not going to let fear hold her back. She was here to learn, to grow, and to become stronger. With that resolve, she squared her shoulders and focused on Colt’s instructions, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. “What next?” She prompted, scanning his every movement and piece of advice.

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Deep down, a flicker of hope sparked in Eves heart that maybe, just maybe, this could be resolved. They could be friends again. Maybe not best friends, but good friends.

“I understand you being angry. It is true. Evelyn Millie Bauer. I have never lied to you.” Evelyn felt a strange sensation in her chest at the sound of her full name coming from Liv’s lips. It was a mixture of surprise, relief, and a hint of warmth that she couldn’t quite place. As Liv explained further, Evelyn’s initial skepticism began to waver, replaced by a sense of understanding and a growing sense of guilt for misdirecting her anger.

So after I left her she apparently went and told everyone.” Eve took a moment to process Liv’s confession, the pieces starting to click into place. “I… I see,” Evelyn finally replied, her tone softer now, her anger dissipating. “I’m sorry, Liv. I should have trusted you more. Thank you for telling me the truth.” In that moment, she noticed what she did. She really did believe Liv was telling the truth. She had said so herself.

Evelyn realized that perhaps her best friend had never truly betrayed her trust. And as she looked into Liv’s eyes, she couldn’t deny the sincerity in her words. Maybe, just maybe, there was still a chance to mend their friendship. “I…” Evelyn’s voiced wavered, but she cleared her throat. “I’m not sure where to go from here,” she said, chuckling a little at how lost she felt.

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Coltrane wasn’t blind, he saw her eyes widen with realization as if a knife attack would happen to her at any moment. It is true it might happen to her, but the chances are low. She’d sooner die in a school shooting than a stab wound since she’s unfortunate enough to teach in an American school, but he wasn’t about to make here even more uncomfortable by saying it. “Now I know what you’re thnking. This coach is about to show me some elaborative moves and the next time somebody attacks me with a knive I’m going to have to do them exactly as shown otherwise it won’t work. Truth is, the world and the people in it don’t act according to text book examples, knive carrying criminals included. Teaching you moves won’t be efficient unless I predict all the ways somebody may attack you with a knife and prepare you for each one, and that’s impossible becuase there’s too many ways. What is important is to become fast enough to act, to keep calm and not frezze and let the attacker stab you, to know what they know about knives and attacks and to become strong enough to counter anybody’s attack.” He kept talking while she was in that stance, knowing it must be burning by now. He came close to her and gave her a somewhat good push to demontrate why the stance was important. The stance of legs apart and knees slightly bended made her feet planted firmly on the ground and her body harder to move with force. “At ease.” He jokingly said. He pushed her again but this time it was a much softer and weaker push to demonstrate how easy it is to lose balance once relaxed. He doesn’t let her fall though and grabs her before she would begin to fall. "Now we both know if I didn’t grab you right now you’d either be falling back, flailing your arms to gain your balance again or you’d be taken aback at least. You wouldn’t want to be so easily toppled over in any type of fight be it with knives or no, so whenever you see danger lurking your safest bet is getting into a balanced, lowered stance with your feet at least one foot apart. He lets go of her and scans the room for something he might find useful. He takes a 0.5kg weight from his table and turned to her. “Let’s pretend this is the knife. Like I said, showing you elaborate moves won’t help you out there, instead you’re going to have to KISS. Keep it strong and simple, K.I.S.S. Kiss. But before that you’re going to have to learn at least one or two moves on how to avoid or block the knife, that’s when the kissing starts. When they say ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ I like to this this is what they meant. If it’s a guy you can be ever closer and kick him in the groin, that’s also useful.”

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Victoria responded with a warm and understanding smile, “There’s no need for apologies, Shiloh. I appreciate your honesty, and I’m equally glad to have met someone who shares a similar experience and perspective.” Victoria’s tone was gentle and kind as she spoke, “Navigating the weight of expectations can be challenging, and finding common ground in that aspect is indeed exciting.” As she spoke, Victoria’s expression softened, her warmth evident in the way she held Shiloh’s gaze, “It’s reassuring to connect with someone who understands these nuances and intricacies. Friendships born out of shared experiences often hold a unique strength, wouldn’t you agree?” Victoria’s question hung in the air, inviting Shiloh to reflect on the bond they were forging.

“As for your changing relationship,” Victoria’s voice softened further, her empathy evident in every word, “transitions can be difficult, especially when they involve someone you once were friendly with.” She reached out, her hand resting gently on Shiloh’s arm, offering silent reassurance. “If you ever need someone to talk to or just to listen, know that I’m here for you. Remember, you have a friend in me now.”

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Sadie was definitely feeling the burn of her crouch, giving a tight smile against the muscles she never really used. “At ease.” Sadie couldn’t help but let out a nervous laugh at Colt’s comment. She straightened up, relax— “woaaah,” Sadie felt herself start to lose her balance, her arms flailing slightly as she fought to regain her stance. But to her surprise, Colt was quick to react, his strong arms catching her before she could stumble backwards. “Thanks,” She mumbled, before his next speech.

Like I said, showing you elaborate moves won’t help you out there, instead you’re going to have to KISS.” Sadie tried to hide her smile behind her hand.

that’s when the kissing starts.” Sadie couldn’t help but giggle at Colt’s acronym and humor in the midst of their serious training session. It was a refreshing change from the intensity of the self-defense techniques he was teaching her. She quickly put on her best teacher poker face, but her lips kept twitching.

“K.I.S.S, huh? I can definitely remember that,” Sadie said with a smirk, trying to contain her amusement at Colt’s ‘quirky’ teaching style. And when Colt mentioned kicking an attacker in the groin, Sadie couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, a mixture of surprise and amusement crossing her face. She never thought she’d be learning self-defense moves that involved such old classic tricks, but she trusted Colt’s expertise and knew he had her best interests at heart. “I’ll keep that in mind, sir,” she said, putting her hands on her hip. Her usual stance. “But wouldn’t I want to get the knife away from them? Or only play keep away from me?” she raised her brows.

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Shiloh was questioning her relationship with Finn, but realized this is no longer the same calibre of school. Being a big fish in their previous school wasn’t going to make them the best here. It’s not like he didn’t have a job or anything to make it as hard for him as it was for her to be one of the best students, and yet he wasn’t as good as she was. That means with big fish students here he’ll come nowhere close to her and he isn’t going to be her rival anymore. She was starting to feel beating him was getting easy, but she wondered if she would still be so good if it weren’t for the rivalry with him to keep her motivated. The desire to beat him at every turn she can just becuase she knows she can was what keeping her motivated during school and now that he won’t even be in the top 10 best students how could she keep a rivalry with him? She turned to Victoria and said “Well, we changed schools it was foolish to think we won’t be changed by such a drastic change of enviorment. I’m glad you consider me a friend already. I consider you a friend also, I just never thought you would consider me a friend back. I don’t need anybody to talk to, I need another pompous student who think he’s better than everybody and studies in order to be the best so I can have a rivarly with them. My mom wants me to be an A+ student but what’s the fun in that withouth having some sort of stakes and motivation to do it. It’s not like I want to have the best grades for some goal I want, so my only motivation is having a game with another student, and now that student is close to best but not enough to have that type of rivalry.”

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When she said “But wouldn’t I want to get the knife away from them? Or only play keep away from me?” And he responded. "Yes. That’s what I just mentioned, that before the kiss you should avoid or block the knife, I just wanted to make it clear first that you can counter attack with any spur of moves that comes to you so long at it does damage and helps you get away, and learning elaborate moves which take time to remeber and execute in the moment, would only complicate things which would be worse for you. You can also disarm your attacker, but I only advise that if two cases. If you can grab a hold of their wrist before the knife reaches you, but that’s only if there’s enough time to do that otherwise attempting that will only harm you. And the second case is if their gripping technique is a weak or improvised one because if you kick or block the arm with enough strength they will lose control of their weapon. He took the play knife and shows a grip. “This grip is called a sideways grip. When holding the knife like this means they want to slash and not stab you, which sounds scary, but this grip is pretty weak and unstable and with a slight hit you can disable them pretty easily. Why don’t you lead by example. I’ll come up at you holding the knife like this and you’ll try to disarm me. You can either do that by gripping my wrist and twisting it until you take the knife out of my hands, which will be hard considering the attacker would gripp it as hard as possible as soon as he realizes you want to take it away, or with this grip you can just knock my hand aside and disarm me pretty easily.” He suggest and immediately, withouth having her confirm, he goes after her, play knife in his right hand attacking her left side with the sideways grip.

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