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Trouble in Mayday

“There’s a problem, a really big one.”

“Yeah my sister and Mr. Albert got murdered.”

“Tough luck kid, but do you know what this means?”


“We are about to become detectives,” They sigh, “There is trouble in Mayday High, serious trouble”

It is 2001 when nine high school students from different social cliques find themselves in detention on a typical Saturday morning. The atmosphere is tense as they are forced to spend a day together with no phones, no devices, and no board games to keep them company. Just themselves; a jock, a prep, a nerd, a goth, a rebel, two floaters, a stoner, and a hipster, to keep each other company. But everyone knows jocks don’t mess with nerds and gorgeous rich preps do not mess with stoners or hipsters, so how are they supposed to survive with just them and not go against the social quo?

As the day progresses, the group struggles to find common ground, and their differences lead to clashes and conflicts. However, amidst the tension, they begin to share their secrets and stories with one rule; what is said in detention stays in detention. and they all discover that they might have more in common than they think.

Suddenly, the day takes a dark turn when a Mr.Albert, a teacher, overseeing their detention, collapses unexpectedly and is pronounced dead. Shocked and horrified, the students find themselves caught in a real-life mystery as they become prime suspects in the teacher’s death. Things turn for the worst when one of the floaters is also pronounced dead- leaving eight of them as crime suspects for the murder of a teacher and a fellow classmate.

Panicked and desperate to clear their name, and keep their secrets, the group must put their differences aside and work together to uncover the truth of the deaths. Along the way they discover that Mayday High is a school filled with many many secrets and most of the secrets seem to connect itself with them and their families. But what do these eight teenagers and their families have to do with the death of Mr.Albert and Alisa, a fellow classmate? And does everything that happens in detention truly stay in detention?


̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶j̶o̶c̶k̶ (lunaticlevithesecond)- Known for being the ‘star’ on the field, always the best player, a little rude or perhaps extremely rude, and not the best grades- unless of course, they are the ‘student athlete’ the jock is every one on the middle to the lower end of the social cliques worst nightmare, but with fear comes respect. Their popularity can come in use in gathering information from fellow students and staff, getting recruits for help and will come handy when they need to get physical.

̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶p̶ (phnx): They have had the golden spoon ever since they were born, they have never lacked anything in life, friends? check, money? check, clothes? check, maids? check, they were at the top of the top of the real world and the world in high school, the prep has insight into the school’s elite circles and their great grandfather founded the school. Their access to almost everything and slight knowledge of the school inner circles will aid in uncovering secrets and connections. They are the ‘money’ of the group, they provide the resources they will need and will find ways to gain the info they might need.

̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶n̶e̶r̶d̶(tellyg47) Overly intelligent and obsessive, the nerd is very crucial in investigations. I mean who else will know how to decipher the clues? Solve the puzzles? and although it might get ignored, be the voice of reason? The nerd is of course the brain of the group, the one who will help when a little more than common sense is needed.

̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶g̶o̶t̶h̶:(idiotexe) When the nerd does not know of horror analogies, questions, riddles that have to do with gothic times, who else do you turn to but the goth? Their uniqueness might offer insights into the emotional and physiological aspect of the case, help the group understand the motivation of deaths, horror and everything no one both goths venture into.

The rebel (Tina.G) a risk taker, fearless, does not care for anything and cares for rules, and it’s definitely not their first time in detention but it is their first time being a suspect in a murder. Moreover, the rebel’s fearless and bold nature will be a huge asset during the investigation as they are willing to take risks that other might shy away from; such as stealing. Though, they were also an outcast, as the rest of the group does not really trust them due to their nature and their known dislike for Mr.Albert, the rebel is the motivator. The one who motivates them to go ahead, get resources and break some laws and rules in order to uncover the truth. They might not be liked but they are useful.

̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶t̶o̶n̶e̶r̶: (Mouschi) Perhaps the are not really an addict, but got the reputation due to the type of people they hang out with and the way they dress or perhaps they actually are one. The point is, the stoner is the calming influence during stressful situations. Their ability to maintain composure, keep calm is everything but useless. The stoner is the one they all go to when they cannot go to adults, the one they show their vulnerable side with, the therapist of the group.

̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶h̶i̶p̶s̶t̶e̶r̶:̶ (Jax): They care about social norms, keeping the status quo though they might act like they don’t, and often restrict themselves due to fear. It might take a while for them to open up, but the hipster with their knowledge of social interactions will act as the social strategist, they know everything about the ‘rules of the school’ and have a guess who and why might target Mr.Albert and Alissa.

The floater although not mentioned is there, just played by me as the other floater apart from Alissa is Alissa’s twin brother, the floater is the peacemaker of
the group and the bridge builder.

others: Npcs will be allowed as they will be ‘recruiters’ friends of one of the important main characters (the jocks, nerds, goths etc) and may be investigated by the players. They will come later on in the story of course,


None of the main characters are dying (but they will get injured), but an npc may die or not and parents will also be important in this roleplay as they play a crucial role in the secrets of Mayday, being former students themselves and knowing Mr.Albert on a more personal level. Perhaps back then they might have hated him,might have been friends with him or neutral. They may have to steal from their parents from to time, for the prep (steal money if their parents refuses to give them money,) and the secrets of the parents will be revealed and the characters will find themselves on whether to turn their parents in or help keep their family secrets and remain a huge suspect for the murder of Mr.Albert and Alissa.

Ages: The characters are either juniors or Seniors but the age range is 17-19.

  1. Keep the year 2001, so no mentions of twitter, Instagram (as they all came later in the year) try to include slangs that were popular in the 90s-2001.

  2. At least six sentences in every post.

  3. must reserve on this chat

  4. plan family relationships with other characters (they the characters may not necessarily care/have a ‘relationship’ with each other rn) but their parents should be connected in a way (whether their enemies, friends, past lovers etc)


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I mean can I reserve the nerd


May I reserve the stoner? :eyes:





Can I reserve the hipster please? I have an amazing character idea in mind :eyes:


can I reserve the prep? :3


Also, anyone wanna do this with me? :eyes:


I would like to :eyes: once I finish my character maybe?


Sure, I understand it is quick to already do so now. But for me, I’ve noticed that it can also help to have someone to brainstorm with in the early stages already :eyes:

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Hm, so the Breakfast Club meets Scooby Doo.


you know i actually got the idea and started planning it after re-watching the breakfast club and a horror movie :skull:


Lol, it’s interesting. I thought it was partly inspiring by One of Us Is Lying, guess I was wrong about that :joy:


I thought so.


it also is so you are not wrong. it is inspired by two things (breakfastclub and one of us is lying ) and I got the idea after a horror movie

the process was watched breakfast club hmmm that would be a nice rp, watched a horror movie thought of the breakfast club then decide that maybe i should make an rp like that then remembered a book that was also inspired by the breakfast club (one of is lying) and i was like hey! (it was only supposed to be the teacher who d!ed but for more drama i followed one of is lying where one other student dies)


but instead of 5 it’s 9 with way more social cliques and secrets


Ahhh, interesting!! Cause yeah, I felt there were many similarities, the very stereotypical clique roles, the detention, someone dying and then just the whole mystery of what happened and the secrets ect.


Also, can I ask about division of genders? Like just don’t think it would be too rad if there wasn’t sort of a realistic balance…


it should be 4 boys 4 girls (5 girls until allisa d!ed) for the main characters


I was too late for nerd i see

also the urge to make another rebel


Hmmm, okay, how will we make sure that 50/50 divide happens though? Like just want to make sure no one last minute will have to completely change their character cause the genders aren’t divided equally