What's the most ridiculous health related conspiracy theory you ever heard?

The most ridiculous one I heard is probably that the government are putting things in the tap water in order to control our brains.

What about you guys?


Lmao :joy:

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5G causes cOrOnA

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That’s the fluoride conspiracy. The government says it’s for our teeth/dental health and I believe them. Fluoride is very good for your teeth and helps defeat shadows in your teeth (approaching cavities). And apparently it’s control our brains too? Sounds believable. In the U.S most tap water sources contain it and for some reason in my part of N.Y, we don’t have it. And if it was the government trying to control us, well, why isn’t it in my tap water? :joy:

^^The fluoride part comes from my dentist

Oh yes, the whole tHE CoROnAVIRus iS FAKe thing.

I can guarantee you that it is not fake. :star_struck:

So I found this on Google and I was like wut?

Basically people were believing that the fluoride in the water was poisoning us. They also believed that fluoride could lower a person’s IQ, contributes to infertility, causes the early onset of puberty, calcifies some of our organs, and control minds.

Some people believe that childhood vaccine will lead to psychological disorders like autism and the government knows it. :new_moon_with_face:


Honestly anything having to do with Autism is just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard
Why do people feel the need to shove Autism into all of their crackpot theories
Leave Autism alone for a second
Pick on something like Leprosy or Chicken Pox idk


Using birds to spy on you :joy:

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I heard that too. It’s :joy::joy::weary::skull:

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Covid vaccines are just to put chips in you so the government can control you.

Like bruh, maybe they did come out ineffective, and still getting people sick, but that’s definitely not a possible way to get control of you. I mean, why would they try to when they already have you under control in the first place? :man_shrugging:

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