Writing competition December 2019

Changes from last version

We didn’t do the community vote last time, it just didn’t seem big enough yet. It won’t happen yet this time either, there will just be a judging panel being me, @AlissaGrace and the previous winner, @Rainbow.

How can I join?

Simply post your story as plain text on the thread. You can also enter a wattpad or episode story, even tho I wish you good luck writing an episode story in 3 weeks before the 25th of December :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Anyway if you wish to do that just post the link, it’s as simple as that.

What are the prizes?

At this point the prizes are as following:

  • Writer of the month badge
  • Guest judge for the January competition
  • The honor of coming up with the theme for December

This month’s theme is a not so ordinary Christmas as decided by @Rainbow

Meaning your story should be about a not so ordinary Christmas, besides that the minimum amount of words is 300 this time!

We hope to see a lot of amazing and diverse entries to this competition. Good luck to anyone who is joining and feel free to ask me or Alissa questions about the competition here or through pm!


I’m really looking forward to some great stories! :blush:


I like the theme!


Hopefully I will get my story finished in time


I probably won’t be doing this, I have no ideas for this.


Everyone has until the 25th of December to get a story submitted so take your time!


Never mind. I’m doing this


Im gonna put a lot more thought into this this time, perhaps I’ll write something that can be put in my Wattpad story :thinking:


I want to do this one!

I don’t think I’ll have time to direct an Episode story, so I’ll probably post it as plain text or on Wattpad.

Is there a maximum of words, or not?


Nope, there is no maximum. Write as much as you want

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I’m working on mine.

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Scine I am working on Secret Santa, I didn’t procrastinate.

Countdown Until Christmas

Day 1

I began wrapping my presents. There are 25 more days until Christmas, what’s the rush? I thought, even though I knew that I should be packing now, not hoping for myself to stop doing what I really wanted to start.

Day 3

I was eating breakfast with my family, munching on the Cinnabons from The Pastry Place. Mmm.

Day 4

“Lisa! Wake UP!” yelled a voice.

“She is dead, RIP.” snarled the nurse in my dreams.

“NO I AM NOT!” I holler.

“Lisa! Quit screaming in your sleep!” Yelled the same voice.

I jerked awake. No hospital, just Mom hovering over my bed.

My face went red.

Go to the breakfast table, I thought. Avoid any further nonsense.

I stood up and walked down the stairs.

“Oh my gosh,” said Arthur, my brother.

The windows were shattered. Shards in my wrapped boxes.

My presents are ruined. I fought back my tears.

I stared into space, sun burning my eyes.

Day 6

My presents are fixed. I am happier now.

I scroll through Instagram regularly, I am living my best life.

Day 15

The snow is low today, so we are going back to school. Ugh. I got ready to go. Mom was sleeping, so I decided to make some nice pancakes.

I got the batter down. Then I poured some of the mix. They were really thick pancakes! I sat on the couch to absorb the smell while scrolling down Twitter.

Suddenly, I smelt a smell that wasn’t so pretty. The pancake was burning! I ran in, but it was too late. I approached. Then fire exploded in my face. I didn’t get burnt. Instead, my face felt REALLY hot when that happened. I pulled away.

A chunk of my hair was on the ground. I couldn’t help but scream.

That was the worst day in my countdown.

Day 16

Christmas is coming! I can’t hold my excitement inside. It bubbles up to my friends.

If you didn’t know, thanksgiving went down in flames. Not literally, like my pancakes, just a DISASTER.

The turkey was burnt, the pie was flat, we thought it was undercooked, we put it into the oven, then it burnt.

I looked under the tree, to see much more presents I couldn’t wait to tear the wrapping off of.

Day 19

Gabby stared into the stars. She saw, not the constellations, but objects, forming in the right shape. She knew, humanity did it for her.

I, in fact, am not Gabby. I see the constellations, not all these wack stuff. Of course, Gabby isn’t real, but she is my secret Imaganary friend.

But there isn’t a way for me to make a present for her.

Day 19

I am bubbling with excitement again! Christmas is coming and I cannot wait! I scroll around on my phone.

Day 24

Christmas is tomorrow! I am bubbling over now. I text every single second; hoping for answers. I run into the backyard to put every decoration imaginable.

  • On Christmas Day…

I took a beeline for the door excitedly. Arthur was in the living room, watching TV.

“ITS CHRISTMAS!” I yell happily. “Where is Mom and Dad?”

“Shhh! They are asleep.” He snaps. “Go to your room, or watch some TV while waiting. You should be asleep.”

I stormed away. Ugh!

I was scrolling through insta when I hear mom. I run out. I looked. Mom was sitting.

“Thank you, Lisa! I love your picture frame,” Mom gushed, admiring the frame.

I grinned. I opened a present. A GoPro from Dad!

“Yes!” I pumped up my fist. “Thank you, Dad!”

I looked under the tree. Dad, dad, mom, Arthur, mom, mom, dad, and 7 more Arthurs, 8 more mom & dads.

One more for me.

I was about to break into tears. No more presents. Not worth my effort!

Worst. Christmas. Ever.

Then I looked in the back. Silly me, I thought. There were presents over here.

Best. Christmas. Ever!


Can we edit stories once they have been posted?

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I know how to make the story seem boring at times. :rofl: :sparkles::cat:

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My story is a play. I took pictures cuz it about 10 pages long(front and back). So, I hope that’s ok.


I’m able to read it so it’s cool, the only reason I would have said to type it is if I couldn’t read it lol


Less than 10 days left to enter the competition! I hope to see more entries :eyes:

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I’m gonna try to enter this in time!

Question: will the winner get a shout out on Instagram


Great looking forward to your entry!
And yes they will definitely get mentioned on Instagram


Just 4 days left to enter, I would love to see some more original stories!