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“I don’t know. YOu wouldn’t have an apology there? It needs to be a good one though, since I really messed up.” The bar tended shrugged sympathetically, although on the inside was fuming and repressing an eye roll, wondering why he hadn’t gotten a raise for the stuff he put up with. Only heaven knew why. Helen faced him as he talked, nodded when he paused, doe eyes and all. She looked enthralled. She felt rage. She also felt it was unjustified, so she forced it out. Forced a pleasant smile. He took her hands, she kept nodding along.

Dave left a soft kiss on her knuckles, Helen’s breath caught. “What do you say WE join Tommy TOGETHER and forget I was ever so stupid to leave such a cool and beautiful woman behind?” ahem “Wow, Dave. That’s… quite a speech.” Helen tried to make up a speech like he had, but it ended up being an awkward two seconds of staring at each other. Shaking her head gently, she cleared her throat. “Of course… babe.” It felt awkward on her tongue. So much for being an actress. “I mean, yes. Yes, let’s head over that way.” she said, sliding off the stool and pulling him along. She nestled up close, only for his ears. How romantic it looked. “Listen, Dave. I don’t care what you thought or why you did what you did. What matters is that you abandoned me like I was nothing more than a prop to further your own interests.” she looked up to him, smiled, to see if he was listening, then continued. “I don’t need your apologies or your empty promises. I want my dignity back, and I want to be treated like an actual person with feelings and worth. I’m not asking for much. Just do it for the cameras, yeah?” They made it back to Tommy, and Helen detangled herself from Dave. She let their hands intertwine, but otherwise looked happy go lucky. Like she hadn’t just been frank and brutally ruthless about her feelings. If there picture had been taken, no one would suspect a thing.

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Was that… a lil toxic of Helen? :sob: #canbemanipulativewhenneeded ??


Cole listened as she spoke. He could tell she was trying to recall who he was. “Yes, he is a musician.” Cole nodded at her “yeah, let’s hope he isn’t too late. I think he is here though.” He couldn’t help but to stare at her. He had truly missed her. Her smell, her smile, her eyes when they were alone. The way she looked when she was wearing less. His mind went to all the fun they had. He smirked as he listened while she talked.

Then she said “Well, if he’s got you as his bodyguard, he’s in good hands. I’m sure you’ll be great at this too.” This made him smile so big. He felt proud. He wanted to pull her closer and hold her or kiss her cheek. However, he knew here wasn’t the place for that. He took a sip of his drink as well when she did. “I’m adjusting. This is the first thing I’m doing since my accident. Yeah, it a change for sure. I miss the force, but it is what it is. Thanks, yeah I know I can count on you if I need anything.” He winked at her. “I’m always careful beautiful,” He was a little confused at what she meant by be careful but hell he just lived through a shooting, so he wasn’t scared.

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Tommy was standing there bored. He was sipping his drink when he saw Helen and Dave walking over. He smiled. He was happy Helen was coming back. He gave her a sweet smile as they approached him. He looked to Dave “So, Dave I hoped you apologized to the beautiful and talented Helen. I hope it was a good one too.” He knew Dave sucked at times especially with apologizes. He just hoped he said something sweet and nice to Helen. Tommy felt Helen deserved the whole world. Something about her just seemed to pull him in. “Should we go get another drink guys?” He asked Dave and Helen. “I’m sorry for leaving you Helen. I went to chew Dave here out for leaving you. However, once I got there, I realized I had just done the same thing and I’m truly sorry for that.” He really hoped that Helen would forgive him. He felt like an out right @$$. He finished his drink.

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Lucy stood there frozen as her husband talked to her. She smiled at him though. Even though she was a little nervous and scared. She rolled her eyes when Steven said he didn’t expect to see her so engaged. Lucy straightened herself. Blake’s hand still on the small of her back. She looked at Steven “We were just going to the dance floor to have a nice dance, Steven. Blake here offered to keep me company since you weren’t here and were supposed to be with the kids. I mean I don’t see a problem with a dance… Do you?” She asked calmly. She knew she was lying to him; however, he didn’t need to know they were about to leave to go have some fun of their own. She smiled confidently in her lie. She knew Steven would believe her, or at least act like he believes her and then they would talk about it more later at home in private.

“However, you aren’t interrupting anything since we were just going to dance. Of course we don’t mind you joining.” She smiled again. She turned to Blake to see if he would go along with the lie. She knew if he said it too then there was no way Steven couldn’t believe it. She turned her attention back to Steven. “What made you decide to come? I’m just curious since you are the one who said you didn’t want to leave the kids alone. You said you don’t trust Cindy to be home alone with the other kids. You said “What if she throws a party” So I figured you wouldn’t want to leave her.” She stood there with Blake still standing next to her and him still frozen. She loved his hand still being on her even though her husband was right in front of them.

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Josie watched as Doug greeted Francisco, but the politeness of his words seemed to cover his indifference. Doug then announced that he was going to get a drink and asked Josie if she wanted one. Josie raised an eyebrow while looking at Doug as he stood up. She wondered why he needed to leave so quickly. “Just get me whatever you’re having.” She replied. A drink was something Josie couldn’t pass up especially if someone was offering to get her one. She watched as Doug walked away to the bar. “Francisco?! We were talking.” She shook her head and laughed.


Francisco D’Allaire was hoping to find more connections at the yacht party considering that he was a celebrity stylist. Being the child of a single mother who was a fashion stylist and model helped him earn connections but it didn’t come without doing his own hard work. He also enjoyed spending time with his friend Josie who he worked for as an assistant for years. She was someone that he could laugh with, talk to and of course indulge in gossip with. During his off days from work that was one of his favorite ways to wind down. After he and Josie parted ways, he ended up seeing her sitting with her ex Doug across the room. He didn’t know that Doug would be at this party allll while looking as handsome as ever. Francisco felt guilty about the secret relationship they had behind Josie’s back, but he still couldn’t help but tease him whenever he came around. Francisco greeted them with a coy expression on his face, twirling his drink around in his hand. One thing he didn’t expect to happen was for Doug to bail and go get a drink from the bar, even asking if Josie wanted one. What was he chopped liver? Francisco scoffed and looked at Doug as he walked away. “Hey, what about me? I wanted a drink!” He turned back to Josie with a grin.

“Francisco?! We were talking!? Plus you already have a drink in your hand! You don’t need anymore.” Josie said

Well she was right, he was a little tipsy, but it was all in good fun.

As Francisco and Josie continued talking, Somehow their topic turned to Doug again. “Oh Doug was always good at that he…”.Francisco started. He quickly shut himself up. oh man I messed up he thought to himself. He was just going to reminisce on something he and Doug did. What was he thinking…Okay he paused for way too long…She could have noticed.

As they continued talking, Francisco said something about Doug but stopped. Josie’s eyebrow raised. She knew Francisco’s expression when he was hiding stuff and he looked like he was having constipation. “What was he always good at?” She asked. “oh he was always good at…you know…being charismatic.” Francisco explained clumsily. Josie was confused. Francisco and Doug were never that close and…was that a compliment he just gave to Doug? Francisco made an excuse to leave and walked away quickly. Josie sat there feeling confused. Did he know Doug more than she thought he did?

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“Strong man don’t exist, no undying man exists, weak man don’t exist, no, just flesh and blood exist. I bet your mother would be proud of you,”

Emiliano was lucky he became an actor and not an advertiser, because he was not doing quite the job at advertising the drinks.

“Your lost,” He had playfully commented with a grin. He had wanted to say something different like, your my brother, how can I not worry about you too, but with the way this conversation was going, such a comment would not stir in his favor, so he had went with the practical comment, the easy teasing one. But still, he could not help but to feel uneasy as they started at him.

If they had drinks in their hands too, perhaps it would be easier, especially If it’s an alcoholic one. It would be better for him to talk to a drunk them than a sober them, because if they were drunk, they would not realize how many empty pieces were missing in the puzzles, and they would not make sense of what he was saying. Then, when they confront him when they are sober, he would say to them, I already told you guys everything and walked away, without feeling anything. But they did not want to drink, instead, they wanted to be direct, asking too many questions.

Actually, no, that was a lie. They had not really asked too many questions. In fact, this was one of the very first questions: “Why didn’t you call?” He had wanted to say a lot of different things, but he did not know how to convey them, and he could not help but wish that this was a script. That this was part of a movie, and he had the exact lines to say, but there was no script to tell him what to say. Thus, his gaze had flickered from Santiago to Sunny as he struggled to find the right words, telling them that all this was everything but their burden—a comment that did not bring any smiley faces.

Santiago had been the one to speak first, then Sunny, stating that he was their brother, that of course it was their burden. But it wasn’t; they didn’t understand, they never would. But still, the replies from both Santi and Sunny struck him as he gazed at Santiago. He had asked if he had noticed the way they’ve changed. Of course he had! From the moment he stepped onto the cruise, he had noticed that the Beverly Shores he had come to know was not the same. He had noticed that Santiago wore strange earrings, his outfit very informal, very casual, very loud for this type of setting. An outfit that their mother would never have allowed him to wear and Santiago would never even think of wearing. He noticed that Santi’s eyes looked older in a way, the way his posture had changed. And Sunny, her hair was shorter than he was used to seeing, the style framing her face differently, emphasizing the sharpness in her features. Her eyes, once filled with youthful exuberance, now held something else: a depth, a weight that hadn’t been there before.

He noticed all of that, but what about them? He wanted to ask if they had noticed how he had changed. Because that did not seem to be the case. They didn’t even care to ask how he had been doing. This whole thing had been about them and them alone. Why he had not called, why he had not noticed the way they’ve changed, and all that. Not one question had been about his own mental health, his own fucking feelings. They did not even notice that he had lost a lot of weight, though he was trying and struggling to gain it back, or how pale his usually sun-kissed skin looked, because his whole coming back just had to be about them. “Of course, I noticed,” His voice came out a bit harsher than he intended. He had coughed, changing his tone as once again he stated:, “I noticed the change,” his voice horsed. "Time really changes people, does it not?’ He knew they wanted him to say something else, perhaps ask about the change(he wanted to) or perhaps act a little bit confused about it, so they could explain it to him, they could pour out their feelings even more. But he couldn’t.

Still, as his eyes flickered from one to the other, he wanted to ask, why. Why did Santi look like that…, less of the brilliant legendary actor he was and more of a … well actually he did not know how to define Santiago’s dressing, but it just was not him and why had Sunny cut her hair? Why were her eyes dim? But he could not bring himself to ask. Instead, he had taken another sip of his drink, wishing he was anywhere but here, dealing with this, today of all days.

There was a silence that threatened to drown them, until Santiago eyes suddenly began to tear, startling Emiliano as finally Santiago voiced out, We thought you were dead,

The words hung heavy in the air, their weight pressing down on all three of them, and Emiliano felt a pang of guilt for leaving, but then, as if trying to surpass that guilt, he had thought, If they had tried looking for him or asking around, they would have known that he was not dead if they had put a little more pressure on asking the mothers if they knew where he was. That was what he was trying to think, to put in his mind, but none of it made sense, did it? No one was supposed to know where he had gone, and no one was supposed to know how he was fairing; not even his mothers knew all that was happening. But he needed a scapegoat, he couldn’t blame himself for all that had happened, part of it was their fault too.

He wanted to go on thinking that, but then Santiago had sweet up the red mesh of his shirt to show the tattoos of his ribcage, two sets of angel wins. One that the initials for him and the other for Mattias. Before Emiliano could go off on his own thoughts, Santiago had suddenly dropped the bomb, stating that Sunny had them too, and Emiliano’s eyes flickered to her. She had pushed back her sleeve to show him the outside of her wrist, where she had chosen to place them.

One for him and one for Mattias, God… that was right, Mattias was dead, he was never going to see Mattias again, Mattias was-before Emi knew it, he started to tear, his mind had swirled with a thousands of thought before he cursed and threw his glass to the ground, the wine splattering in all directions, as the glass shattered against the floor. His chest had rose ad fallen as he had placed his fingers on his hair, tugging them as if he wanted to get rid of his hair.

Slowly his hands began to fall from his head, dropping to his sides as his eyes locked with the shrads of glass, his mind racing. I… he had began, shouldn’t have done that, he completed, bending down to clean up the mess he’d made, but some of the glass had pierced his skin, startling both of his siblings. Aish Sunny had said, and if it was before, if everything was still the same, he would have chuckled at that and said Aish indeed, exclaiming how one of their moms will be quite worried. But all he could do was stare at the trash can numbly, as he threw away the glass pieces. Sunny though, his dear sister, had grabbed some nearby napkins and began to wrap them around his hands, trying to help stop the bleeding, as he looked away, not wanting to look her in the eyes as he began to speak, a weird smile etching on his face as Sunny tightened her grip on him.

'Why, so we could have held your funeral first?” She muttered.

“Perhaps, then-” He was about to continue, but by then, Santiago’s hands were firmly placed on his shoulders, startling Emiliano as he looked up at his elder brother.

His brother’s voice had been demanding, questioning what he meant by seven years. For a split second, Emiliano was transported back to their childhood days, when instead of Santiago, after Emiliano had made a mistake, had injured himself, Mattias would firmly place his hands on his shoulders, worry etched on his face, as he asked, “What happened to you?” before he would ever ask, “Why did you do that?” or “What did you break?” But Santiago was not Mattias, and he was never going to see Mattias again.

He didn’t want to cry; he was not supposed to cry. He was a 33-year-old man, for goodness’ sake. But when the embarrassing tears started to spill down his cheeks, Emiliano could not stop them. He shrugged Santi’s hands from his shoulders and released his hand from Sunny’s, using his now free hands to cover his face.

“I just,” he muttered through his fingers, his voice choked with emotion. “All this,” He didn’t know where to start or where to end. “Wyatt,” He choked on his own words as he brought up his friend name, “it’s…” He started to stutter, his voice faltering. “No, no, Not Wyatt, him,” He couldn’t bring himself to say who the him was. “Yes, Wyatt,” He said standing up, as he ran fingers through his hair, his face pained as he looked from Sunny to Santiago. “It was supposed to be me,” He said finally, “I’m the reason…”

Emiliano’s hands shook violently as he ran them through his hair, gripping the roots as if trying to pull himself together. He looked at the floor, his vision blurred by tears he couldn’t control. His breaths were shallow and rapid, chest rising and falling in a panicked rhythm. “I’m the reason he’s in jail, Goddamit,” He paced the room, steps erratic and heavy, his fists clenched at his sides. “He wasn’t the…” He couldn’t bring himself to say it, to say what the crime was that put Wyatt in jail, “I was the one who should have been thrown in that cell, I was the one who did it- the accident.” He tugged at his hair harsher, frustration echoing. ““And then, and then I met him, he promised…” Emiliano’s words trailed off, his voice catching as a sudden cough overtook him. It started as a mild rasp, then escalated into a fit that wracked his body. His chest heaved with each cough, each one deeper and more painful than the last. His chest began to feel tight, as he clutched it.

Finally, the coughing subsided, leaving Emiliano breathless and exhausted. He leaned heavily against a nearby chair, chest heaving, face flushed with exertion and embarrassment. “I’m sorry,” he managed to croak, his voice hoarse and strained. “It’s… it’s just…” He trailed off, unable to find the words to explain the sudden onset of his symptoms. “I killed him, I…” He was about to say more, when finally, as if saved by the bell- he could hear them shouting for them, telling them to come as the games are beginning. The traditional games, and he felt his hands on his neck, as he looked away. “I guess that is our cue,” He says, as he began to walk away, going as fast as he could before they could call for him.





Beck had almost spilled a drink on the handsome man she saw earlier. His smile was infectious and charming as he assured her that it was fine, his drink didn’t spill. His gaze swept over her features, then he proceeded to claim to recognize her. Beck couldn’t help but smile, pulling her hair behind her ear. It was as if she hadn’t just gotten into an argument. Was this the most handsome man in Beverly Shores? “Aha yes, I’m Beck Dawson. I’m not sure how you know me since I don’t recall meeting you. I would have remembered a handsome face like yours.” She said shamelessly. Yes her flirty demeanor was coming out. Did she mind? No. “I did see you earlier talking to my good friend Josie.” She wondered what they could have possibly talked about since she was married. “Here, let’s go over to the bar.” She pulled his arm towards the bar area where she leaned against it, smiling very hard.

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“I’m sure you hear this all the time but my sister is a big fan of your music.” While he enjoyed music from time to time, Kavi wouldn’t consider himself an authority on it. The sound that he heard from his implants was good but not perfect and he was sure that there were important complexities in music that he wasn’t able to hear. He did know that whenever Aashvi played Danny’s music, it sounded pleasant and he enjoyed listening to it.

Kavi nodded as Danny admitted that being a person of interest to the media got intense, adding on that he was still grateful for it. “I don’t doubt that it gets intense. I’m always in awe of how the stars keep up their appearances at event after event. It must be exhausting.” He responded. When Danny asked about his films, he perked up a bit, always happy to discuss his work. “My specialty is silent films. I’m deaf so it’s my way of making a statement through my work. I also used to edit my films myself when I was younger and it was just easier for me if they didn’t have sound. Most of my early work was non-narrative but my narrative work tends to be personal, focusing on stories about disability or queerness.” He answered, hoping that he wasn’t saying too much.

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Blake slightly nodded when Steven addressed him, but he could hear the passive aggressive undertone in Steven’s words even though he seemed formal on the surface. He listened as Lucy made the excuse that they were actually going to go dance and she looked over at Blake for confirmation. Blake nodded his head, but his body language portrayed his true feelings. His voice grew louder in volume and he started rubbing the bridge of his nose which usually happened when he was nervous or in awkward situations. “Yeah…we were going to go dance…” He didn’t know what else to say and instead he just looked at Steven while rolling his shoulders back. The adrenaline he felt earlier from the possibility of being with Lucy alone was now replaced with awkwardness. what the hell did i just get myself into he thought to himself.

Listening to the next few things Lucy said to Steven definitely seemed like she was annoyed at him for ruining their rendezvous, but he couldn’t blame her. He was supposed to stay with their kids at home, at least that was what Lucy told him, so why did he have to come to the party? Did he already suspect that Lucy was going to cheat on him? Why didn’t he text her or at least call before he came? These thoughts fumbled through Blake’s mind but he didn’t dare say anything. It wasn’t his business and he wasn’t supposed to be there anyways. Still, he felt like maybe Lucy wasn’t allowed to have fun on her own and that’s why she wanted to get away from her marriage.

Blake looked at Steven expectantly, waiting to see what he would say next.

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At the party | With Josie

Doug nodded, a small, genuine smile playing at the corners of his mouth. “Sure thing,” he said, knowing exactly what he would order for her. Doug wouldn’t be Doug if he wouldn’t quite follow her instructions.

As he walked off, he heard Fransisco’s playful complaint of not being offered a drink. Doug chuckled lightly and looked back over his shoulder towards Francisco with a grin. “You heard the lady, Francisco,” he continued, his tone still playful but a more serious undertone, “You’re good with what you have. Let’s not get too carried away now.” It was visible this hadn’t been Francisco’s first drink of the evening. While Doug was not against alcohol, quite the contrary, he also did learn to drink with limits, so it was enjoyable and not just for the sake of drinking.

And with that he headed towards the bar, the party chatter fading into the background as he focused on his task of getting drinks. He needed a moment to collect himself, and getting Josie and himself a drink was the perfect excuse.

As he approached the bar, he took a deep breath, and ordered a martini for Josie and a scotch for himself, hoping the strong drink would help steady his nerves. He glanced back at Josie and Francisco, their figures blending into the lively crowd. Doug couldn’t help but wonder what they were discussing, somehow he couldn’t shake the feeling he was one of the topics.

Doug sighed, gripping the bar counter. His mind was a swirl of emotions, and it wasn’t the alcohol getting to him. Doug no longer harbored romantic feelings for Josie, at least that’s what he told himself. The memories of their past were still there, but they had faded into a sense of fondness rather than longing. What he felt now was a mix of respect for the person she had become and a desire to maintain a friendly relationship. All for the sake of their daughter. Seeing her again, with that familiar sparkle in her eyes, reminded him of their shared history, but it didn’t stir any deeper emotions, or did it?

The sight of Francisco, however, was just as complicated and complex, if not more so. Their affair was something he had buried deep, out of respect for Josie. But now, seeing Francisco again, it had stirred a mix of emotions - guilt, regret, desire, and a lingering curiosity about what might have been different if circumstances had allowed them to openly explore their connection. With Josie, there was closure, even if tinged with a bittersweet nostalgia. But with Francisco, there lingered a sense of unresolved tension.

As the bartender handed him the Martini, Doug took a moment to steady himself and refocus on the present. He needed to play it cool, not let his emotions get the best of him. Then the scotch arrived, and he took a slow sip, feeling the warmth spread through his chest. With the martini in hand, he prepared to return, bracing himself for the inevitable walk back to where Josie and Francisco were still talking.

Not for long however, as Doug returned, he saw Francisco almost making a run for it. Where his interest had been piqued before, he was more than intrigued now. However, as he approached Josie his demeanour was as casual and calm as ever.

“Here you go Josie,” handing Josie her martini, he offered a light-hearted smile. “One martini, hopefully still just the way you like it.” As far as Doug was concerned, a Martini had always been one of Josie’s go-to drinks.

He sat down besides her, taking a sip of his drink before setting it down. He decided to directly address the situation he had returned to, “Seems like Francisco had somewhere to be,” Doug commented lightly, trying to gauge Josie’s reaction. “Everything alright?” His tone was nonchalant yet curious, wanting to subtly probe into whether Josie had picked up on the awkwardness as well. His expression remained neutral, masking the deeper emotions and concerns he now had about what Francisco might have hinted at during their brief exchange.

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Thanksgiving: The Games :sparkles:

“Everyone” The host of this year’s thanksgiving had called out. Service people were asked to go looking for all the people invited to the yacht party, and ask them to come to the main table, because it was finally time for the event they were all waiting for. The flashcard game. As everyone settled in, a tall woman with long dark hair had leaned in to say, “It’s been years of playing the same boring repetitive game, how about we spice it up?” everyone had looked at one another, “It’s friendgiving and we’re all friends here,” she said waving her hands dismissively, "And we’ve all matured, this is no longer high school, so we can maturely play a game of diss or Thank. Whoever you get, you have the option off either shading them, or thanking them- saying something you like about them, nothing will be used against one another,’ but of course disagreements, hatred and drama would start, but who doesn’t like a little bit of drama? “And No being fake, we’re all friends here, we need to be authentic with one another”

It seems that Beverly Shores was ready to shake up long standing tradition, because though there was some tensed faces, no one really jumped to disagree out loud, just murmured from one another or sighed. The box was in the middle of the table, filled with all the names of invited people- you know what they say in Beverly Shores: it’s not a party until tea is spilled- like the Boston tea party.

So shake the box and pick a name (click here to find who you got), no peeking :wink:

how it normally works

ok so technically its supposed to go one by one irp but obviously it’s not going to go like that, y’all just going to conversation with whoever you got, none of you are waiting for the next person, but maybe have little reactions to someone’s conversation here and there.

more: If you’re thanking someone or dissing them you have to say what you’re going to do, like for example, "Bev i’m going to have to diss you, or ‘i’m going to thank you,’ then let the conversation flow, characters can react however they want to the diss/thanks that another character gives them. Since it’s a one on one conversation (with the except of 3 characters who were put together) the other characters can also diss or thank the person llike for example

character 1 picks a name from the box (decide among yourself who character one will be)

character 1: I’m going to thank you, blah blah blah

Character 2: Aww that’s sweet blah blah blah but anyways i’m going to go in the direction of dissing you and blah blah

understood? any questions please don’t be afraid to ask and have fun

after this we will do a poll of best disses/thanks