Girl Problems 😬

I originally thought of this thread to be for discussing periods, but then again, we have a lot more problems then just periods. This thread can honestly be about our day to day life’s and our opinions on stuff. I would also ask that if you have any un-mentioned opinions to make a poll! I wanna hear everyone’s opinion.

Btw if there are any guys lurking around here, you’re welcomed to join in on a conversation and ask questions! I think it’s important for guys to be open to knowing stuff about girls/women and how we function. :joy:

So heres what I can think of right now that we can discuss:

Gender Barriers

If you do talk about this, make sure your argument is well thought out and valid, I love reading people’s opinions but if there ignorant and not logical, then I get pretty annoyed and lose some respect for them.


If you do talk about this, please use hide details and add a squeamish warning cause some people may not like to read about blood lol.

Gender Stereotypes

Annoying Comments

That’s what I have so far, but if you have any ideas on what we can talk about then post about it!



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No, don’t worry—I can’t delete threads :joy:

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Lol thanks! When ever you see a grammar mistake on my threads, don’t even ask just fix it if you want to


When people victimize victims of sexual violence. Annoying


Yeahh victimizing is never the right thing to do tbh, telling them it’s not there fault is what should
be said, not ‘Omg I feel so bad for you’



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My Indian family thinking a career is just going to be a phase because I’ll have kids and stay at home soon enough :grimacing:

I mean, sure! I want kids! But I’m gonna go back to work.


People don’t take me seriously when I say that I don’t want or like kids. They always say: “Your Young but eventually you will have them”
They also expect me to do choirs but my brothers can just play with their computer all day :roll_eyes:


Same. :no_mouth:

Okay, maybe I am young. But when my cousin who is older than me says that (or any other girl) there’s still the same response: “You’re gonna have them eventually, of course.”

Also, like my grandmother visited a few days ago. And apparently, according to her, the only benefit of education is to find a good husband. Like, she said it like if you get a good education and a good job and earn -insert a huge amount of money- you are gonna get proposals from wealthier families.

And that if I don’t learn to cook in the next two years, then no one is gonna marry me. Like, gee, that one scared me so much!

So apparently, all that I am learning and know is so that one day I can find a good match and get married and just :expressionless:


Same here. I don’t see the point of having kids tbh, also it’s not a personal attack. Just because we women don’t want kids doesn’t mean we’re horrible women.


I once spoke about it with a teacher and he said: “Well you’re just in a phase. when you’re around 30 you will have kids and just work at home”
I said what if I don’t want to?
his reply: “well do you want to marry a woman?”

I never spoke to him again unless it was when I needed to know something for that class I just felt so insulted. What does that have to do with me not wanting to have kids?


That’s insulting in so many different ways. Aren’t lesbian women allowed to want kids?


exactly I really couldn’t talk to him anymore it’s just so insulting I just grabbed my things and left. I really don’t wanna be in that class anymore but then who believes me that a teacher said that to me? no one they just defend him saying: “He didn’t mean it like that”

So I replied:
No? well explain it then because that is something he doesn’t do either?

then they just laugh at me and walk away…


Wow he sounds like a jerk.

Reminded me of my old driving instructor who told me to drive smooth as a baby’s bum. When I said that I have no clue on what a baby’s bum felt like she responded with, “You will when you have kids.” I lashed out big time!!


Why do people think they have the right to tell a woman she has to have kids? It’s unacceptable and has to change. The only person who should be making that decision is the woman herself. :purple_heart:


What annoys me is how much people think they have an opinion on a woman’s pregnancy- and shame her for not doing a specific thing on her pregnancy.


One of the biggest things that annoys me, is with sexual jokes. Like, I can’t even make a d*ck joke, but my brother can say whatever graphic humor he pleases. :roll_eyes:

And when I pointed that out, my parents simply just said:

“you can’t say that stuff in front of guys.”


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I aggreeeee omg, like your family should mention it once, and if your noticeably annoyed then they should know to stop asking.

Teachers need to mind there own business and just except that a female student doesn’t want kids, your not gonna be in there life forever and unless your in health class you shouldn’t even be discussing that stuff.