New Ideas Thread 2.0

Since there is an RP section in this forum, there might as well be a new ideas thread too. Essentially, this thread is here for your RP/SG ideas, so that you can see how many people are interested and whether you should even bother starting an RP/SG signup thread. It helps to decrease the number of signup threads that don’t even make it to the active RP/SG stage, and therefore reduces the clutter in the RP/SG section.

Here’s what the original maker of this thread said in her opening post:

Hello- if you’re an old user, this thread is very familiar to you already! If not, I’ll be pasting the old description I created for it below, and you can access thread archives here .

This thread is an idea I suggested on the Cleaning Up the RP/SG Subforum from the old forums. From now on, if you have a new idea for an SG/RP please post it here. This way, we’re freeing up space and it saves you the time of making a whole thread/GoogleForm if not a lot of people have interest in your idea.

If you’re just a regular RPer, I’d recommend subscribing to see new ideas that you may want to check out in the future. Interest doesn’t have to mean commitment necessarily.

To make this more efficient for everyone, I recommend (but don’t require) using the following samples as a format for posts- I’ll use ORPs to explain the format a bit better, and I’ve used stuff I’ve created to explain it.

SAMPLE 1 [The Arcana Wars RP]: Hey guys! So I had a new idea for a roleplay (ORP: Explicitly state whether it’s an SG, RP or whether you want to leave it up to the players). What would you think of a post-apocalyptic future where the only people left are the characters, and they don’t know it, but they all have unique abilities, and they’re destined to fight each other to the death until there’s one left, and that one gets immortality, until the next game in a couple hundred years? (ORP: Explain your idea/concept clearly. If you’ve already written a blurb, include that too) I’m looking for exactly 22 characters and thinking 1-2 per person (ORP: If you have a fixed number of characters you will accept, specify that) I’ll start it if I can get at least seven people interested (ORP: Include how many interest forms you want before you start). I’m not sure yet, but I think I want to start this at the end of February (ORP: Give a general start date if you can so people can plan around their busy lives). I hope you’re interested!

SAMPLE 2 (no ORPs) [The Homecoming Masquerade SG]: Hey guys! So I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a new SG! My idea is basically having a prestigious private school in the capitol of a made-up country run by vampires, called the Prestiged. Every year, this school holds a masquerade at Homecoming where girls are given the chance to be a Prestiged. A girl shows her interest in being Prestiged by showing up in a black dress, and one girl is selected to join- the rest are killed. I’m not sure how many characters I want- as many as I can get, but they’d all have to be girls. I’m planning on releasing forms as soon as I can get enough interest!

Please actually use this thread to gauge interest so we aren’t clogging up the SG/RP forums with threads for ideas that never get started. Definitely make signups separately if you get your desired amount of interest, but start here please! Also, feel free to post ideas that you like but may not start for a while.

So before you make a signup thread, post your idea for an RP/SG here and don’t forget to add a poll so you can see the number of people interested in your idea. There is no point in making a thread for signups for a new RP/SG if there is only one person interested (unless you’re planning on making it a 1x1 lol).

Since there seems to be some confusion about this thread, I’d like to make sure everyone is aware that this thread is supposed to be used for RP/SG ideas only. Please refrain from making comments about an idea—as these comments clog the thread—and instead, PM the person. If you like an idea, simply like and vote on ideas rather than replying. As well, this thread is not to be used as an advertisement thread for already existing RP/SGs; that thread already exists here.

Note that you don’t need to delete your idea post once you’ve made signups, 'cause then it’ll still be there for other users to see, and if they’re interested, they just have to search up your RP/SG, and bam another user interested in your idea. Besides, if everyone deleted their ideas after they made signups, this would be a pretty empty thread, don’t you think? I also want to say that if you do make your signups thread, don’t use the @/Rpers tag; the entire point of this thread is to see who’s interested in your idea, so that you don’t have to notify seventy+ people!

If your idea gets the wanted amount of interest and you create a signup thread, remember to tag @phnx or simply post it on their RP/SG Materlist thread so that they can add it to the hugee list they have there. Tag them as well or just post it on the thread once you start the actual RP/SG so TL_DR can update the list.

I’m not sure if it is still active, but if so, please add the start dates for your RPs to the RP calendar.

Thanks and happy RPing~!


ᖇEᑎEGᗩᗪEᔕ ᔕG


We were all villains in the beginning.
For hundreds of years, prodigies were feared by the rest of the world. We became hunted. Tormented. Feared and oppressed. We were believed to be witches and demons, freaks and abominations. We were stoned and hanged and set afire while crowds gathered to watch with cruel eyes, proud to be ridding the world of one more pariah.
They were right to be afraid.
Hundreds of years. Who would have stood for it?
Ace Anarchy changed everything. He united the most powerful prodigies he could find and together they rebelled.
He started with the infrastructure. Government buildings torn from their foundations. Bank and stock exchanges turned to rubble. Bridges ripped from the sky. Entire freeways reduced to rocky wastelands. When the military sent jets, he plucked him from the air like moths. When they sent tanks, he crushed them like aluminum cans.
Then he went after the people who had failed him. Failed all of them.
Whole governments, gone. Law enforcement, disbanded. Those fancy bureaucrats who had bought their way into power…all dead, and in a matter of weeks.
The Anarchists cared little for what would come next once the old world crumbled. They cared only for change, and they got it. Soon, a number of villain gangs began to crawl out from society’s ashes, each hungry for their own slice of power, and it wasn’t long before Ace Anarchy’s influence spread across the globe.
Prodigies banded together for the first time in history, some full of wrath and resentment, others desperate for acceptance that never came. They demanded fair treatment and human rights and protection under the law, and in some countries, the panicking governments hastened to cater to them.
But in other countries, the rebellions turned violent, and the violence dissolved into anarchy.
Chaos rose up to fill the void that civilized society had left behind. Trade and manufacturing ground to a halt. Civil wars erupted on every continent. Carlin City was largely cut off from the world, and the fear and distrust that prevailed would go onto rule for twenty years.
They call it the Age of Anarchy.
Looking back now, people talk about the Anarchists like they were the worst part of those twenty years, but they weren’t. Sure, everyone was terrified of them, but they mostly left you alone as long as you paid up when it was your due and didn’t cause them any trouble.
But the people. The
normal people. They were far worse. With no rule and no law, it became every man, woman, and child for themselves. There were no repercussions for crime or violence—no one to run to if you were beaten or robbed. No police. No prisons. Not legitimate ones, anyway. Neighbors stole from neighbors. Stores were looted and supplies were hoarded, leaving children to starve in the gutters. It became strong against the weak, and as it turned out, the strong were usually jerks.
Humanity loses faith in times like that. With no one to look up to, no one to believe in, we all became rats scourging in the sewers.
Maybe Ace really was a villain. Maybe he was a visionary.
Maybe there’s not much of a difference.
Either way, the gangs ruled Galton City for twenty years, while crime and vice spread like sewage around a backed up pipe. And the Age of Anarchy might have gone on for another twenty years. Fifty years. An eternity.
But then, seemingly overnight
… hope.
Bright and sparkling hope, dressed up in capes and masks.
Beautiful and joyous hope, promising to solve all your problems. rain justice down upon your foes, and probably give a stern talking to a few jaywalkers along the way.
Warm and promising hope encouraging the normal folk to stay inside where it was safe while they fixed everything. Don’t worry about helping yourselves, you’ve got enough on your plate—what, with all the hiding and moping you’ve been doing lately. You take a day off. We’re superheroes. We’ve got this.
Hope called themselves the Renegades

This is based off of the book, Renegades. The basic background will be the same, but I don’t want the same characters. This will be an SG because I feel that’s the only way I can actually…I don’t know, make this story fun and interactive without it going off the rails.

The plot

The plot for Renegades

The year is 2025, 5 years after the Battle of Gatlon. The world is slowly, but surely, recovering from Ace Anarchy’s rule.
The Renegades Trials are coming up and you, an inspiring Renegade, is trying out this year. You’re nervous, but you know this is your chance to show the world who you are. How powerful you are.
The opportunity of a lifetime.

The plot for Anarchists

The year is 2025, 5 years after the Battle at Gatlon. The world is slowly, but surely, recovering from Ace Anarchy’s rule. It’s sickening, seeing how many prodigies—hell, civilians look up to the Renegades.
The Renegades Trials are coming up, and you, a young Anarchist, plans to sabotage the event.

The general idea

So there are two groups, the Renegades and the Anarchists.
There will be hopefully ten people signed up for each side. ( it depends on how many actually sign up ).

There will be The Council, the main group of Renegades, some people who are already Renegades/Anarchists, and regular non-prodigies. ( All NPCs controlled by me ).

This story will unfold slowly as it goes on, but this is just a short post of my idea. There will obviously be more in the Official Thread.

Are you interested?

  • Yes, tag me.
  • Yes, don’t tag me.
  • Maybe, tag me.
  • Maybe, don’t tag me.
  • No.
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Thanks for reading this long *ss post!!


@C_ssie, @Sylas_Breik57,, @The-Queen-of-Kit-Kat, @sls.exe


Bumping this for whoever actually RPs on these forums


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În viitor (Future)

As everyone predicted and hoped in the 29th-century technological advances have finally been made. Most of these advances involve nano-technology and VR systems but they all very well have made the world what it is today. The government system is still very much the same and the economy is thriving. Shockingly our financial system has changed ever so slightly – once more things are cheaper 100 bucks seems like 100 grand to most. And you can even purchase houses for 100 bucks!

Most of the world is able to use the nano-technology to change their appearances or help their memories but some people are incapable of using the nano-technology because their immune system rejects them, these people are called ciudățenies or oddities in English.

Honestly, this is a half-baked semi idiotic idea but since we have a small roleplay section I figured I could go with it!

Heres the premise -

  • The money would actually be a huge role in the roleplay, your character(s) would have a random amount of funds I give them based on their chosen career. Money can either be taken away or given.
  • Your character(s) must have a job otherwise they will have no money and most likely will be living in the streets (unless their a student or child)
  • The RP will focus around just general life and futuristic aspects
  • You know what, sounds interesting enough tag me!
  • Not my thing sorry dont tag me.
  • Maybe tag me
  • Maybe dont tag me

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I normally don't do this

Since there is a small rp community on this site so far I decided to tag some people that I know for sure roleplay in case they dont have this thread on watching or anything.


I also decided to tag some people who enjoy writing because roleplaying is basically writing with other people but slightly more restrictive or guided. If you didn’t want to be tagged my bad, don’t kill me!

@ThatRandomCaraPerson - I wasn’t sure where to tag you so…
@ShanniiWrites - Im not sure if roleplaying is something you’re interested in at all, but I do know you like and enjoy writing and character creating so I figured better safe than sorry. :thinking:

Please note on a regular basis where there is a more active and fuller roleplaying community I would never tag anyone on this type of thread but because most people either do not have this thread on watching or don’t know about this thread I figured tagging certain people who might be interested would be smart.


Oh my god- I would love to do this!


It sounds interesting! I’ve never roleplayed before, but I’d love to give it a shot


I’ll definitely sign up!


Can we start this already, please? :ok_woman:


Hey everyone!
If you know me from the Episode forums, you probably know I always create Sci-Fi RolePlays with huge plot twists. And, well, I decided I need a more easy-going and relaxed RP for now (and I’m super bored during summer break). On the Episode forums I ran across Are You the One? and got kinda mad I didn’t join, and got another idea different to that. So, here we go:

The Romance RP
Basically, it would be kind of a recreation of Are You the One?. All credit goes to kitty4322 on the Episode forums. The light ceremony and that the creator makes matches are completely taken from there, everything else is inspired by it and I came up with it. I hope this doesn’t violate any copyrights or anything! Again, all credit to kitty4322!
First day (Monday) the participants would socialize and get to know each other. The second (Tuesday) day, the challenges would begin. On fifth day(Friday) morning, the last challenge would take place. On fifth day (Friday) afternoon, the two people with most points from the challenges would go on a date, meanwhile the others would socialize. On sixth day (Saturday) each person would write an anonymous love letter to the person they connected the most with. On seventh day (Sunday), half of the people with most point from the challenges (in the same order) would choose who they want to sit with at the light ceremony. At each light ceremony, every light turned on would resemble a perfect match sitting together. When all the lights are turned on, all the participants get a prize - different for each couple. The prizes stay secrets for now!
A day in real life would resemble half (about) half a day in RP. That means, the day we begin is the forenoon of first thay, the next day is the afternoon of the first day. We might time skip a bit, because I’d like this to end before school starts, as it will be a very busy year for me! I’m not sure if I want to label days as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, because it may be confusing. I’ll consider that.
Every person would create an even amount of characters - half male, half female. I want to keep the ratio the same. We’d probably only have 20 characters, 10 each gender. It’d be a lot easier if we chose only one sexuality for all characters, but that would be a bit discriminating, so I’m not sure. Basically, it’d take me a lot more effort if we had different sexualities, so I’ll just put a poll for now.

  • I’m interested, tag me!
  • I’m interested, reserve!
  • I’m interested!
  • I may be interested, tag me.
  • I may be interested, reserve.
  • I may be interested.
  • I’m not interested.
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I’ll need about 10 people interested as I won’t play a participant, that’d be unfair.

  • Bi/Pan
  • Hetero
  • Homo
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The Mystery RP/SG
This story is happening in a small town, full of secrets. People are disappearing and getting threatened, and no one knows who’s behind all of it. The people of Smallton need to step together to confront the evil that’s spread amongst their once lovely residence.
This isn’t gonna be a serious story, I just wanted to create something mysterious with characters needing to find someone, something. But, again, this is a relaxed story, so you won’t need to think much when RPing.

  • I’m interested, tag me!
  • I’m interested, reserve!
  • I’m interested!
  • I may be interested, tag me.
  • I may be interested, reserve.
  • I may be interested.
  • I’m not interested.
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The first one is A LOT better and I’d much rather do that one :joy:


Um. Hi. Credit go to Sillycupcake on the orginal thread. I asked her and she said it was okay to use her roleplay.

Imma just tag some lovely friends:

I'm a shameless Celestial


No one knows exactly what caused it, and hence didn’t know what to do about it. Babies had started being born, first looking normal before eventually growing leaves and vines from their skin. This Plant-Human Mutants were first, relatively accepted into society. Until Victor Thorn, a Rose Mutant, went rogue and murdered hundreds of humans. Now all Plant-Mutants are outcasted and pronounced dangerous. The Extermination act was passed in November 18, 2943, a little over a week ago. This act said that all Plants were to be destroyed.

You are one of these Plant mutants who have luckily found your way to a relatively safe hideout with many other Plants like you. You need to try to survive this dreaded extermination, perhaps try to convince the humans you aren’t as bad as they think while battling through all the other drama that comes from being a mutant-plant-humanoid.

Hello again! So I know I just barely pitched an RP idea recently, but I got this idea and I think it will work much better as an RP, but I guess we’ll see what you think. This was inspired by a roleplay that @TheBluGeek hosted on the old forms that was really fun, and an idea she mentioned in passing that I also really loved.

For this roleplay there will be a lot more open slots and each person can be a different plant mutant (Such as a fruit, a flower, vegetable etc.) with different abilities (that I’ll assigned out after signups)

So whaddya think? You interesting in joining?

Legit C+Paste. Anywho:

  • I’m In - Tag
  • No. -No tag
  • Maybe, but only bc you’re pitching the idea - tag
  • Maybe, but I’ll find it on my own - No tag
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You wanna play as humans?

  • Yes
  • No
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  • Short Age Range? (16-26)
  • Long Age Range? (26-500)
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Welcome to the 75th annual Hunger Games!

There will be 24 contestants, 23 will die. In the end, we will have only 1 winner. In this dangerous game of wits, endurance, survival, and strength, will you come out on top?

So hello everyone! This will be a SG or RP/SG ( vote below ) based off The Hunger Games. Basically there will be 24 players ( each person can have at least 2 characters, but each has to be in a different district ). Each district
has different industries.

District 1: Luxury
District 2: Masonry
District 3: Technology
District 4: Fishing
District 5: Power
District 6: Transportation
District 7: Lumber
District 8: Textiles
District 9: Grain
District 10: Livestock
District 11: Agriculture
District 12: Mining

Depending on what District your character is in, they will be more or less prepared for The Hunger Games. I do not want any Mary Sues. These characters will be OG characters, no characters from the actual books/movies.

The thing is, I will be using the Hunger Games simulator to find the winner. I’ll try to push your characters towards the right direction. Whether that be towards their deaths, or to winning, you won’t know. If I kill off one of your characters in the very beginning, I’ll try to keep your other character alive a little longer.

There will be more information in the actual sign up thread. Will you be interested?

  • Yes, tag me.
  • Maybe, tag me.
  • Maybe, don’t tag me.
  • No, don’t tag me.

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Should this be an SG or RP/SG?

  • SG
  • RP/SG

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I might need some help with it. At least one other person.

  • I might like to help.
  • I would like to help.
  • I would not like to help.

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Neighborhoods Of Waeldestone||Fantasy and Realistic!

Inspired by: Suburbia
In a small city called Waeldestone, the neighborhoods are split by the richest to the poorest. The poorest are small apartments, you wouldn’t even notice your in a poor neighborhood. The middle of all neighborhoods in Waeldestone, is Bayside, close by a small beach in Waeldestone, lots of drama come from here.

The richest of all 2 neighborhoods is called Cluwiomag Hills. They have big houses, and there are rumors that vampires live here, and only a couple people can prove it right.

Can you find out that there are mysterious creatures?

  • Interested! Tag me, and reserve
  • Interested, don’t tag
  • I’ll help!
  • Maybe…don’t tag
  • Maybe, tag
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Also, if this is plagarism please tell me, like the part about the neighborhoods are in Suburbia, and I feel guilty making this :tired_face:


The Disappearing Act

The world is a quickly changing place in the day and age. Though things seem to be more peaceful, and ‘normal’ than ever.

Then it all changed. At exactly 3:14 P.M., July 24th, millions disappeared. Leaving what seemed to be that of teenagers/young adults on Earth. All those younger than Sixteen, and older than twenty-four were gone without a trace. The world is open now, free. As if most all of it’s activity suddenly disappeared. And that peace that was so loved and coveted for so long is now nowhere to be found. A trace of the past.

Not only have family, friends and loved ones gone away, but those that have remained are changing as well. Some of them have gained…special abilities. Things only seen in comics before that time.

Relationships are rebuilt and tested. While others are forced to take action in the immediate shift of balance. Little do they know that this recovery may be the least of their worries. While centered in the town if Leroy, Colorado, they seem to be at the center of it all.

Are you interested?

  • Yes, tag me.
  • Yes, don’t tag me.
  • Maybe, tag me.
  • Maybe, don’t tag me.
  • No.

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Oof yes I was searching for this

It’s the year 1984 and the people town of crinsville are living and feeling happily by playing outside, and visiting the most popular park of the town. That is until one day, a mysterious orb suddenly appears from the sky and roams throughout the town. Not only that orb roams around but it also takes over the souls of a person. Whenever the orb takes over the body, it would do anything it from committing a crime to summoning a demon or other horrible creatures. Ever since the orb came, everyone lives in fear and keeps on a lookout on his or her surroundings.

Would there be any way to stop it and bring back the town to normal?

  • Yes I’m interested! {Tag me}
  • Maybe {Tag me}
  • Probably {Don’t tag me}
  • No I’m not interested {Don’t tag me}

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And the premise of this roleplay would be to uncover the secrets and truths of their world.

Are you interested?

  • Tag me (I’m interested/I have questions)
  • Don’t tag me
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I did this RP on another forums and it didn’t go too well so…

I might try it again.

The Coronation!

Basically there is one prince and quite a few Princesses/Ladys and Princes/Lords lines up to win his hand.

This RP is a bit like the selection series if any of you have heard of/read it.

This is just an idea and I’m completely open to any input or ideas people have to help make this idea better and hopefully make this RP run more smoothly than last time…

If you have any ideas or suggestions or questions, feel free to PM me or @RainyDay!

  • Might be okay.
  • I don’t really like all that royalty drama stuff.
  • Can I give you some suggestions?
  • More information please!

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The Quantum Watch || Action/Fantasy SG And RP

Superheroes have been around since the beginning of time. Usually, fulfilling our joy in movies or TV shows. It inspired many people to dream big. People would go to conventions dressed as their favorite superhero. You got the common ones; Flash, Supergirl, Superman, Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Batman. Rest In Peace Tony and Natasha. But, there’s a whole world of people who would stop at nothing to protect the ones we love, to protect our friends, our family. And people we don’t even know or acknowledge. We live in a world- no- universe where there are people who want to tear up our lives. And what do we do? We sit and we watch. While you have, people speeding around the Earth going over Mach 2. You have aliens with x-ray vision. You have somebody who can walk on walls. Then… you have yourself. Just another Average Joe- a little dot in the universe. I don’t want to be an Average Joe. I want to make a difference and change reality. It’s not about who your heroes are, it’s what hero you will become. Miles Morales was just a young boy who took Spider-Man’s place. No… not place. Who carried on his legacy. Katie Cassidy was hit by dark matter. She carried on the Black Canary’s legacy. Kuasa, who after generations was the new Protector of Zambesi. She took the totem and protected her village, and did good in the world - after history was altered. We need more people like them in this cruel dark world. Or should I say… worlds. My name is Lilith Evergreen and I am Amethyst. It’s time for me to build my own team. Because… There’s something coming. And the universe will need more superheroes than me to protect it.

Huge thanks to @firefly for helping me with the plot.

Those who have reserved on Episode Forums, should already have their character(s) in the FC’s

  • Sounds Cool (Tag Me and Reserve)
  • Sounds Interesting (Tag Me)
  • Hmm… maybe (Tag Me)
  • Let Me Think About It (Don’t Tag Me)
  • Not My Cup of Tea (Don’t Tag Me)

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@ForumStaff, could this thread be pinned, please? The New Ideas Thread is an important organization tool to the RP/SG community, especially as this section begins to attract more attention. Pinning this thread would make it easily accessible to everyone who wants to share and develop their ideas, gather interest, confirm their ideas aren’t a duplicate of another’s, and seek new RP/SGs to join. Thank you!


Sounds like a good idea to me!