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Hello my fellow queers! I’m Ouija, and here is a safe place to ask me advice on anything queer. I’ll try my best to answer to the best of my ability. I may make this into a advice blog later on Blogger, but for now, I’m here.


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Is this just gay advice specifically or anything LGBT related?

Anything LGBTQ+. Mainly an advice column, but anything goes. I’m just happy someone finally responded.

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So I have this friend who cane out as gender fluid late last year. They want to be called, let’s say, Comet now as well as using they/then pronouns. I have known them since I was in grade 4, so like a long time lmao but the issue is this. Their birth name, let’s say, is Samantha, and I have a problem with calling people any other name than I’m introduced to do them as. So when’s I first met them, I was told their name was Samantha, so that’s what I’d always refer to them as. However, she didn’t like the name Samantha, she always wanted me to call her Sam or Sammy, but I literally couldn’t, like she would get so pissed at me for calling her Samantha but I cannot call most people nicknames and I’d done it for so long it was all I knew, practically.

Anyway, so she came out as they last year, and now they want to be called Comet. I have problems calling people nicknames, so I bet you can imagine that is very hard for me to flip an entire name, especially when they don’t start with the same first letter. It also worsens because they’re still closested, so whenever I want to talk to my parents about them, I have to refer to them as Samantha, which further hinders any progress I made in addressing them with the real name. Also, I’ve been trying to use they/them but it still isn’t very natural to my lips, I’m not used to it, and I’ve accidentally misgendered them and their other friend (even after they told me they were genderfluid—I recall really liking their birth name so that was probably the issue).

So I guess my question is how do I get their new name to stick firmly in my head so that I start saying that name when I see them? And how do I get used to using the they/them pronouns?

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Well, unfortunately, I’ve never had that problem. I have trans and non binary friend and haven’t had a problem switching names an pronouns. My advice to you is to just do your best with remembering and apologizing when you get it wrong.

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Anyone else? Please?

write it on the chalk board 15 times

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yes because I just carry around a little chalk board in my bag to write on like it’s the 1800s
Also they changed it again, just when I was starting to get ahold of it



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okay the first time it was ur fault but make up ur mind buddy

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sakdda lmao
I just wish they’d decide and then tell me what the hell to call them so I can work on always calling them thatt

maybe juan day

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