The Username Scenario Game

So this is an interesting game, as it’s based on those tag spam things that have been going around Facebook for years. They’re both funny and annoying at the same time. Though I thought that’d be heaps of fun here and it’ll generate a funny discussion.

So how does it work?

Each week I’ll post a new scenario for you to tag who’d be on your list and leave you all to talk about it over the week. Each scenario will have this basic setup:

If you were in this situation who would be in each role…
Person A: …
Person B: …
Person C: …
Person D: …

BUT you don’t just name anyone you want, no, you MUST use your mentions list. Work down that list from the latest to the oldest, naming a different person for each role even if you have been tagged by the same person more than once.

For Example:

You can find this under your notifications on your page.

So if you look at mine, despite Wolfie being on there twice, it’d be…

Person A: Wolfie
Person B: Skyler
Person C: Sarcastic_badass
Person D: Unsungcheerio

However, if you haven’t had enough tags… and ONLY if you haven’t had enough, then use your normal notifications. So each different person who shows up in your notifications, latest to oldest.

For Example:

Here’s mine.

Person A: Ethereal
Person B: Bpalmer
Person C: CerealKiller
Person D: Tina.G

So here’s a list of the scenarios so far…

Week one: The Seven Dwarfs
Week two: Harry Potter Team
Week three: Road Trip
Week four: Zombie Apocalypse Team
Week five: On a Rollercoaster
Week six: The Yellow-Brick Road
Week seven: Zoo Trip
Week eight: Deserted Island
Week nine: Nursing Home Friends
Week ten: Disney Princess Film
Week eleven: Horror Film
Week twelve: The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
Week thirteen: Halloween Costume Party
Week fourteen: Mall Time
Week fifteen: Thanking ‘best’ friends
Week sixteen: Camping Trip
Week seventeen: Horror Movie Night
Week eighteen: Beach Day
Week nineteen: The Mystery Gang
Week twenty: Valentine’s
Week twenty-one: High School Drama
Week twenty-two: Psychiatric Hospital
Week twenty-three: Are you a chav/bogan/redneck?
Week twenty-four: A Serial Killer
Week twenty-five: Bear Attack
Week twenty-six: The Justice League
Week twenty-seven: Basketball Ball
Week twenty-eight: Superhero Team
Week twenty-nine: Your Band
Week thirty: Judge’s Courtroom
Week thirty-one: Haunted House
Week thirty-two: Kindergarten
Week thirty-three: RPG campaign
Week thirty-four: Wedding Day
Week thirty-five: Pokémon Trainer
Week thirty-six: Crime Drama
Week thirty-seven: Cast of Friends
Week thirty-eight: TBA
Week thirty-nine: TBA


Who are your Seven Dwarfs?

  • Sneezy:
  • Sleepy:
  • Dopey:
  • Doc:
  • Happy:
  • Bashful:
  • Grumpy:

First off, honored to be on that first list-


Omg wowowowow I feel so special and also surprised :relieved: I will gladly grumpily accept this


Accurate as I tend to lurk and i’m ‘romantic’


Omg wowowowo I do be everyone’s grumpy :relieved: very here for it

does this mean orchid is my daughter


Lol spot on basically.

Eh yeah, horrible allergies.


HEHEHE! I really should sleep more. HAHA.

Hmm… I feel that’d be annoyingly painful after a while. HA.

I should do this too, shouldn’t I? HAHA

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Alright, here’s goes mine…


If you force me awake at an ungodly time which turns me into dopey and anger together.

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I’ll give it a try.


Bahahaha! Ok then.

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Lol you put a 4 instead!

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Dammit, I always forget the number!

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Lol, it’s okay! It made me laugh! :rofl:

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Lol this game is great because lots of people get tagged lol.


Yeah, lol


Where’s the seventh?

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