Ismeina & Nathael’s Adventure RP

Ismeina Falaise and Nathael Lynnlake are the “heroes” of the story and are hired to basically stop an impending war, not that they know this… yet. Ismeina and Nathael are hired-adventurers, known only for the tasks they do and not for who they were before this chosen career path. They soon receive this “mission” or “quest” and undergo many challenges in order to complete it. Something is missing or was it stolen and they have to get it back in time before war breaks out. @OhSumana and @idiot.exe choose the path for Ismeina and Nathael, as well as their weapons, clothing, and even how they interact and battle. Will they be successful or die trying?

Sumana and Spoon’s characters’ FCs!

Additional info:

Skill, Stamina, Luck

You will give a score for each one, but they change constantly during the adventure. However, totals may never exceed your initial scores, except on rare occasions.

This score reflects how well you can fight and use a weapon. This is the only score that can stay relatively unaffected.

This score reflects your well-being, your determination and overall fitness. When a stamina score reaches zero, the result is death.

This score reflects how lucky you are. You can use luck at various times. In battle or in other situations, but be aware that you can be lucky or unlucky. If you are lucky, great, but if you are unlucky then the results can disastrous. When using luck in battles, you can use it to inflict a more serious wound on the creature you have wounded or to minimise the effects of a wound inflicted on you.

I will be making sure luck fair when you use it and be rolling dice to determine the outcome. If you have a higher luck score, the higher your chance to be lucky! Though each time you test your luck, you will subtract on point from your score.


You will often come across creatures on your travels. Some may be friendly and others may not. At times, you may be given the option of either being sneaky or to flee. Although, if not, or if you choose not to, you will battle the creature.

During a battle, you will be given the creature’s stamina and skill score. Depending on your attacks, movement, and other choices, will depend on the damage you cause and how much is caused to you. Getting damaged will make your stamina (and possibly skill) level to decrease, meaning you will be weaker in the battle unless you manage to restore it. You may have to fight more than one monster at a time, but you will be told how to deal with it when it happens.

If you decide to flee during a battle, then it should be noted that the creature automatically gets one wound on you.

Equipment & Potions

You will start with the bare minimum of equipment, but you can find or buy more during your travels. You are armed with two weapons of choice and your own choice of dress. You will have a backpack for your Provisions and any treasures you come across.

In addition, you may take one bottle of magic potion to help aid you in your quest. These can be taken at any time during the quest, except when engaged in battle. Each potion may only be used once.

Here are the choices:
A potion of skill - restores your skill points
A potion of strength - restores your stamina points
A potion of fortune - restores your luck points and adds one to your initial score.

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In a quieter, more rundown, suburb of the city was two semi-attached units. What looked like two tiny houses conjoined, with a very small lawn/garden out front (just a few metres to the road) and an even smaller one out the back. Basically only a concrete path with a small clothesline attached to the back fence. A wall separated the one-bedroom units and a fence separated their outside spaces.

It was early evening and Ismeina was returning home. They pulled her bike into the driveway on the left side of the left unit. The garage door was still open and they cut the engine once the bike was inside. Dismounting and removing their helmet, they pulled out their books and various study materials for the essay they had to write, then left, pulling the garage door down behind them. As the garage had to internal access to the house and they walked to the door and opened it. Once inside, after shutting the door behind her, they flicked on the light, feeling some kind of post-it stuck to the switch. It was yellow and on it was “Ismeina, you’ll be joining Nathael. 6am. Black Sedan. Pack.” While reading it, they had a soundtrack of moans and gratitude to a deity through the wall. They signed and banged on the wall to tell her neighbour to quieten down.

Nathael was home this evening, surprisingly, and was home alone despite the noise he was making. He had heard the bike returning home and his neighbour shutting the door and thought he’d have a laugh. Nathael moaned and groaned loudly next to their shared wall. An “Oh, God,” and “Thank you, Lord” escaped his lips before he heard the banging on the wall. He chuckled to himself, thinking that if only they had been home a few hours ago, then they would have possibly heard the real thing. As Jerrod had been over. They weren’t dating and Nathael didn’t know if he wanted him to be, but he enjoyed messing with his neighbour whenever he had the opportunity. He went to the fridge for a drink, but before opening it, he saw a yellow post-it stuck to it. It read “Nathael, you’ll be joining Ismeina. 6am. Black Sedan. Pack.”

They would need to pack what they needed, making sure each backpack wasn’t too heavy on their back. They would carry their weapons, along with the clothing they were each going to wearing. But what goes inside each pack?

  • One change of clothes
  • Some kind of bottled drink
  • 5 items of food
  • Their potions
  • Something that can be used a blanket (a blanket is fine)
  • And two smaller items each of their choosing

Once Ismeina and Nathael (and @passionfruit and @idiot.exe) choose what to put in their packs, they must go out to the waiting car that next morning.



Ismeina returned home on their bike and walked into the house. They entered their house and went to turn on the lights. A small, yellow sticky note was stuck on top of the switch with a cryptic message. They weren’t entirely sure about what was going to happen, but they were convinced that there wasn’t really a choice to be made. They knew that they would have to pack for tomorrow and would need to be prepared for what was going to happen. While they were trying to think about what to pack, they got distracted from loud noises from the other side of the wall. “Hey, do you mind keeping it down over there?” Ismeina shouted through the wall, hoping to get their neighbor to be quiet. They were not looking forward to having to work together, but there wasn’t really time to complain.

Ismeina collected themselves and went to grab a backpack. They grabbed a set of spare clothes and a water bottle and shoved them into their pack. They quickly grabbed some food and a blanket that they could roll up to be quite small and worked on making sure that they had everything to survive the next night. They quickly grabbed a deck of cards and some matches to start a fire with, just in case they would need to start a fire.

After packing what they thought was important, Ismeina chose to forget about the paper that they had been assigned. After all, if they were going to be leaving tomorrow morning, there was no reason for them to study. Whatever the teacher wanted was insignificant and wasn’t worth worrying about. Something was about to happen, and Ismeina got the feeling that an essay would soon be the least of their worries.




Nathael always loved messing with Ismeina, and their responses to that always made it fun for him. He was going to the fridge to get a drink, when a yellow sticky note caught his eye. He didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it was probably Ismeina leaving a note. Perhaps they had enough of his behavior already. He laughed at that, then proceeded to open the fridge and grab a can of soda. After shutting the fridge, he picked up the sticky note…

“Nathael, you’ll be joining Ismeina. 6am. Black Sedan. Pack.”

“Well that’s straightforward.” - he laughed as he tossed the note on the ground. “…I can’t believe I have to wake up before 6am. Guess I’m not sleeping tonight.”

Being a hired adventurer, he expected a mission to arrive soon. He didn’t bother much with it, and decided to leave the packing for the next day. In the meantime, he was curious about what Ismeina thought of this mission. He took the soda can in one hand and headed out the door. When he arrived at Ismeina’s door, he rang the bell a bunch of times, making sure that they hear him.

But then, while waiting for them to open the door, Nathael thought of another way to mess with his neighbor. He shook the soda can, then decided to ask them to open it for him. He started laughing to himself, loud enough that Ismeina would probably hear him from the inside.

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Shortly after they’d finished packing, Ismeina was talking a break and preparing to make a sort of nice dinner for themselves, as this could be the last decent food that they’d have in a while. Although they liked hunting their own food and eating that, there was no way they weren’t going to take advantage of still being able to buy stuff and flavor food. Ismeina’s kitchen didn’t have too much food in it, but it would certainly be a waste if they just abandoned it. They certainly weren’t bringing it along, so their final meal was going to try to use up that food. They really weren’t a great cook, but they were certainly determined to make something nice.

As they were pulling out and prepping their first ingredients, Ismeina heard their doorbell ring. From the persistent ringing noises, they guessed that their neighbor Nathael was the person responsible. Of all the people to get stuck with, Ismeina was not looking forward to Nathael joining them. The two of them just didn’t really get along, as they had very different interests. Ismeina walked out of the kitchen and took off their apron, heading for the door. Although they heard Nathael chuckle behind the door, they weren’t sure what he was laughing at. That idiot’s probably just laughing because of how many times he rang that damn doorbell. They walked up to the door and opened it abruptly. “What do you want this time, Nathael?”

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Nathael’s laughing was interrupted by the door suddenly opening. He jumped a bit, surprised. He didn’t expect Ismeina to open the door so soon. "What do you want this time, Nathael?” they questioned, seemingly annoyed. Nathael was so kindly greeted by his next door neighbor. He smirked, it seemed his behavior managed to get on their nerves again.

“I just wanted to say hi to my dearest friend! Why so angry?”

He then remembered the soda can in his hand, the one he was planning to use to mess with Ismeina. Although he didn’t really feel like sacrificing it, everything was worth it for a prank. “Can I ask you a favor?” he added.

@passionfruit ~ it’s okay, he’ll still forgive his bestie even if they get a restraining order on him :star_struck:



Nathael was clearly a bit startled by Ismeina opening the door, although Ismeina wasn’t sure what was so surprising about the door being opened. He had already been able to ring the doorbell enough to be annoying, and Ismeina hadn’t even been super close to the door. They could already tell that this was going to be a long adventure.

“I just wanted to say hi to my dearest friend! Why so angry?”

“Do you really have no closer friends than me? That’s just sad.” Ismeina had already heard the loud noises through the wall earlier and figured that they weren’t Nathael’s favorite person. “What about the guy you had over earlier?” Ismeina was mostly talking to themselves, figuring that picking a fight over that would be largely pointless.

“Can I ask you a favor?” Ismeina wasn’t sure what exactly Nathael was going to ask them for, but their experience with Nathael did not reassure them that it would be something fun. However, doing whatever Nathael wanted was going to be important in getting him away as quickly as possible.

“Uh, sure. What is it?” Ismeina raised an eyebrow and looked curiously at Nathael.

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“Do you really have no closer friends than me? That’s just sad.” remarked Ismeina. Although Nathael should’ve been offended by this, he just started laughing. “Pfft, of course I do! I just said that so you’d feel less lonely!” he responded.

“What about the guy you had over earlier?” they asked Nathael. “Oh, him? I can’t believe you don’t know… um…” he paused. Did he literally just forget his name? Oh well, nobody had time to remember the names of people you’d never see again. “But enough about me, what about you? Did you marry your schoolwork yet?” he joked, then continuing to go them on and on about useless stuff. It seemed he didn’t know how to shut up.

Surprisingly, Ismeina agreed to help Nathael. They raised an eyebrow, looking at him curiously. Nathael then pulled out the soda can in front of them, “Can you open this for me? I know it’s childish, but I swear it’s sealed shut!” he said, trying to hold back a laugh.

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Ismeina grabbed the soda can from out of Nathael’s hands and quickly glanced at him. Surely opening a soda can was something that even he could do, but there wasn’t a whole lot that they could do to get Nathael to leave them alone without helping out. Reluctantly, Ismeina went to open the can which, perhaps unsurprisingly, sprayed the soda all over them. “What the hell?” Ismeina’s face flushed with anger as she felt the soda dripping down her face and arms. They’d have to take a shower to stop their hair from becoming too sticky. “Did you know that was going to happen?” Ismeina scowled at Nathael and handed him back the drink, which was noticeably lighter than it had been when it had been handed to them. “Ugh, whatever. Anything else to bother me with or can I go wash your drink off of me?” Ismeina crossed their arms and looked at Nathael aggressively.

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Ismeina glanced at Nathael with the can in their hand, and Nathael desperately tried to keep a serious face. Although that was a fail, since he still had a small smirk on his face. Luckily, Ismeina still tried to open the can, spraying soda all over themselves. Nathael burst out in laughter, perhaps making himself even more suspicious.

“Did you know that was going to happen?” they exclaimed, visibly furious. Nathael just smirked, “No!” he laughed, grabbing the can out of their hand. “But you know anger can cause you wrinkles, right?” he mocked them. “Just saying.”

“Ugh, whatever. Anything else to bother me with or can I go wash your drink off of me?” they crossed their arms, looking at him filled with rage. Nathael didn’t seem to be affected by this, he actually enjoyed seeing people get angry at him. He paused for a moment to think about why he initially came here, then replied. “Oh yeah, I came here to talk to you about a sticky note. It says we need meet tomorrow at some place. I forgot. You’ll remind me though, right?”

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Nathael’s laughter certainly didn’t make him seem any more innocent to Ismeina. He made some rude comments, which Ismeina certainly wasn’t going to ignore. “Maybe if I never had to see your f*cking face around here my face would be perfectly smooth.” It was going to be so hard for them to work together. “Just leave me alone for one day, is that so hard? I can’t believe I had to get paired up with you to do this.” Ismeina frowned at Nathael but stopped talking.

After a brief pause in the conversation, Nathael spoke up again. “Oh yeah, I came here to talk to you about a sticky note. It says we need meet tomorrow at some place. I forgot. You’ll remind me though, right?” They couldn’t believe that Nathael couldn’t remember something so simple. After looking incredulously at Nathael for a second, Ismeina shook her head slightly with disappointment and sighed.

“Fine. I’ll make sure to get you up bright and early.” She put her hands on her hips and looked once more at Nathael. Hopefully that would be everything that he came here for, and Ismeina could just go inside and relax. They certainly weren’t enjoying this conversation and would rather resume their cooking and get all of the soda out of their hair before it became too sticky. Something nice and peaceful to end the night would be much preferable to standing out here arguing with Nathael.

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“Maybe if I never had to see your f-cking face around here my face would be perfectly smooth.” Ismeina remarked. Nathael couldn’t help but laugh again, he didn’t really seem bothered by their insults. “Oh come on! Cheer up for once!” he exclaimed. Nathael didn’t understand why Ismeina was so bothered by him, he didn’t think he was causing much harm.

“Just leave me alone for one day, is that so hard? I can’t believe I had to get paired up with you to do this.” they added. “Oh, I get it. You need time to prepare!” he replied. “I can’t believe we got paired either. This is gonna be so fun!” he smirked. Although he would’ve preferred to be paired with someone less… stuck up, he still looked on the bright side and the opportunity to annoy his neighbor once again.

“Fine. I’ll make sure to get you up bright and early.” Ismeina sighed. “Thanks, Is!” he smiled. “I expect you to pack my stuff too. I’m gonna be going out with a friend for the night, so I’m too busy.” he replied. He didn’t really have any plans, so he picked up his phone, texting… Jason? Joshua? William to hang out. He didn’t feel up to packing and would rather have Ismeina do all the work. Considering they want the job done well, they’d probably do it for him.

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How on Earth one person could get on their nerves so much, Ismeina would never quite understand. Living next to Nathael had just slowly been driving them crazy over these past months. “Oh come on! Cheer up for once!” Ismeina sarcastically smiled at Nathael, mocking his comment about cheering up. Would it be so hard for him to leave?

His next comment completely confused Ismeina. “Oh, I get it. You need time to prepare! I can’t believe we got paired either. This is gonna be so fun!” Was he actually looking forward to this? They would never get along, which Ismeina was sure would ruin the entire trip. But after offering to make sure he woke up in the morning, Nathael decided to push further. “Thanks, Is! I expect you to pack my stuff too. I’m gonna be going out with a friend for the night, so I’m too busy.” He had pulled out his phone to text someone, but Ismeina wasn’t quite sure who. However, clearly Nathael was trying to pin his own work on them.

Ismeina looked angrily at Nathael. Although he’d certainly been annoying before, this irritated her more than getting a faceful of soda earlier. “Can you not do the most basic things yourself?” Her voice started getting louder as she continued talking. “No! Of course I’m not going to pack up your stuff for you, we’re going to have to work together, and you are going to do your part. You know what’ll happen if you’re not prepared tomorrow. Whatever stupid social event you have planned, you’re going to have to cancel it. Stop being so immature and just get it done.”

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Ismeina looked really angry now, their voice getting louder with each sentence. “Can you not do the most basic things yourself?" they remarked. Was that a geniune question? Nathael felt a bit offended by this, though they weren’t wrong. But before he could reply, Ismeina continued on with their rant.

Nathael sighed, disappointed at the fact that he had to do all the work himself for once. Although packing wasn’t at all hard, he’d rather have someone else do all the work for him. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t gonna happen today.

“Okay, fine! I’ll pack my own stuff!” he sighed. “No need to get so worked up over this. You really need to chill, Is.” He then pulled up his phone, deleting the text he sent earlier. Luckily it wasn’t seen yet. “Okay then, see you tomorrow.” he replied, putting the phone back in his pocket.

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Nathael finally started to back down. “Okay, fine! I’ll pack my own stuff! No need to get so worked up over this. You really need to chill, Is.” Ismeina was glad that they would finally be granted some time to be on their own. Nathael put his phone in his pocket and was clearly getting ready to leave. Ismeina was glad that he could actually be reasoned with and that they wouldn’t have to spend their time packing up Nathael’s stuff for him.

Ismeina took a second to calm themselves down, as the conversation had aggravated them quite a bit. “Good evening, Nathael. And good luck with your packing.” With that, they started to head back inside and closed their door.

Ismeina ran over to their stove to make sure that none of the food they had started cooking had burned. Thankfully nothing seemed to have been ruined while they were talking to Nathael, which they were happy about. They started cooking the rest of their food in their oven and started a timer to make sure they would hear when it was done. Ismeina quickly ran over to their shower and started running some moderately warm water. They quickly worked on rinsing out their hair to make sure that all of the soda that had gotten on it earlier was gone. After their shower, they relaxed for a bit and enjoyed the dinner that they had prepared for themselves.

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“Good evening, Nathael. And good luck with your packing.” replied Ismeina, eerily calm. Natahel would’ve thought they’d be mad at him, maybe even lash out. Sadly, his efforts have proven to be useless. Ismeina then headed back into their house, shutting the door in Nathael’s face. Although the guy told Ismeina he would pack his own bags, he wasn’t feeling up to doing anything today. Sighing, he then started heading back to his home.

When he reached his doorstep, he stopped hesitantly. His head dropped as he sighed, before pulling out his phone and dialing a number.

I’ll pack later. - he thought. I don’t feel like staying alone right now.

The sun was starting to rise, as car pulled up in front of Nathael’s house. The driver dropped off Nathael, as he started heading back to his home. He checked the time on his phone, making sure he didn’t come too late.

5:45 AM

“Cool, I’m on time.” Nathael yawned, as he unlocked the door and slowly started to head back. He’s been outside the entire night, so he felt a bit tired. The backpack he promised to pack for the adventure was sitting on the ground, and he could already hear Ismeina yelling at him for putting it off.

He opened his closet, taking out a few outfits and shoved them in his backpack. They were mainly casual clothes (1, 2), though not really comfortable enough for an adventure. However, Nathael didn’t care about that, his image mattered more to him.

He then packed a bottle of soda, later placing whatever leftovers he had in a plastic container and stuffing them in his backpack. He made sure to put in his potion, as well as a blanket he found lying around the house. And lastly, he put his phone inside, along with a kitchen knife just in case.

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At 6am on the dot, a black sedan, with heavily tinted windows, pulled up outside Ismeina’s flat. When the pair were each outside their houses and close to the car, there were two clicks and both back doors (one on each side) opened. From the driver’s seat was silence.

Inside the car’s backseat (area) was neither special nor out of the ordinary. Except that the centre armrest was down with something inviting perched atop of it, two bottles and two mugs. Each mug held a thick black liquid with a very strong aroma of coffee. The bottles looked untouched, newly bought, branded sparkly water.

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Nathael hadn’t gotten any sleep the previous night, hoping that he’d have time to sleep during the trip. As he exited his house, he could just sense Ismeina was going to yell at him for everything he’s done in life. Nothing new for him, though. The two never really got along, yet they’ve been hired to work together as a team.

“Heyyy!” he waved at Ismeina, as he walked closer to them. “How’s my best friend doing today?” he laughed. “You’re not mad at me, are you? I was kind enough to leave the house yesterday so their majesty could sleep in peace.” he added.

He looked over at the sedan parked on the street, the tinted windows making it hard for anyone to see the inside. Hearing the car doors unlock, something came to his mind. But knowing how angry Ismeina would be, considering the events of the day before and the fact that he completely ignored their advice, he’d be more than dead.

And so, he entered the vehicle, taking a seat. He was planning on holding the door open for Ismeina, only to shut it in their face, but that was too much. He’d find ways to mess with them on the trip anyway. As he glanced over to his side, he saw two bottles, and mugs with mysterious liquid. He took one of the mugs, holding it up to his nose. It smelled like coffee, though who knows what it could have been. Sleep deprived, he decided to take a sip of it either way, preparing to die from either the liquid or Ismeina’s scolding.

@OhSumana // Ismeina Falaise


Ismeina could not care less about the whatever the event of socialization their partner, Nathael had to take care of just prior to the preparations for the mission they were assigned to, together, unfortunately. Yet she found herself wondering about the consequences of lack of sleep and rest he would undergo during the mission. Ismeina sure as h€ll was not going have Nathael lag their speed. However, they decided to be done with packing before going to bed. Clothes favourable for free movements and a pair of PJs, a blanket, some food, water bottle and most importantly the potion - were the things she neatly packed.

With all these things being taken care of after dinner, they set the alarm for 4. 30 am and not wasting their time online on phone, they opted for a peaceful sleep, without any irresponsible neighbors creating any noise. Maybe it was a good thing that Nathael went out.

At about 5.45 am sharp Ismeina was almost dressed and prepared for their adventure, almost, because there was one last thing left to put on. It was bottom drawer they pulled open and, fished out a necklace, with a Dragon-pendant that looked absolutely old-fashioned and weird for their taste in clothes but it should be pretty effective when in need. However, they went out, locking the door after them, to wait for said black sedan, crossing her arms loosely and whistling a familiar tune with a stoic expression by the road.

No sooner had the black beauty pulled over, than Ismeina spotted their partner rushing out in a haste, with sunken eyes as a clear indication of lack of sleep. They raised their brow at the ‘best-friend’ comment but averted their gaze, exhaled a breath, and shook their head before returning their attention back to him. “Thank you very much for that, knight. I had the best sleep of the month.” , they replied with a thin-lipped smile. And it was true.

The doors of the car opened with click, Ismeina proceeded to occupy their seat. As they hopped in, they spotted the two mugs and two bottles on the armrest, supposedly for both of them. The dark black liquid in the mug appeared to be coffee. Even if there should be any scope for suspicion, Ismeina was certain their employer would not want them dead or something, so it was wise to welcome the gesture. They picked up a mug, and sipped from it before glancing Nathael doing the same, from the corner of their eye and smiled to themselves.

“Nat, if you have this idea that a mug of black coffee would somehow help you keep going without a bit of sleep, chances are you’re gonna feel even worse later”

@idiot.exe - Nathael

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The sip of the thick black liquid, they both took, worked its way down their throats. It was warm and pleasant. By the time Ismeina put the cup back down, they had to blink slowly. Both of their eyelids were heavier and their vision was blurred. All in ten seconds. Just ten seconds and Nathael’s head rolled back on the seat first; Nathael wasn’t conscious. Ismeina had just enough time to see it happen before they too, were unconscious.

When they both awoke, the car was stationary and their bags had been carefully placed just in front of them next to feet. They were in a different car, a bigger car, which was nothing unusual. The sun was beaming down from above, it can’t have been much after 10am. The car was parked on a range of hills that half-circled a forest valley. Not 40 metres away, downhill, was an overgrown dirt path into the trees.