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The Selection

Years ago, after the Third World War, the nation of Illea was founded. The country was formed from what was once the United States, and encompassed the remainder of North America. With a new country ruled by a monarchy, a new society came to be. Illea was split into 35 provinces, and a caste system was initiated. The caste system defines the lives of everyone in Illea. What caste you are decides what you can do, what opportunities you’ll have, and how others will view you. At the top, there’s the Ones, the royal family themselves, leading all the way to the lowest caste, the Eights, the homeless and those considered to be a drain on society. Your caste is who you are, and there’s little hope for changing that, unless a female were to marry into her husband’s caste, or a man were to be drafted into the military. However, there’s another way that only comes once in a generation. The Selection.

When the prince of Illea comes of age, the Selection begins. One girl between the ages of 16 and 20 is randomly selected from each province to come to the palace where they will have the opportunity to win the prince’s heart and become his wife and the princess of Illea. The only question is, which girl will win?

Character Cloning

Alright everyone, to make this work out, there will often be situations requiring the cloning of characters.

For example, I will likely be responding for multiple interactions between the prince and the selected girls at the same time (ex. He may be on a date with one girl in one interaction, but I’m also posting for his interaction with a different girl at a different point in time.) For this reason, I request that if you have any specific plans your character may do that include the prince, please keep me in the loop in case other interactions may be impacted

With this consideration, you will also be allowed to clone your characters as needed. (Especially if its because of an interaction with the prince and having an interaction with other characters.) Just make sure the time of the interaction is noted. I recommend even on non-cloned characters/interactions to still have a note in the post of when the interaction takes place. (Ex. If the interaction is in the morning before breakfast in the ladies’ room, at the top of your post write something like, “Early Morning - Ladies’ Room” or “Before Breakfast - Ladies’ Room - with Character” or say if its an interaction in the garden at night with the prince, and I state the actual time, it can be something like “8:00pm - Gardens - with Prince Beckett”)

Additional Information
  • There is no Character limit. (I’m not saying go wild and make 10 girls in the selection. But I’ll allow 3 or so, and for more you can make palace staff)
  • Feel free to make plots among the maids and/or guards, and plan with the selected girls and their own maids (whether you make the maids characters yourself, or you let another RPer make the maids for your character, or the maids remain npcs)
  • Please feel free to start an interaction with the other members of the royal family. Seriously, have your girls interact with the Queen, find out what it was like when she was the one trying to earn the heart of the prince. And get to know Princess Rosalie, you never know, your character may find they have more of a spark with her than Prince Beckett.
  • Both of the Princes and the Princess each have a detailed list of likes and dislikes, but these will not be available right away. You will have to interact with them and find out more about them, and as you find something out, it will be added to the slides. This is to ensure that you don’t try to cater your character’s likes and dislikes to match theirs.
  • If you have an idea for an event/plot line/date with the prince/etc. please share it with me! I’m up for any ideas.
  • If you need/want an npc for any reason, let me now and I can help out however needed. I post for one, provide any information that might be needed, or anything else.

Signups are still open as well

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1 week before the girls’ arrival

“Beckett, I know the list of girls chosen was finalized this morning, have you taken a look yet?”

“My sister may have looked over the list, but I’ve been waiting to find out with the rest of Illea. I just hope I’m as ready as they are for this.”

“Well then lets not keep you, and everyone else, waiting any longer.”

“First, we have a three from Fennley, Miss Emberlynn Draughtsman.“

Beckett smiled, hoping nobody would realize he was nervous. This was it, the first of many, one of the girls he would be meeting. Emberlynn, that was a nice name. She had nice features, from what he could tell when her picture appeared.

“From Whites, Miss Cecelia Allegro, a five”

Beckett turned his head just slightly looking at the girl’s picture, she was definitely something about her that caught his eye, but he couldn’t put a finger on it. He just didn’t have the time to figure it out before the next girl was announced.

“From Yukon, Miss Leah Fisher, a seven”

Though Beckett tried, he couldn’t hide the surprise on his features as the girl from Yukon was announced. A seven. There shouldn’t have been a reason to be surprised, as there had even been a couple of sevens in the last selection, but he still wasn’t necessarily something he had expected.

“From Hudson, Miss Aydan Hain. Five”

Beckett took a breath to compose himself as the girl’s name was announced. Everyone watching, including the girls themselves, could see his reaction to their pictures. He didn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression of his first impression of them.

“Then from Zuni, we have Miss Dariana Tiergan. Three”

Beckett looked over the girl’s soft features, curious as to what she would be like in person, beyond just a pretty face.

“And from Dominica, Miss Amanda Cuisinier. Four”

As Amanda’s name was announced, Beckett turned towards his sister, not seeing the picture, only for her to whisper to him to turn back around as this was still only the beginning of the girls.

“From Panama, Miss Sanura Seif. Six”

Beckett’s gaze returned to the screen and cameras in front of him as Sanura’s picture was revealed. Her eyes, there was something about them that stood out, like a part of who she is as a person. In what way, he didn’t know, but meeting her would be interesting.

“From Clermont, I would like to welcome Miss Lum Walker. Five”

There was no doubt in looking at Lum’s photo. The excitement was clear. Perhaps her excitement was already rubbing off on him, by his smile. Maybe he didn’t have a reason to be nervous.

“Now from our own backyard, Angeles, Miss Alviva Sherman, Two.”

There was a part of Beckett that had been waiting, wondering what girl would be chosen from his province, the one girl he could count on having some common ground with, and this beautiful blonde was her. He was looking forward to meeting her.

“From Likely, we have Miss Wren Laurents. Four”

Glasses, this girl had glasses, and she wasn’t made up to impress. He didn’t expect anyone would let their imperfections show, she was unique, at least from what he could tell so far, even if she wasn’t the most conventionally attractive.

“From Bonita, the candidate is Miss Camila Imagen. Five”

Bonita, meaning pretty, or even beautiful, in Spanish. Camila being from there seemed fitting. There seemed to be either a natural beauty, or down to earth quality to her.

“Our next young lady is from our lovely Queen’s home province, Waverly. Miss Azra Mayene, Four”

Beckett silently muttered “wow” to himself when he saw Azra. She was stunning. Especially being from his mother’s home province, she was going to be on his mind.

“From Kent, we have the lovely Miss Andrea Acker. Four“

Another four, there had been a lot of fours, and fives too. Though, there seemed to be a certain toughness about her from what he could tell, at least, that’s what it felt like from the look in her eyes.

“From Sumner, is Miss Marta Suarez. Seven”

Marta, another seven. If Beckett was being honest, she wasn’t the most attractive of the girls, but he didn’t want to judge any of the girls solely on their looks. He would have to meet her and maybe there would still be a connection.

“ Next we have Miss Astraea Chambers of Carolina, a three”

Astraea was lovely, and maybe it was just the way she was dressed up for the picture, but somehow she looked like she was ready for anything coming her way. Like Beckett wished he was.

“and Miss Fabianne Cellini of Hansport, a five”

When her photo appeared, Beckett could see his brother shift in his seat. Beckett turned to look at him, to see the impressed look on his face, and for Kit to quietly whisper to him. “She’s really pretty.”

“Next is another two, Miss Lorelai Georgina of St. George”

Another two, but this one was different, even from a picture she exuded confidence. It was like she had power and knew it. In a way, it was almost intimidating.

“From Lakedon, the young lady chosen is Miss December Crest, a six”

As the name of the next girl was announced, Beckett faced forward to see her picture. She was very pretty, but even smiling she seemed sad. He wondered what was wrong, and could only hope that she was alright.

“Miss Austin… of Ottaro, Three”

Beckett didn’t catch what the girl’s last name was, but when her picture appeared, it didn’t make sense. He thought he had already seen her before.

It wasn’t long before Beckett lost count of the number of girls announced. Girls from Dakota, Belcourt, Tammins, Sonage, all the others. He couldn’t keep track, until finally it was the last one.

“Last, but certainly not least, we have Miss Phoenix Artem of Labrador. Two.”
There was something impressive about the girl, she didn’t smile, and there truly was a fire in her eyes, to match her hair, but then there was the scar that made her stand out the most. He didn’t know what she was like, but he knew he wanted to know more.

“Alright those young ladies are the Selected who will be coming to the palace to win over prince Beckett’s heart. So rest up ladies, the adventure of a lifetime is about to begin.”

It was real now. The selection wasn’t just something that would one day happen. The girls had already sent in their applications, gotten their pictures taken, the process had already begun for them, but it wasn’t until he could see the girls that it became real. One of those girls, someone he hardly knew anything about, was going to become his wife.

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Arrival Day

The days after the girls chosen for the Selection were a whirlwind, for everyone involved. The palace was in a race to be ready, as the girls were prepared for the journey of a lifetime. Someone came to each girl’s home to ensure they were healthy, their applications were accurate, that they knew the rules and what was expected of them at the palace, and to ensure everything was set for their families to receive compensation.

Soon enough, it was time for the Selection to begin. Each girl, dressed in a white shirt and black pants, was allowed to gather a few personal belongings to bring, though anything they would need would be supplied, including clothes. Each province held a celebration as a send off before the girls began traveling to Angeles.

Based on proximity, the girls from nearby provinces were seated on the same planes to Angeles. Upon arrival, the girls were greeted by a crowd of fans wanting to meet and take pictures, or receive autographs from the selected girls. Interacting with the public remained optional, though the process was filmed.

Upon arrival at the palace, the girls were escorted into a room where makeovers were being conducted with before and after pictures. The makeovers were extensive, more so for some than others. Starting with simply being washed throughly, some received haircuts, while others got hair extensions, or had their hair dyed a different color. Makeup, nail polished, their first dresses from the palace, everything. Finally ending with a quick interview, asking them about the process thus far.

Once a girl finished their makeover, they were brought on a quick tour of the palace and shown to their rooms. After being introduced to their maids and given an early dinner, the selected have an evening free. This is a time to get for them to meet each other, meet the Queen and Princess, and to prepare themselves for meeting Prince Beckett in the morning.

You are free to post!


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And fck Prince Beckett Sterling! That was the motto Lore goes by, and that is the motto Lore will always live by. She just couldn’t understand or she could but not really. Why did he need to find a bride through a selection of 30 candidates so badly? And why did she have to be forced to be one of those silly candidates? Couldn’t the prince just she doesn’t know, go to different ladies debut balls and find a possible bride there? Or like interact with people through tea parties and sht? Did the prince really have no game that he has to do this? Great, Lore is becoming a candidate for marriage to a prince with no game.

“FATHER, you can’t possible send little Lore off for marriage to the prince, she’s hardly even old enough. She’s like ten.” That was her elder brother Agustus who loved to exaggerate, she wasn’t ten but 18, she still agreed with him tho, how could her dad? But honestly it isn’t his fault.

“I’m not sending a 10 years old to be a bride Augustus, i’m sending an 18 years old.”

“Same thing.” Agustus twin and her other brother, Ceasar said crossing his arms and glaring at the ground.

“Is it impossible to reject the selection? I’m sure I can find a way to win Lore out of-” Her eldest brother who was a powerful military man, Rubion, was caught off.

“I wish it was, I wish it was. But there isn’t Rubions.” Her father said with disappointment, the disappointment in which you can tell he had tried to find ways. Sigh.

“Besides,” her mother came beautifully as always, putting her hand on father’s shoulders, “Lore is a big girl now, and can protect herself.”

“Big?” Rubion let out a chuckle, “In what world is 18 a big girl? She’s still a teenage girl who needs the protection of her brothers.” No the fck she didn’t, but she appreciated it.

“Exactly! and she’s really fragile, i’m afraid she would break a nail or a leg or something. Maybe I should follow her and go-”

“Cesar-” Lore cuts him off, entering the main room, “You are not going to follow me to the palace, I can handle myself just fine.”

“Darling-” her dad called, wrapping her in his arms. “I’m going to miss you so much, I’m so sorry.” He hugged her tightly, like he was afraid she would disappear from his eyes. Dad…
Her brothers crossed their arms grumbling and her mother gave her a sad expression. Yeah, the prince was the worst.

“Maids, please prepare Lore to travel to the palace.” Lore followed the maids who escorted her to her room. Brushing her hair and styling it into an updo and styling her edges. They had brought in her fancy emerald dress, her most gorgeous dress that would draw and captivate the eyes of everyone, just like Lore like doing. But in this occasion, Lore would feel sick in the stomach if she managed to captivate the monster prince and the royal family. So she rejected the green emerald dress and asked for her red silver dress. The dress, ah the dress was gorgeous and sexy without being too revealing. It was her least beautiful dress but it was one of the most beautiful dresses across providence, a lot of women would kill for the red dress, but to Lore who had more lavishing and fancy dresses (she was the youngest child her family doted on after all) it was considered ‘simple’ enough. Majestic enough to not shame the Georgina line but hopefully simple enough to not draw the eyes of the annoying prince but impress the other ladies. She styled the dress with a robe that went along with it, pearl earrings, a shining silver necklace, black hills and long white gloves. It looked nice, she decided before putting it into her luggage and putting on a pair of white shirt and black stylish pants. She was going to let the maids in that palace dress her, they wouldn’t know her style and this was the dress she wanted to wear. She had put on brown lipsticks, white eyeliner, blue eyeshadow- the way she typically would do her makeup but the words that left her maid’s mouth made her remove the makeup.

“You look so good, Lady, you would surely catch your intended eyes.” Nah, the makeup had to come off. Lore removed the makeup, the brown lipstick, the eyeshadow and eyeliner and styled it in a different way. A way that still screamed “Lorecore” even though it wasn’t Lore.

“I hope not.” She tells her maid before standing up from her chair. Wrapping her arms around the maid’s body, Lore says her goodbyes, “Take care Miss Noton, I’ll miss you.” Miss Noton has been a maid who has worked with her family for a very long time. Miss Norton daughter was a friend of her mother’s making Miss Norton the head maid and Miss Norton granddaughter, Lore’s friend. Although, Miss Norton was just a maid, the relations her family had with Lore’s, made her more than a maid and more like a mother to Lore.

“You act like you’re being sent to your death.” Miss norton teased

“In a way I am.” Lore says with a small smile, Miss Norton stares at her and Lore laughs it off. “I’m only kidding of course.” She wasn’t. God would she miss her family and Miss Norton, “Please tell Tennese, I’ll miss her and to send me letters.”

“Tennese would have done that even without me telling her.” Lore grinned

“She’s like so obsessed with me but then again who isn’t?” Lore says jokingly. Miss Norton laughs, pulling the young lady into a hug.

“You are truly the best person I’ve served.”

“Shush don’t let my mom hear that, she’s going to be jealous.” Lore throws in another joke.

“It would our little secret.”

“Yeah, our little secret.”

Well, Lore has now arrived. Before she could enter the carriage and get to where she was sadly supposed to get too. Her brothers had cried and begged her not to go, saying that she could run away and Rubion would harm those who try to take her. Lore had just given them a ‘be fr’ stare, she was not going to drag the Georgina family line down the gutters just because. The Georgina family has always been respected and loyal to the royal family, Lore was a true Georgina lady, she valued her family so fcking much and she won’t ruin all that for them.

Upon arrival at the palace, she was escorted into a room where makeovers were being conducted. Lore had scowled as they change her makeup to a different one, before smiling, she would remove it eitherways. There was no use to ruin her pretty face with an ugly scowl.

Words of love

This was definitely what being in heaven felt like. If heaven truly was like this, then Lum will pierce a dagger through her heart and unalive herself just so she can be this happy forever- sorry, too far but Lum was just excited. This has been her dream for ages, she was finally going to meet the prince in person. She screamed in excitement, oh how she wished that her best friend was chosen like her, so they could both fangirl over everything in the palace. She squealed, it would have been so fun, but eitherways, it’s going to be real fun.

Lum had gone to her closest and pulled out a pink flowered dress that she has tailored herself when she was younger with her mother. It was a dress that Lum had kept secured and prepared if she ever got the chance to meet the prince in real life. She finally got a chance to wear this dress! She squealed grabbing the dress, squeezing it and smelling it. Aaah it smelt just like roses, did the prince like roses? Hopefully because vanilla and roses were gorgeous and the prince is gorgeous so they matched each other really- but if he didn’t that was ok, she just hoped he liked flowers in general. Continuing, Lum put the pink flowered dress on with her necklace that was gifted to her by her mom who was gifted by her own mom who was gifted by her grandmas mom (it was something that was passed down generation to generation to the ladies) bunny earrings to match and a white pretty shoe. After seeing how she looked in the mirror, Lum put in into her luggage and changed to a white shirt and black pants.

“You’re really excited huh?” Her brother said standing in the doorway.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be! I’m meeting him.”

“Mm the prince you have had deluded thoughts for since you could walk? Yeah you’re meeting him and so are different ladies.”

“Thy arent deluded anymore if they are coming true brother.” Lum said with a bright smile, so bright it could blind a sun god, “Besides, I don’t care if other ladies are there too as candidates, I love making friends.”

“Sigh, never change Lum never change.” Was all her brother said before escorting her out of the house and into a carriage.

Lum arrived at the palace and she was in awed, she couldn’t help but think about how her best friend would also love being here. She wished she could take pictures and send it to her best friend. But bestie loved hearing her talk eitherways, so Lum could just describe it too her in letters.

She was escorted to a place where they changed a lot of things about her and Lum gasped when she saw herself- she looked so wow.


Her mother wrapped her arms around Dariana body, her uncle, that evil mad dog stood having a kind of sad look in his face? Why was that evil dragon sad? Whatever, “My sweet daughter” “my sweet daughter” her mom said crying in her arms, Dariana patted her. It was ok mom, it truly is, after all she will be meeting her twin and maybe if she did win the selection making her mother proud. She didn’t care that much of the selection, but she didn’t care too little for it, she was more on the neutral side. It had its cons and pros that you would have to look at it logically or more emotionally in Dariana case. A con could be, being separated from her mother, those evil bstards they call men here flirting with her mom while she’s gone but pros could be, making her beautiful mother proud. Also it could also help boost the plan.

Her mother told her to wait, walked up the scale and brought a batch of cookies, “If you’re hungry in the flight there, take this.” Dariana internally cringed, sorry mom but I can not take this. “Omg cookies my favorite!” Dariana said, shakily grabbing the cookies. They were not healthy, it looked like it was filled with sugar, and the icing made Dariana want to barf. And yet it still looked good, just not healthy nor low enough for Dariana to actually eat. She will give it to her twin as a gift.

They parted ways and Dariana was in a plane with the other girls sighing because she wasn’t placed to sit with her sister. She waved at the crowd outside the plane, entering the palace. The palace was really huge and the architecture was beautiful. Though, the interior design seemed a little too old for Dariana’s taste (after all it was a palace that has existed for quite a long time so Dariana tried not to judge it to harshly) She had so many design ideas for this palace in her mind as she was escorted by maids showing her around, she was already done with the ‘makeover’ by the maids, and was dressed in a green dress. It seemed like the royal family really liked the color of the interior or something. Its nice… it just needs more flavor.






Andrea didn’t know what to expect from the royal family, especially since she didn’t think herself ladylike enough to be thought of as a lady, so her new name, Lady Andrea Acker, was a strange novelty to her. When she was brought to the makeover room she started being scared … She loved her long hair and she would flinch if she was scissors too close to her hair.

“Please, could you keep my hair as it is? I know it looks plain now, but if you let me keep it I can do amazing hairstyles with it.” She pleaded with the hairdresser. They managed to come to an agreemet to only take an inch from the top and for a hair mask and shampooing and some styling which she was very happy with.
When she was asked what style she would like to wear, she thought of what she usually wears and she realized what she usually wears is too comofortable and simple, and she would only wear it for work around the farm. Thankfully she had a style she would wear to functions and whenever she needed to dress nice for going into public, to parties, to school, etc etc … She told the ladies. “Vinatge, 60s-70s, brown, neutral muted tones, and I also like soft floral patterns and plain black simple clothes.” And she was happy with the outfit brought, after a few outfits she already rejected.

During the dinner she stayed silent, seeing how she was silently judged for her outfit, which was vinatge, but it would usually be worn by a man, so she was determined to eat her dinner and go, instead of chatting and making it even more uncomfortable than simply ignoring them.

While silently walking with the other girls and barely focusing on the things the tourguide was saying, her cuffling brushed against a girl and gave her static discharge. They both felt it. Andie turned back and said “I’m sorry, did I shock you?”

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Wren Laurents was about to wring someone’s neck. First off, their parents had practically forced them to be here. They loved their parents, but really? At least they were somewhat interested in the Prince. Not like they’d win, though. And they also had to keep the fact that they were non binary under wraps. They tugged at the dress they wore, freaking out. They couldn’t wear pants. Wren shuddered at the thought. They stayed silent unless spoken to during dinner, and now they were taking a tour. Suddenly, Wren felt a small electric shock on their arm. “I’m sorry, did I shock you?” Wren looked up to see a brown haired girl looking at them. “You did, but it’s ok. It’s not like you could help it.” Wren gave her a small smile, holding out their hand. “Wren Laurents. Like the bird.”
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Andrea responsed to the lady’s outstretched hand by shaking it and giving a polite but short smile back. “Really? I like wrens a lot, they’re soo small but so darn loud, reminds me of any short woman I saw working on my farm, they have a fiercness to them as if they’re 7 feet tall …” Andrea noticed she tailed off, daydreaming outloud about the farm she will one day own, so she snapped back to reality with a throat clearing noise and continuins speaking in a softer voice. “I’m Andrea, Andrea Acker, but everybody who knows me calls me Andie … The way you spell that nickname doesn’t matter.” She noticed they’ve talked so much so they were now behind, so Andie rushed to catch up to the tour.

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// bedroom and grand hall //

The time had come, the moment Saruna dreaded. Not only had her parents entered her behind her back for the Selection, she had also been chosen. To Sanura’s chagrin, her parents had kept this quiet until they suddenly went on “holiday” and she was standing in the hall, dressed up, where everything was revealed. She had awaited the announcement with contained fury before furiously addressing her parents.

However, it was too late to pull out up and again without any warning, someone was there to pick her up.
From the moment she arrived at the palace, it was a whirlwind of information and events for Sanura. Starting with at least half an hour of discussing with the palace servants why there was no chance of her wearing a dress and having to accept the compromise that her hair and makeup were done and that she could wear one of the more comfortable clothes.

This was followed by, in her opinion, much too long an explanation about the palace and from the moment she finally had some free time, she plopped down exhausted on the bed. “Uhm Lady Sanura, isn’t it a good time to meet the other girls?” asked one of the maids whose name was Sasha if Sanura remembered correctly.

Sanura looks up at her with a raised eyebrow. “do you mind? I get that you guys are used to this, but I’m not. Have you seen what I’ve had to do since I arrived. Let’s not forget that these shoes are not my usual footware. Give me 5 minutes to rest and mentally prepare for social life there” she says and at the word “there” she waves to the door.

Then she lets out a sigh and sits up. “Look, I don’t mean to sound like a whining little kid but this is practically the opposite of what I’m used to and comfortable with. It takes some getting used to and requires a lot of energy,” she says while offering the three girls an apologetic smile. “I’ll go there when I’ve recovered a bit,” she promises.

And with that promise, she left her room 5 minutes later and made her way through the palace on what little she remembers of the tour. Here and there she spots some familiar faces of which she vaguely remembers that they are the girls who also belong to the selection. Some already deep in conversation, others look around looking for someone to talk to me or just admire the interior.

Sanura herself did not have a person in mind who immediately attracted her, so she decided to wait for someone to approach her. Until then, she went to see the outside view through the windows.



Thomas Hemming was walking on eggshells this whole morning. Every flower had to be perfect, which isn’t a problem for Thomas, but it was the timing and the stress of the situation, and everybody else preparing under stress and a short timeline that got him like this. The girls were already in the castle and the garden was all set up and watered, and watering the garden is extremely hard becuase it’s huge and full of flowers that need to be watered and hedge mazes that needed to be shaped perfectly and constantly shaved. Thomas was all but ready to plop down on his bed and take a long nap to have some sleep since he wasn’t able to sleep at all last night, but as soon as his head hit the pillow he realized what kept him awake that night … *“Verdammt! I forgot to water the flowers on the outside of the windows.” He shot up from his bed and put his clothes back on. The flowers weren’t important for the girl’s arrival so for a few days he either put off watering those flowers or he forgot to, but he knows if he doesn’t water them again they would go dry, and that’s a shame because they’re such beautiful flowers. He watered some of them, but he had to be careful while he was watering the ones outside the room where the Ladies were currently meeting. Seeing him wouldn’t be a travesty, but he didn’t want to be noticed working on these flowers, and he felt that being noticed would make the ladies think he’s a peeping Tom looking in through the window. He knelt down to weed the area underneath one of the windows and when he stood back up he was caught working there by a lady that wasn’t there when he knelt down, one that wasn’t looking through the window but was both close enough and in the right position to notice and probably be frightened by a man suddenly appearing an inch outside the window. I suppose he forgot he was supposed to be secret, but he is pretty tired and forgetting yourself is easy when you’re very tired.

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Azra woke up this morning and rolled over in her bed to shield her eyes from the early sun coming into her room. It was probably only 4:30 am, and she assumed she was the first person in the house to get up, except for her mom who was probably already out and about delivering baked goods to people in caste eight from their province. She did this every morning for as long as Azra could remember, sometimes Azra would tag along, but today she stayed home to get food made for her brothers and dad to take with them to work. She hoped she may also be able to tag along to the office and help her twin, Aahil, out with some of the accounting books. She loved to go. It gave her a purpose outside of cooking, cleaning, and helping her mom with whatever work needed to be done around the house. She been homeschooled her whole life, alongside her siblings. The difference was her mom taught her more life skills, instead of things like math and science. She still learned the basics like reading and writing. Of course, her mom made sure she knew a plethora of languages. Azra’s mom was a three before she met her father and grew up in a family of educators. She was highly educated. The smartest person Azra knew. Her twin on the other hand taught her everything she needed to know about math. Sometimes Azra even thought he had taught her so well that she could do problems faster than him! It didn’t matter though. Her father wouldn’t let her come work for the company. It wasn’t “ladylike” to be in an office of men all day longer. She loved the days he turned a blind eye.

Azra had one younger brother, Aus, who 16 now, she helped her mom with his lessons somedays. She also had her twin brother and her two older brothers, Aazim and Aaryan. Azra looked at the small clock on her dresser. She knew she would have at least 45 minutes before her brothers and dad would leave the home for work. She got up, changed into some workout clothes, and went for a quick run in the city area of her province. She loved going for runs because it was one of the only times, she was alone and free. She was good at running too. She could run three miles in just under 30 minutes. It was still brisk this morning and the air felt crisp on her cheeks. Causing them to look pink when she got home. She hurried into the shower. The water was mostly cold because her brothers had used all the hot water by now. She was used too this and didn’t mind it in all honesty. She glanced at the clock again as she passed through the dining room to the kitchen. 7 minute to spare. She knew she would have to be quick, but at this point she had the routine down to a science. Soon 5 lunches done and ready to go. Her mom was walking in just as the boys were leaving. She watched her father give her mom a kiss on the cheek, just before he gave Azra one on the forehead. Her mom and her both signed “see you later” and the boys were out the door.

My mother turned on the news, before picking up an overflowing laundry basket. Her eyes flicked at the tv when she passed it. The sound wasn’t on, like usual. But the subtitles were so she would stop walking to read them for a few seconds.

”putain de merde”holy shit Azra heard her shout from the other room, but just assumed one of her younger brothers had ripped another hole in their shirt, so she went back to cleaning up the dishes. ”viens ici mon amour” come here my loveShe then yelled with excitement in her voice this time. Azra dropped the towel in her hand straight into the water and went to the family room. As she turned the corner, Aus was peeking around to see what was going on also. What’s going on mom? She asked her and let out a sigh. She was pointing to the small tv in the corner and the subtitles scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

Our next young lady is from our lovely Queen’s home province, Waverly. Miss Azra Mayene, Four

Her eyes widened in shock. Me? que diable What the hellshe said aloud and covered her mouth. She didn’t know how to react, but her swearing caused Aus to laugh and her mom to shoot her a knowing look. She soon felt her mom’s arms wrap around her. She had tears welling up in her eyes and a large smile on her cherry red coated lips. “Your father will be so proud!” Her mother said to her after pulling away. “I need to call him immediately.” She added with a nod. Her mother was French and Latino, and her father was Arabic. She knew French beautifully but was still learning Arabic. She also knew other languages. Her mom liked that they used more then just English while at home to one another. They would all go from French to Spanish to ASL all during just family dinner conversations. All but her dad, He only knew Arabic, a few phrases in French, and ASL. They all knew ASL for Aahil. Aus tapped Azra’s shoulder. guess you’ll be getting out of this house after all he signed with smile to her. I’m sure they have some good desserts he also added with his hand motions. Aus and Aahil were who she was closet to. They both knew it was a dream of hers to see somewhere other than Waverly.

At the jet

Leaving her family was hard, but she was truly excited to get out and see new parts of the world. She was anxious to make her parents proud. She didn’t want to let them down. She was sad that now her mom would be doing twice the work now that she wasn’t going to be around to help also. It did help to know if she were to win her family would be cared for the rest of their lives. She knew she would also donate a good portion to help the higher numbered castes. She stopped thinking these things though. She didn’t want to get ahead of herself. She never really thought she would get chosen when she signed up that day with her mom. That day her mother kept telling her how important it was to sign up. Not only for the family, but for Azra herself. It could give her a love and purpose bigger than she would’ve ever thought possible. She leaned back in her seat on the jet. She let her eyes wander to look at all the other girls who were here too. She put on a smile, played with her braid that fell over her shoulder. Her hair was long, nearly to the top of her hips. They all wore the same white shirt and black pants. The only difference the shoes they were wearing. She went for a pair of white and pink bootie heels. She had only worn them one other time, so they looked nearly brand new.

She looked out the window. They were now in the clouds. She’s always wanted to see something new. She had tried to a few times sneaking out to provinces near them, but it wasn’t much far from home usually. It also scared my brother when she would do this. Sometimes Aahil would go with her and that made her feel safer in unknown places. She knows sometimes she could give my parents and brothers stress because of how adventurous she could be, but she never gave them a reason to not trust her. Their family name was well known because of the construction company, and she wouldn’t do anything to tarnish that.

The castle

She nearly had to pick her jaw off the floor when arriving at the castle. She did make note to look at the brick path as she walked up and smiled to herself knowing this was done by her eldest brother and dad. It made her feel like maybe they were here in a way with her. They had told her stories about the palace. Just its size alone was notable. She had pictured it all vividly in her mind and now it was like a fever dream being here. It was like she had stepped right into one of their stories. She was escorted into a room where makeovers were happening. Azra had worn make up before, but not this much. Though she loved the color of lipstick they chose for her, and they used eye liner to give her a “cat eye”. They gave her hair a trim but left it long and in its natural waves cascading down her back. Azra was hurried into a room for an interview. What would they be asking her? Will her answers make her seem incompetent? Will her paretns be seeing this? Will the royal family be watching? The man asking her questions, wore a silver suit with bright blue glasses. He looked to be early 30’s and had a crooked smile, in a good way. He made her feel comfortable. The uneasiness leaving her body by the second. She was sure of herself and spoke with confidence. She never showed she was scared. Stay as calm as a cucumber – her father’s favorite saying ran through her mind on repeat.

Finally, to the last stage, the clothing. She loved seeing all the dresses, jewelry, and shoes. She felt fabric between her fingers. Some was beaded, some sparkles, some itchy, and some silky and soft. All the girl’s dresses were marked by their names. She made note of some of these and the styles they could choose from. Unlike some, Azra didn’t shy away from color. She embraced it. The dress she chose, after trying on probably 20, was soft and buttery fabric. She knew it was expensive just from that alone. It hugged her curves in the right ways until it hit her hips and flared out. The bottom had ruffles that gave it some movement. She smiled at herself in the mirror and have a spin that ended in her almost falling over. Her maids giggled and she did also.

Some man said she had to hurry to stay on time for dinner and hurried down the hallway. Was she supposed to follow? She didn’t even have her shoes on yet. She grabbed them in her hand and turned sharply. Her hair flying on to her shoulder. When she got into the hallway, this man was nowhere to be seen. She sighed and leaned against the wall to put the heels on and bent down to buckle the little metal into place. She looked up again and huffed as she started walking God knows where. She mumbled to herself right as she looked up to another man walking her way. Much younger than the last and with dark hair. Do you know where the dining room is? Some *ss was practically running to take me there, but I didn’t have my shoes on. I am not going to walk in halls, in the palace , barefoot. Anyways, so I stopped to put them on and woosh, he’s gone! Sorry for telling you so much – oh and swearing…but I have a right to me mad? Right?”

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As Sanura slowly walked through the hall, thinking about how different the interior was compared to her house and the general look of the region, her eyes fell on the open window. The colorful flowers immediately attracted attention and it reminded her of the valley of flowers near her house.

However, her image was suddenly interrupted by a middle-aged gentleman. As their eyes meet, the man’s shock is evident. Sanura guessed he didn’t expect anyone to look out any more than she expected someone to suddenly appear at that moment. the shocked look and the catching her own astonishment caused a chuckle to escape. Surprisingly, she found that it relieved a bit of tension, too. “You look like I just caught you peeping” she says as she walks over to him. It was clear with a simple glance that the gentleman in mud-covered clothes was part of the gardeners. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite” she jokes to reassure the gentleman.

Then she looks at the watering can in his hands and then the wet flowers by the window. “they are beautiful” she then compliments in a soft and friendly tone. “The garden shows that a lot of attention is paid to the plants,” she adds before pausing for a moment to appreciate the image of the flowers even more. “there is no reason to look shocked if you are spotted by us, this is an image to be proud of” she says.
Sanura didn’t know her reason for complimenting the man. Somehow she wanted to make sure that the people who work in the palace and who regularly come into contact with her, don’t address her too formally. But part of her felt that hard work should always be noticed. Thinking of her father who had to do physically demanding work every day and gets little appreciation for it.

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“That’s actually why they named me Wren, because I apparently sounded like one when I cried. I can also be a little spitfire. It made sense.” Wren said, nodding. “You lived on a farm? That’s cool. My parents are jewelers, so I know a lot about different jewels and stones. I can tell the difference between reals and fakes too. If you ever have a question about gems, you can come to me. I’ll see if I can help.” Wren said, giving Andie a small smile. Wren was feeling surprisingly social, which would probably change tomorrow. “Where are you from? I’m from Likely."
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The morning was eventful, and not really in a bad way, it was just a lot of work preparing to protect both the royal family and the girls that were then only schedules to arrive. However, Enzo and the other guards managed to prepare everything and no accident or attack happened so far so somebody had to report all this to the family. Since the Queen and the Prince were busy having preparations of their own, somebody had to report to the first Royal they see, no matter if it were the young Prince or the Princess. Usually the guards never care for giving reports or doing paperwork, so most of the times Enzo does it himself, since he’s the one who doesn’t hate it as much as the others. Enzo is right now walking along the palace both perusing around to notice anything suspicious or dangerous going on while also hoping to bump into the young Prince or the Princess.

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Thomas smiled as the woman chuckled and but his relief went away as she decided to open the window. Being seen is just what he didn’t want to happen and being talked to through the window would certainly catch the attention of the other ladies. Instead he decided to be charming and get out as soon as possible, but he also didn’t want to be rude nor did he want the woma nto think of him as a creep. With an accent he responded “I don’t know about you, but if you think creeps go under the window when peeping and muddy themselves up, you’re right … You have just caught me peeping.” He smiled as he said it.
“You don’t bite? You should try it, it sounds like you could have both a mean bark and a strong bite, if you continue asking the questions that need to be asked.” He said and was determined to explain himself. “See I’m horrible at timing, determined to work at the worst possible time … It’s best if I leave you to the other ladies.” He suggested.

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As they both caught up Andie turned to Wren and asked “Really? That’s a nice reason behind your name, see wrens are loud and small, but that doesn’t mean their calls are annoying. To the contrary, they’re sweet. It sounds to me like you think it’s very clever of your parents to name you after a loud bird because of your cry, but wrens actually sound very sweet, so they must’ve liked your cry as a baby. Which is very uncommon to have a baby that’s loud but sounds sweet.” She trailed off again. “No, I still live on the farm, and when my parents retire I’ll take over. At least that’s what dad and mom kept telling me ever since they saw I liked working around the farm, but then again who wouldn’t?”
“Jewellery? That’s nice … I don’t have any jewellery, at least not ones that are fake and only there for aesthetic when I go out and want to feel the way I’m dressed … Nice.”
“Oh me? I’m from Kent. And I know what you’re going to ask … How do you keep a farm in such a cold place … Well it’s doable and it’s not that hard to adjust to a colder climate, so you don’t need to ask more about it.”

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Emberlynn felt deeply satisfied being pampered during the makeover. For her, it hadn’t been much of a change, just a few dead ends were cut off and her nails were freshly painted. Nor was been treated like this new for her, it was something she did once every month, getting her hair and nails done. She always thought she deserved it, to take care of her appearance. She enjoyed receiving compliments from the makeover staff, that her skin was healthy and she took care of herself well, it boosted her confidence going into the meetings with the other Selected girls, Queen and Princess. She walked through some hallways but didn’t see anyone at first. When she saw someone who seemed like a maid, she thought why not ask her. “Excuse me, if I may ask, have you seen any of the other Selected girls?” before giving her a slight smile “My name is Emberlynn by the way”

Her outfit

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Amanda hadn’t let them touch her hair. In no way she would allow someone without experience with her hair type to touch her hair. Even back home, where it was more common to have a more afro like texture, she was very careful with who could take care of her hair. Usually she preferred to take care of it herself, and go to her trusted hairdresser once a year. The hair wasn’t the biggest problem however, when it came down to dresses, there was not a single dress in her style. She ended up settling for a red ball gown with black dots. After black, red was her favourite colour. It felt like it was way too much, and for sure she wasn’t feeling like herself in such a massive ball gown. It wasn’t a feeling she enjoyed, and she wondered whether she had made the right decision joining the Selection. She hoped she would get along with the other girls and enjoy her time there with them, that was the most important to her after all.

Her outfit

Amanda is approachable.



The bed was made, the dress was pressed and on the lady and Amalia was doing some little thing that would probably go unnoticed if it weren’t done, and just when she was going from one room to the next, she was startled by a girl that almost creeped up on her based on how silently and slowly she came towards her. With a shock she dropped the towel she was carrying and said “Oh miss you’ve startled me.” Amalia immediately picked up the towel, knowing she would have to wash it again, but her thoughts of it were intrerruped by the woman’s dress. “Oh you poor thing, didn’t your maids or the tour guides or the guards help you? Don’t worry Emberlynn I’ll show you the way.” Amalia said. “Just allow me to put this away.” She said. She started walking towards her lady’s room when she remebered she forgot to introduce herself since the lady also introduced herself. She turned back and with a soft smile said “I’m Amalia Baker, at your service.” She curtsied.



Wren smiled when Andie said the meaning behind their name was sweet. “Thanks, I like Andrea too. I’ll call you Andie, though. I do my best to respect people’s wishes.” Wren nearly facepalmed when Andie said she still lived on the farm. “I didn’t say my words right. I meant before you came here. Of course you still live there permanently, but you live here now. Sorry about that.” Wren said, rubbing the back of their neck awkwardly. “I’m sure they’ll give us jewelry to wear. If you come to me, I can tell you the types of jewels inlaid in it.” Wren was surprised when Andie said she lived in Kent. “I mean, it’s not the coldest climate there. You guys obviously managed.” Wren shrugged.
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“Oh … that’s nice … But I don’t think I ever asked people to call me Andie, they just started to. I’m also fine with Andrea, and some people called me Acker which I’m also fine with. You can pick any of these, I don’t preffer either of those. Suppose Andie is easier for some folks, that’s why they call me that, so you can call me whatever is easiest to you.” Andrea listened to Wren and afterwards responded. “Well, yes I think I still live on a farm. I’m here only temporary, so are we all. So I wouldn’t say I’m living here now. I think only one girl will get to call this place a new home, but I doubt it will be me.” Andie responded. “Plus, the place I reside in for a few weeks at most would only be given the title of a place I lived it, if it feels enough like home, and I’m sure this won’t be that agreeable to me. I’m not saying the place isn’t grand or beautiful but something so grandiose could only be homely if it had enough family, friends or pets to fill it and this place feels like it’s full of visitors not family or friends, just people as equally lost as us.”

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// balcony //

Alviva waits with a pounding heart as her name is announced during the announcement of the selection. Hopeful, she looks at her parents with a proud smile, expecting that for the first time, her parents would look at her with the same smile. The smile quickly melts away when she sees the expressionless looks of her parents who only stare ahead. The proud feeling she had fades away and despite the large crowd, she suddenly feels very alone.

On the day she was picked up, she knocked softly on the door of her father’s study. her parents, who were busy talking, just look up and immediately they stop speaking. “It’s time for me to go” she says in a muffled voice and her eyes fixed on the ground. after looking up for not even a second, Alviva walks out of the house without hearing a goodbye or a wish for a good trip. No one to wave her goodbye or tell her they’ll be waiting for her to come back. in spite of everything, Alviva looked back at her house one more time and a practically invisible smile is all she can bestow before getting into the car and driving away.

And then there was the moment of arrival. By the second trip in her life, Alviva was in a better mood. An enthusiastic smile was on her face as she drove through the gate to the castle. Only to get a direct cover the moment she comes in. As she enters the palace, her gaze falls on a familiar face. Eloise’s eyes also fall on her and in a subtle way she gestures with her finger for Alviva to come to her. Alviva quickly excuses herself and without a word she approaches her older sister and as soon as she arrives, Eloise nods to follow her. Without sharing a word, they walk to an empty room where her sister looks at her with her arms crossed. "a quick warning little sis, from the moment we leave this room I don’t know you. I don’t want to clean up after you, I don’t want any trouble caused by you, and I certainly don’t want to be associated with a failure like you while you’re embarrassing yourself. Mom asked to keep an eye on you, so you better try your best not to mess anything up or you won’t have to expect to show your face back home. Let’s face it, those few etiquette lessons I’ve so generously gave you won’t help you enough to fit in here. So make sure you don’t drag me down with you” Her sister said in a cold, distant and disapproving tone.

Alviva says nothing. in silence she looks at the floor instead of her sister which leads to her sister stepping loudly on the floor, creating an echo in the deafening silence. “Didn’t I teach you to look at people while they talk to you?” she orders and slowly Alviva looks up. “And what do we say when someone asks us something?” she adds sternly. “yes Eloise, I’ll keep my distance from you, excuse me, I have to go back or else they may find my absence suspicious” she mutters softly before slipping past her sister and walking back where her maids await her.

She followed the maids to her room, after giving them a shy greeting. There she is fixed up and while she was getting dressed, they ask about the earlier event. “what was it that the royal tutor said to you?” asks Mina, one of her maids. “oh she told me to watch my posture while walking” explains Alviva in a lie based on an event from the past. She knew her sister was going to teach the selected girls manners and it was a comment she had heard before as she prepared for the selection.

In the mirror she could see the maidens share a look with each other but none of them asked about it further. “after this you get a tour of the castle and then you have some free time” says Becka while she did Alviva’s hair. “thank you” Alviva responded as Annabeth gave her shoes, choker and gloves.

when she is fully dressed, she follows the tour. She tries to store all the information as best she can and before she knows it, it’s over and she has time for herself.

But in all honesty, Alviva wasn’t quite sure what to do with her free time. She used to do household chores all day at home, but they were now for other people. A little lost in thought, she walked around until her eyes fell on an open door that led outside. she went outside to discover that it was a balcony with a railing thick enough to sit on. The sun shining warmly on her face and the wind gently caressing her relaxed her. Slowly she closed her eyes after she sat down on the inner edge of the railing. in a neat pose she enjoyed the peace, and before she knew it was relaxed enough to hum softly. She often did this when she was alone and relaxed.



Emberlynn had to hold back her laughter as the maid dropped the towel. She did not want to be disrespectful towards her, but she found it quite ironic how the maid seemed quite clumsy while it was her job to take care of everything. She did not seem to be the best at her job. “I was told my maids have not arrived as of yet. I requested them to be from my home province, which seems to have been the cause for certain complications” she couldn’t help but subtly roll her eyes while saying this. It annoyed her that not everything had been arranged as planned, she had high expectations of the palace and its staff. She waited, not so patiently for Amalia. “Shouldn’t I be her priority?” she questioned to herself as she was ticking her hand against her leg while the maid was putting away the towel. Once Amalia started walking, she followed her and Emberlynn asked with a kind voice, “So, Amalia, have you been working here for a long time?”, while looking directly in her direction. “And could you be so kind as to possibly provide me with a beverage, a fresh herb tea perhaps?”




Amalia started walking towards the other ladies. “I’m sorry about having to wait, my lady is my priority so I had to take care of that first.” She said softly. “I suppose it is hard to navigate such a big place on your own, but the palace should have found somebody to help you out at least until the maids would arrive.”
Amalia was asked a question and she said “Oh no m’am, I’ve only been here a week, in preparation for my Lady. I’m only 17 and I moved here pretty soon so having a job like this beforehand wasn’t a possibility for me.”
“A fresh herbal tea? There are refreshements inside the room so I’ll just notify one of the servers to get it for you.” Amalia said.
“I can’t understand how they hoped you would find this room on your own, they brought me here a week earlier so I can learn how to find whatever I or my Lady need, and there’s still some rooms I’ve never been so therefore can’t find.” Amalia turned to a grand opened door and said “Here we are. You go and make friends and I’ll notify the staff about the refreshement you wanted, ma’am.”

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