Flesh Out Your Characters

Alright, so as this was such an absolutely amazing thread and writing source that @NelidaU made on Episode, I wanted to recreate it here for the RP community.

Thie idea is to help RP writers (@RPers) with their inspiration or just a fun thing for writers to do because who doesn’t like talking about their own characters, right? (awkward laugh)

There are some basic things we all know about our own characters as well as some quirky weird stuff. As much as we do know about our characters and all the things that don’t even seem very relevant, there are always going to be things we have yet to discover about our own creations as artistic/creative people!

So the gist of it is that you will pick one or more (No limit) characters of your own to flesh out more by answering questions. I’ll post a question a week, on Sunday, (so it isn’t too time-consuming a thread) for you to answer about your character(s). Some of the questions will be silly, some deep, some seemingly irrelevant, but you never know what could spark your interest up again or change your perspective!

You don’t have to be an active RPer or even an RPer at all to join (it could be characters from your own story)! The character could be one from old RP, a newer one coming soon, or a character you make up on the spot just to participate for fun!

Rules of participation:

  1. Post one or two images (found FaceClaims or artwork) of your character before starting AND post your character image under a “hidden details” for every post answering a question about that character!
  2. Also, have the name of the character
  3. Tell us what kind of world they are from, (i.e. fantasy, modern, prehistoric, etc.)
  4. Stay mostly on-topic; commenting on other peoples’ characters is great, even constructive criticism is great, but do stay civil, please
  5. You don’t have to answer every question if you don’t know how to or want to. You can also join at any time and answer the questions when you do.
  6. Have fun (wink)
Example posts:

For sharing your character below…

Character name

[Insert image of the character]

Question answer(s)

I’ll post questions below and tag those who are taking part. (wink)

Questions so far:

Question One - Their closest person
Question Two - Where would they travel?
Question Three - Allergies
Question Four - Childhood memories
Question Five - Their Features
Question Six - Nicknames
Question Seven - Latest job
Question Eight - Defending themselves
Question Nine - Phrases
Question Ten - In their pockets
Question Eleven - Vulnerablities
Question Twelve - Similar animal
Question Thirteen - Given the most satisfaction
Question Fourteen - Music
Question Fifteen - Their food storage
Question Sixteen - Traditions
Question Seventeen - Religion
Question Eighteen - Their full name
Question Nineteen - Love
Question Twenty - Senses
Question Twenty-One - Seasons
Question Twenty-Two - Looking at in a conversation
Question Twenty-Three - Secret Retreat
Question Twenty-Four - Courting someone in dreams
Question Twenty-Five - Most important rule
Question Twenty-Six - ???
Question Twenty-Seven - ???
Question Twenty-Eight - ???
Question Twenty-Nine - ???
Question Thirty - ???

Caliope (wink)


Question One:

Who is the closest person to your character? It may not be a family member, it could be a friend, teacher, pet, the janitor, etc. Why are they so close to that person, what makes that person special to your character?

Sorry, tags will be more specific next question, when I know who is interesting and partaking in this thread.



This looks awesome! Putting this on watching :eyes:


This is something I’m going to do, so it’s on watching.



Fantasy ninja world
Closest people to her : Oscar and Reina
Reina and Oscar are fellow genetic experiments. They grew up together. Train together everyday. Oscar is more of a brother than a friend. He was with Seraph since their first day outside the containers. Reina joined the pair a few weeks later.
Seraph will be sad and not her normal self when she leaves the facility. Though she knows its for the best. Only the “best” get chosen to leave. She hopes they will meet up again in the outside world

Giant test tudes roughly 6 ft tall and 3 ft wide. Seraph and her friends are emryos that were altered to have specific traits. Seraph thinks everyone is born/made this way. They are tested regularly to see if the traits work in that combination. They are often made to fight others that looked just like them. Seraph is in the top 3 of all the genetic experiments. G-083 is number 2. T-826 is number 1. Seraph has never betten top 2 experiments.

Question Two:

Seraph hasn’t had much experiences in life. All she has ever known is the facility she was created in. Other than her friends the moons gave her some comfort when she was lonely. If her world had the ability to go to space (it doesn’t) she would either go to the moon and see if it like what she dreamed its like up there. Or she would explore the world the world she had only been told about in her lessons. Seraph doubts she will ever leave the facility but hopes she will eventually leave one day. If she never gets out of the facilty she would got to the secret room she and her friends found many years go. It has the best view of the moon.



Okay, can’t wait to see the drawing of her, but remember the other question; What kind of world are they from?

Also, why are those the people she’s close to?


1. Min-seo Hamamoto



Her mother, Da-seun Hamamoto, is the closest person to her. She’s close to her mother because her mother has always pushed her to be her best possible self and follow her dreams. To her, her mother is her beacon of hope, someone to turn to when things get rough and unbearable.

2. Eden Irvette



Samir Handal. He has been one of her long-lasting friends and she feels that his family has accepted her for who she is, even after she was rejected by her own.

3. Andree Gringorie


Her pet snake Serpico. She had that snake since the day her father set out on her, as a way of punishing her but it didn’t go as planned. She grew to love the snake and it has been with her through all of her rough times and when she just needed someone to talk to.

More coming soon…


Payton Thomas


It was easy. The closet person to her was her little sister Paisley. Always stuck by her side no matter what, even if half the time she had no idea what was happening. Paisley never had judged Payton for who she was, even though she easily could have. Payton loved the nights they stayed up talking about the cute boys at her school, or talking about how rude some girls were. It always made her smile thinking about how serious Paisley took these issues. No matter how her life would turn out, she would always have her little sister.

I have a question! Can we like write this in 1st person as if from their thoughts?


Although I don’t RP, I love doing these types of exercises for the main character in my story.

Emilianna Saab


(I’ll use her Episode image since I haven’t found a faceclaim yet)

Person closest to her:
Her little cousins. It wasn’t until they came into her life that she decided she wanted to become a better person. It was upon meeting those two little sweethearts that she realized that nothing material could ever replace a loving family. Moving across the country and leaving her social status was totally worth it once she realized how much she longed to have a family that cared about her. Aunt Safiyah, Uncle Abbas, and cousin Sophia were the first ones to show her the warmth of a loving family, but the kids gave her a purpose and a mission in life.


Wow. This seems cool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Comments/questions on characters so far:


I’m glad she has her mother as a shoulder to cry on. What sort of things has she faced so far that are rough and unbearable?

HEHEHEHE! Eden and Samir.

Her FC though, love it.
What do you mean her father “set out on her”? How was it meant as a punishment?


This is sooo cute. I love reading sibling relationships.

Nah, that’s totally fine. Answer the questions however you’re comfortable.


This makes me sooo happy. YAY! Glad to have you on board.

This is sooo cute. I love how younger characters have been such a large impact on your characters life.


Ok! Thanks. Yea, first person is just easier… :joy:


Well, she’s been a child model, actress and dancer since she was seven years old. So as she got into her teen years a lot of her work started getting criticised and though she’s a very calm and patient person some of the critics were taking jabs at her body size and how she’s only successful because of her parents, which is not true.

They’re so cute together.

So, he used to sexually abuse her and he warned her not to tell anybody but she told her caregiver and her caregiver told her father, so as punishment he set the snake on her. She’s in FTD - Esmerelda and Pierre Gringorie’s daughter. It may seem a bit confusing but when I post her you’ll understand better.

Thank you!


Ahh I want to do this for my character I’m going to be using in a roleplay soon (Elite XOXO) but right now she literally has no one she trusts!! would that even count as an answer?


Loved the realism with your reason. Very nice and very believable.

(flushed) Oh?! That’s an intense reason.

That’s fine. You don’t have to answer every question, remember. Some don’t apply to certain characters. You can just share your character without answering the question. (wink)


I have so many characters I could do this for… I’ll add more characters over time, but here’s one to start with.

Gemma Romano

World: Modern I guess?

The person Gemma is closest to is by far her father. He didn’t have to, but he chose to take her in. He had no ties to her, she was a weak infant left by her sick homeless mother, but her father chose to raise her as his own. Gemma never grew up with a mother figure, or any siblings, so her father was always everything for her. Money was very tight due to their status, his job didn’t even give much for an income compared to others of their caste, and throughout Gemma’s life, especially when she was young, her health was never in a great condition, but her father always made the time to be there for her.



Camila Garcia

Basically no one. She always thinks she isn’t good enough for anyone.

Stephanie Rachels

(It’s a drawing but realistic enough.)
Her dog Oscar. In different RPs, different people, honestly.


What was wrong with her health?

Nice. Though please read the rules in the first post and see the other users posts as an example. As I also asked for an image of the character and the world they’re from. Could you please edit this in?


Damarco Nilsen


He has no one, in particular, he fully trusts because when he was alive the people he trusted to protect, care and love him, didn’t give a hoot about him.


Aww, sooo sad. Even his FC looks sad.
HEHEHE. Can’t wait to see how you answer later questions for him. I’m hooked on your character already.