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The Story

22 contestants, males and female, will compete for the heart of the Bachelor or Bachelorette (my Dean & Jessica). There will be individual and group dates, cocktail parties, and eliminations. Eliminations. Yes, your character can get eliminated and be out of the story. Though eliminations will mostly be based on your characters and their decision, some will be down to public vote too (see below). Just to make it a little fairer. Then, by the end, we should be left with two contestants who win the bachelor/bachelorettes’ hearts. The main goal of this story is for your character to win the heart of one of the Bachelor(ette)s.

Eliminations; how they work:

To make it fair, random, and more realistic, I’m getting in the head of the bachelor(ette)s each elimiation (and date choosing) and creating an order for who they would choose to give roses to. The characters choices will be based on your answers, character interactions, and character profiles. During the ceremony, they will then alternate with each other, calling names from their lists.
However, to make it a little more interesting, there will also be “viewer votes” for anyone reading to save or eliminate a character. AND, as you will see when the reader meets the contestants, there may be another way too. (smirk)

What’s an SG?

SG rules, please read:
  • Do Not Post on the SG thread, please! I REALLY want to hear your comments and thoughts but keep them on this thread! Thank you.
  • Please respond to the chapters and questions I ask you as soon as you can. I’ll give you a reminder if you haven’t but if you still don’t then they’ll be put up for adoption, unless you tell me beforehand. Remember that the sooner you reply, the sooner I can write the following chapter.
  • If you are going to be absent, inform me and I will try to work round it. If you don’t then I will decide for your character or allow someone to adopt them.
  • It is set in the present day!
  • If you don’t like how your character has been portrayed in some way, then please tell me. I’ll try to fix it for you, I promise.



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“Hello, I’m Johnny Doe and welcome to The Bachelor…” The man known as Johnny Doe paused, stood directly in front of the camera. “…Ette!” Johnny was short, only four foot, six inches, not that the viewer could tell this from the mid-close up camera shot of his head to his chest. His navy, made to measure, Louis Vuitton suit wrapped nicely around his well-built bronze frame. Complimenting with his bottle blonde hair that was spiked with way too much gel.

After a long pause, his angular face gave the camera a winning smile before continuing. “Like the endless other matchmaking shows, this will be no different. Except, we’ll have both genders. Not just as contestants, but also as a Bachelor and Bachelorette. That’s right, the twenty-two hopefuls will have two chances to find love. They just don’t know it yet. Nor do they know about the other surprise we have in-store for them. Alright, let’s introduce you to our Bachelor and Bachelorette.”

The camera pulled outwards, widing the shot to show the Bachelor and Bachelorette walking to Johnny from each side of the frame. “Good evening, you two, I bet you’re excited. Why don’t you introduce yourselves to the folks at home?”

Dean, the bachelor, who walked in from the left side of the frame but technically stood on Johnny’s right, gestured for the bachelorette to go first. Jessica didn’t hesitate. As soon as the camera focused on her for her close up, she brushed her reddish-brown hair off her bare shoulder with shining confidence. Her speech that followed wasn’t lacking either, bold and unfaltering. “Jessisa Wong, that’s me. Friendly, Fearless, and Fashionable as-” BLEEP! A momentary look of mild shock was quickly returned to confidence with a hint of smugness. “My bad. I can’t swear, can I? Better watch out for that. Anyway, I’m here for love and fun, so let’s do this.” She smirked at the camera, which was cropped around her head and shoulders just above her bustline, making her look as if she was in the nude.

The next shot cut across to Johnny again, who was chuckling to himself while still maintaining his professionalism. “I feel as if I should tell you all that Jessica is wearing a strapless dress, no need to worry about that. On my other side, however, the bachelor is not.”

Dean wasn’t in a dress, instead, he had worn a tuxedo; a white shirt with black trousers and shoes. The jacket and bowtie were a dark shade of green, made from a very soft velvet. He had a crop of forward swept caramel-blonde hair that draped over his left temple and an undercut on the other side. Dean used his fingers to comb the long part backward, but it only returned to where it had been a second later. He smiled at the camera and his short boxed beard seemed to curve up into a smile too; a smile that was kind and put a twinkle in his eye. When he spoke, his voice was much deeper than one would imagine. “Hi, I’m Dean Lambré and I’m from Alexandria, Louisiana. I’m looking for someone to hold hands and share the moments of life with.”

It cut back to a close-up of Johnny. “And that’s them. But the contestants won’t meet them yet. Sadly, guys, they have to make a decision of their own before you get to meet them. So hurry off now, so that I can meet and get them ready. Good luck.” He was turning his head from left to right and back again, looking out of frame. Then turned back to face the camera. “Time for you to meet their potential partners.”

Alright, here’s a teaser. The Bachelor and Bachelorette’s profiles are up, and the next part will be up in the next day or two. (wink)


Meet The Ladies

Eleven female bachelorettes stood in a small empty room, about the size of three Orcas swimming side by side. It was in an everyday office block, and this was all that was on this floor, aside from the toilets that were next to the lift.

Lilith stood in one corner, her jet black hair out and parted to one side as it hung below her shoulders. Wearing a nice navy blue shirt that was loosely tucked into her black skinny jeans.
“Adelaide, hi, nice to meet you. I’m Lilith,” she greeted, holding out her hand.
Adelaide looked at Lilith’s outstretched hand for a few seconds too long before replying quietly, “Yeah, nice to meet you too.” Instead of shaking her hand, she reached her hand to her ear and adjusted her large hoop, which were similar to Lilith’s. Unlike Lilith, she wore a dress; a modern haltered, Greek toga. The dress had been bunched at the top and bottom of the bust, revealing a little midriff through the thin connector between the top and skirt. She looked at the third member of their group, waiting.
This woman, Noga, had long brunette hair too and was running her hand through it. The strands of her straight hair that she was playing with, covered one of the spaghetti straps of her white boob tube. With it, she wore a long high-waisted skirt that was patterned with many banana leaves. Her tanned left leg escaped out of the slit that reached all the way up to thigh.
“Pardon?”, Noga queried, looking straight at Adelaide and wondering if she missed being spoken to. “Did you say something? I’m sorry. I thought you were just making introductions. I’m Noga, by the way.”
“Noga,” Lilith repeated. “That’s an unusual name. I haven’t heard of it before.”
“No, you probably wouldn’t have in the U.S. I know at least five, although I use the term know loosely. I do hope that sets me apart then, in the competition, having an unusual name.”
“It’ll probably have the opposite effect,” Adelaide said, speaking a little quieter. “People are usually drawn to those with names they either know or associate things with. Even if your personalities mesh well together, they may not give you time at first, over someone with a name they know.”
“Uh, thanks? That was just me trying to be optimistic, I hope to have as much as the next girl in here.”
Adelaide subtly shrugged. “Only basing it on statistics.”

Just a metre and a half away were three more ladies, a taller and slightly louder group. Mia stood there half-listening in a scarlet knee-length dress that had a sweetheart neckline. Her loose brunette curls were a little untamed today, mainly due to her tiredness after having to be awake so early. However, her makeup was flawless, giving her copper-coloured skin a perfect muted shine.
“-time will only tell,” the dark-skinned Barbie finished up saying. Mia heard none of what Barbie had said, too mesmerised by her off-shoulder, designer sapphire cocktail dress, accompanied with black stilettos.
“Yes, time. Actually, what was it you’re talking about, Barb- Maya?”, Mia asked, quickly fixing the slip of almost calling her Barbie and hopefully, it went unnoticed.
It didn’t, at least not by Bexley, who gave Mia a quizzical look as to why she almost said that. Then dropped it and let her eyebrows fall. She came dressed the most naturally of the three, with light makeup and her long light brown hair hung out in loose waves, one side tucked behind her ear. Except for her dress, which was long and red, which had a train and hugged all her curves. “We were talking about who we thought would last in this competition,” she answered with a little too much enthusiasm.
Mia yawned, looking around the room. “Really? That’s good for me then if you two don’t think you’ll last.”
“I didn’t say that. It was more guessing who would be in the top two to five.”
“Of course, we all think and want to be in the top five,” Maya replied. Speaking in a rich southern accent without the usual drawl. “It’s nice to guess who will be there with you, don’t you think?”
“And it’s fun too,” Bexley added.
Mia knew that she wouldn’t be able to tolerate Miss Bubbles for too much of this competition, not unless she was popped. “Alright, I’ll be in the final two with her over there,” she pointed to a girl not too far from them.

The lady Mia had pointed at was Maria. A lady not too different to Mia’s look, from colouring and hair to her physique. All except that she would have been a few inches shorter, as was the same with her hair. Although her dress made her look taller. She wore a slinky lilac silk dress that flaunted her assets and had a slit up one side. She was deep in conversation. “-don’t know what I want but I don’t have the money either. Gotta focus on my education and surviving that first.” She laughed half-heartedly.
The girl she was talking to nodded, her name was Lorelei and wore a tight crop top that was the colour of the night sky, with a push-up that enhanced her cleavage. Matched with black skinny jeans and charcoal Doc Martens. Flicking her slick black hair behind her, off her abdomen, she revealed more of her tattoos peeking out from under her crop. “Sadly, that is probably a wise choice,” Lorelei told Maria. Her voice was deep with a hint of something European in it. “After your first, you usually can’t stop there.“
“That. I’ve heard that before. But the cost for one alone is expensive, so waiting is best.”
Lorelei nodded again. “If you are concentrating on and budgeting for your studies, then why did you come on this show? It sounds to me like you would be missing out on getting your qualifications.”
Maria adjusted the spaghetti straps of her dress before answering. “Uh, well, I am gonna graduate. Just wanna find a balance in my life too. Can’t be all work, can it?”

Over in the other corner from Lilith and her group, was a woman whose style looked like a grunge tomboy. Wearing a dark green chequered shirt over a long black tank top and ripped denim shorts, with tights and converse. “But seriously, do you think I’ll get demerit points or something for being the last one here?”, the tomboy, Eden, asked, tucking strands of her tousled short brown hair behind her ear.
Nova was fidgeting with her own long brunette waves, focusing on standing upright and steady in her summer tied wedges. She had already face planted upon arrival, in her long summery pastel-yellow dress, mildly grazing her knee. She didn’t say anything.
The woman on Nova’s other side, a petite and once fair-skinned woman with long blonde hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, was off in her own little world. Her name was Lexi and she was dressed all in black. From stilettos to a mid-length pencil skirt with a slit up the middle and a tight long-sleeve, v-neck, criss-cross crop top. Hearing the last few words, she snapped her head back around. “Sorry, I missed that. What did you say?”
Eden lifted both hands this time to tuck her hair behind both ears. “Uh, I was wondering if you think being late will count against me.”
“I hope not, else… um… else I’m in trouble for tripping over and being so… foolish,” Nova added quietly.
Lexi gave them a friendly laugh. “I shouldn’t think so. Looks like there are only contestants here and the show’s host isn’t even-” Before she could finish, there was an interruption.

Johnny Doe walked in, stopping just inside the door. No one saw or paid him any attention until he started speaking, then all eyes were on him. “Ladies, welcome! We’ve had The Bachelor and we’re had The Bachelorette, but welcome to the first Bachelor…ette. Yes, that’s right, this season we’re going to have both, at the same time.”
“You’re probably wondering where your bachelor is. Well, he’s not here. In fact, first I have a task for you and then I take you to meet him,” he continued. “All the male contestants are all grouped on a floor below you and your task is to choose two to send home.” He paused for gasps from the group, then pointed to a door next to the toilets that didn’t seem to be there before. “You’ll go in there, read their names and select two to send home. Announce to the camera who they are you’re sending home and why, as well as introducing yourself. Are you ready to do this?”


What do you think of the characters introductions?
What is your character’s first impressions of the others? What do they think of the first elimination?

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Meet The Men

On a floor directly below the females, eleven male bachelors stood in a similar-sized empty room. Off to one side stood a group of three. Erick was the tallest in the room, towering over the other men in the room, being only a few inches from seven foot. Nothing about this man was short or small, nothing except his mini afro with a temple fade and he had a miniature goatee. Dressed in his best black suit with his Resting-Stern-face, he listened to Connor and Walker.
“Okay. Now that we have introduced ourselves, Walker and…” Connor looked at the tall man who hadn’t even spoken a word to them yet. “…What’s-his-name here. Have you ever fantasised about changing your first name, and to what?” Connor wasn’t dressed like most men here, he was wearing mostly leather including a matching flat cap. This outfit consisted of the finest button up jacket that he also used when hunting, which was over top of a clean white shirt and purple bow tie. Not to forget polished leather boots to go with it.
“Maybe just a name that isn’t a verb or a zombie from The Walking Dead,” Walker laughed. “I always thought I’d make a good Wade, or even suit a Lance.” He was also wearing a black suit and tie with a white shirt, though his was a little snug on him. His dirty blonde hair stood on end on his ivory head in a modern pompadour style, as well as a patch of stubble at the end of his chin.
Connor laughed. “You know both of those names are verbs too?”
“I guess I can’t escape having a verb for a name then.” He kept laughing along with Connor.
They both then looked up to the tall male beside them, waiting expectantly for his answer. Seconds passed until he looked at each of them and only shook his head.

A few feet away, was a rather peculiar pair. One was a tall and lean Korean bloke, while the other was an almost as tall, rugged man of Mediterranean descent. The taller one was in a beautiful blue designer suit that wrapped tightly around the muscles of an infrequent gym-goer. While the rugged one looked like he frequented the gym more often in his tight navy Versace pants and blazer with a plain tee underneath.
“Saying you left completed homework at home, only to use that same homework 10 minutes later to pass notes, tops mistaking a cold for being pregnant, don’t you think?”, the rugged Sebastian suggested.
The tall Yong-Rae thought before conceding. “Yes, okay okay. But how about getting a plastic toy soldier jammed in your nose?”
“Being silly with kids, it’s bound to happen. Though more likely it’d be the child.”
“If she had children, yes, but this 47-year-old woman lived alone. She hadn’t any nieces or nephews either.”
“None were mentioned.”
“Yeah, cool, you win with that story.”
“Thank you.” Yong-Rae beamed.

In the opposite corner to the first group, near the lifts, stood another trio of men. The first, Jace, wore a tight denim shirt with white pants. He brushed his light brown flopsy hair out of his glistening eyes and patted his flat stomach. “You are what you eat, right?”
Sloan, a man with the same hair but more tanned skin, chuckled. He lifted his tropical-yellow Hawaiian-style shirt to reveal a chest that looked like solid corrugated iron. “All the carbs and alcohol doesn’t seem to have done that to me. What about you, Becks?”
The third fellow, Beckham, was of similar colouring to Sloan. Though his hair was a darker brown and his thick curls held much tighter and a bit shorter to his scalp. In a salmon shirt tucked into belted beige dress pants, sleeves rolled up to his elbow, he wore a pleasant expression that held disgruntled feelings. He voiced those feelings calmly. “I’m not a British soccer player, please call me Beckham.”
Holding up his hands defensively, Sloan apologised. “Lo siento, I don’t want to offend.”
Beckham had a look of confusion. Jace smiled and helped him out, remembering a basic amount of Spanish from school. ““Lo siento means sorry in Spanish.” Beckham mouthed ‘Oh’ to show he understood.
“You know Spanish, Jace?”, Sloan asked, grinning, clearly impressed.
“Not too much,” Jace answered. “There’s a little I remember from my high school Spanish class. I only took it for a year.”
Losing a little interest in the conversation, Sloan dropped his shirt, which remained half undone over his trousers. “Maravilloso. Do you know where we can get a drink while we wait?”

In the middle of the room, another group of three stood around and chatted. Ezra, who was made from the deepest shade of brown, was dressed in a red brick button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black dress pants. Next to him, Danny seemed to resemble a piece of chalk, he looked so pale he was almost sickly. Wearing casual clothes in the hopes of giving off a friendly impression, he had on a simple off-brand white button-up shirt with his favourite black leather jacket. His trousers are brownish-grey to make sure the jacket shines. Then there was Sacha, a once French man with rich dark skin, dark high-top twists with a temple fade, and beard to match that. He was dressed in a sleek black suit with golden accents and a white shirt.
“The best way to explore human nature is through biology,” Ezra stated. “How our bodies react to getting out there and testing ourselves to physical extremities. Our bodies learn to adapt in the elements they’re put through.”
Danny listened, observing Ezra a moment longer after he finished speaking. “Yeah, standard, standard. I’m just thinking that philosophy is the best way. Learning to control your mind and think logically.”
“I don’t think so.” Ezra shook his head. “Your physical capabilities can be increased or decreased depending upon what lifestyle you have.”
“Hearing both of your arguments, I ‘ave to disagree,” Sacha chimed in. His French accent was a little thick and gave him a slightly more overbearing tone on the conversation. “The best way eez psychological, to explore ‘ow people react in different situations.”
“Yeah but just understand how their mind works in those different situations, not their facial expressions,” Danny interjected.
“No. No. That comes later, you first ‘ave to-”

Just five minutes after addressing the females, Johnny Doe stepped outside of the lift on the male floor. The males didn’t didn’t pay him any attention either until he started speaking. “Gents, welcome! We’ve had The Bachelorette and we’re had The Bachelor, but welcome to the first Bachelor…ette. Yes, that’s right, this season we’re going to have both, at the same time.”
“You’re probably wondering where your Bachelorette is. Well, she’s not here. In fact, first I have a task for you and then I take you to meet her,” he continued. “All the female contestants are all grouped on a floor above you and your task is to choose two to send home.” He paused for a few grunts and groans from the group, then pointed to their door next to the toilets. “You’ll go in there, read their names and select two to send home. Announce to the camera who they are you’re sending home and why, as well as introducing yourself. Are you ready to do this?”

Here is the elimination form to fill out for your character. (wink)


Female Contestants Eliminate

Johnny looked over the female crowd; many shocked faces and disgruntled gasps. He side-stepped and outstretched his arm to gesture towards the voting room door. “One at a time,” he announced. “Who’s first?”
Lorelei stepped forward, not looking back at some of the disapproving glares from the others. “Me.” She strutted into the room, the size of the tiniest walk-in wardrobe, and saw the camera mounted at head-height on the wall. Below it, on a podium, was a tablet with 11 male faces on it. Lorelei looked down at them and clicked on two of the faces, then back up at the camera.

“Hey, Lorelei here. I picked those two for absolutely no reason, so I just picked random names. I picked Connor and Erick.”

Lorelei turned with flare and left the room, returning to the crowd. Then one by one, the girls stepped up to introduce themselves, vote and give their reasons.

“Hey, so I’m Eden. Uh, I hate being this person. I chose Sloan and Beckham because they both seem kind of intimidating. Seriously, that’s kind of it. I am so sorry. Looks can be deceiving and I’m sure you’re both lovely people.”

Bexley raised her eyebrows to the camera and gave a half-shrug. “Just not really my type sorry”

“Hi, I’m Noga. Well, it’s not really easy to just pick names, but I pick Danny because I had an ex called Daniel and he wasn’t really a good one. So the name doesn’t give good memories. And Yong, because I can barely pronounce it.”

“Hello, my name is Maria Mendoza. I’m just gonna choose [BLEEPed for audience suspense]. Then I’ll pick Jace, for seeing your body solely through the lens of your diet.”

Maya selected the two she was voting out. “Yes, rugged Noah Centineo and the t-shirt model, they’re interesting but not that interesting.”

“Hello, I’m Mia. For those of you who watch this show, I’ve got Breaking News; I’m on the Bachelor(ette).” She crackled. “Actually, I know Erick as a singer… never lets fans touch him, which, okay, but why are you on here? As for the other guy, well, he was just kinda unremarkable. Sorry, honey, I’m sure you’re sweet.”

“Hello, I’m Lilith Holloway and I feel bad for having to pick someone to eliminate and not give them a chance to win. But I guess I’m going with [BLEEP] and Connor Relbred, simply because I don’t get good vibes from them. I don’t know what else to say.”

“Hello-hello, I’m Lexi Belle and am honestly pretty ecstatic to be here today… and hopefully-” She laughed. “-not get voted out before I even get to meet the bachelor. On that note I’m going to say [BLEEP] and Jace for elimination this round. Nothing against them… Let’s just say… I’ve bad experiences with men named “[BLEEP]” and “Jace” in the past… not to judge a book on a cover but, okay, a little book-judgy. Sue me. I guess that’s the point of this elimination. Thanks"

“Hi, I’m Addie," She looked around the room for someone to query. “Was there something else I was supposed to… oh, sorry, yes… camera.” She looked back at the camera. “I guess the two people I’ll vote to eliminate are [BLEEP] and Sacha. Again, statistics show that people initially resonate to those whose names they recognise, and odds are that they’ll be voted out.”

“I… I’m Nova… Nova Edwards, and I…” She fidgeted with her hair. “-don’t like this, but I picked [BLEEP] and [BLEEP] to eliminate. I don’t know why to eliminate them really, but they were just the first two names that caught my attention.”

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Based on this post, which three do you think could be up for elimination?
  • Beckham
  • Connor
  • Danny
  • Erick
  • Ezra
  • Jace
  • Sacha
  • Sebastian
  • Sloan
  • Walker
  • Yong-rae

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Male Contestants Eliminate

Back on the floor directly below the females, Johnny walked downstairs after Eden exited the voting room, to explain what the males had to do as well. When he asked who was first, Sloan was striding towards the room even before he finished speaking. Then the other males followed one by one.

Probably not having heard what Johnny had said about an introduction, Sloan tapped on two of the ladies while saying, “Don’t really know them enough to make judgments so I feel bad either way.“

Connor was next. “Bonjour, so the process is simple. I select two names that I perceive to have very little significance to them. In certain cases, the person creates the value of their name but I have no prior information on these ladies. I’m not one to doubt myself but I think my selection was correct.”

No one was listening to Johnny about introducing themselves, including Yong-Rae. “Eden, well Eden is too, how do I say this, tomboyish? Okay, yes, that isn’t really a problem, the problem is her lack of fashion sense. Even though she’s a tomboy, I expected a better dress. Yes, Lexi? She’s too blonde.”

“Hey! I’m Sebastian Ricci; 25 and somewhat of a dork sometimes, which something the high school students I teach can attest to. That being said, hey class, I’m here for you all. Right…” He sighed. “-I guess I have to vote two people off and I honestly will say I hate doing this and I just randomly picked because that seems the most fair way to do this. So, yeah, I voted for Mia and [BLEEPed for audience suspense].”

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…”, Walker chanted indecisively before tapping on two ladies.

“My name is Beckham Lister and I chose to eliminate [BLEEP] and Maya Tushi just because other girls stood out to me more and I’d like to see more of them.”

“Noga?”, Erick muttered quietly with a spasm-like shrug. “And Addie?”

“Hey, I’m Ezra. Honestly, I don’t know who to pick, I’m sure they’re all amazing girls that deserve a chance to be here, but I suppose I’ll go with [BLEEP] and [BLEEP], because having Mia and Maya and Nova and Noga could be a bit confusing. Sorry!”

“Hey, I’m Jace Parker, and I’m choosing [BLEEP] and [BLEEP] to eliminate, not for any reason in particular since I don’t really know them. I just picked a pair of names that were near the middle of the list.”

“Yeah, Dan Lexson, but I’m fine with being called something else if that makes you feel comfortable. I’m just going to put my feelings out there and say I hate choosing very much. I hope that my random picks do not mentally hurt any of them. “

‘Ello, I’m Sacha. This eez a little bit weird.” He chuckled to himself. “Oh, I want to shout out to my sisters back 'ome who are the reason I am 'ere. Love you two.” Sacha tapped the screen twice. “I ‘ave chosen Lexi and Noga. I’m sorry, I’m sure you both are lovely, it was random.”

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Based on this post, which three do you think could be up for elimination?
  • Adelaide
  • Bexley
  • Eden
  • Lexi
  • Lilith
  • Lorelei
  • Maria
  • Maya
  • Mia
  • Noga
  • Nova

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Eliminating the Competition

After Connor returned from the voting room, Johnny went upstairs again, slower this time because of the number of times he had already been up and down them. Although when he did reach the girls floor, Nova had just walked in and so he went to stand in front of the group to wait. Only a minute he had to wait before he touched his ear piece for the results and addressed them.
“Ladies, you’ve all voted and I hope you’ve introduced yourselves at the same time!”, Johnny exclaimed. “Although, I must tell you that we’ve told the males you were voting on the same instructions and I have the results. One of you here today has been chosen by the males and will be going home.”
“I will call forward five of you who aren’t safe, four of you received three votes while the one who is sadly leaving us received 5 votes from the males. As for the names not called, you are safe.”
“In no particular order, could these five step forward? Nova, Mia, Eden, Lexi, and Maya.” Johnny wasn’t one for drawing suspense out for TV ratings, he’d rather rip the bandaid off.

Which of the five do you think is going home?
  • Eden
  • Lexi
  • Maya
  • Mia
  • Nova

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The news had been given to the ladies and one of them was not going right now to meet the potential love of their life. Ten of them were taking the lift downstairs to the limo and leaving the eliminated one behind, alone in the room. Johnny took the stairs and made it down just as Sacha was exiting the voting room. He stood in front of the group of eleven. Touching his ear piece for the results, he listened before addressing them.
“Gentlemen, you’ve all voted and I hope you’ve introduced yourselves at the same time!”, Johnny exclaimed. “Although, I hear that many of you didn’t. Oh dear, that’s worrying.”
“I must tell you that we’ve told the females you were voting on the same instructions and I have the results. One of you here today will be going home too.”
“I will call forward three of you who aren’t safe, two of you received three votes while the one who is sadly leaving us received 5 votes from the females. As for the names not called, you are safe.”
“In no particular order, could these three step forward? Erick, Yong-Rae, and Danny.”

Which of the three do you think is going home?
  • Danny
  • Erick
  • Yong-rae

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Character Question:

What is your character’s reaction to what Johnny announced about those who are safe and not safe?



When Johnny called Nova, Noga, and Eden’s names out for the bottom five, Adelaide’s face showed no surprise nor remorse. Her statistics seemed to be playing out exactly how she had presumed. Unlike Noga, who’s face felt sympathy for those five while sharing her happiness for being saved. One of the only ones who looked sad for them was Bexley, as she had been speaking to both Mia and Maya.
Johnny started to speak again, only leaving a minute-long pause after the announcement. “I’m not going to leave you in suspense for very long, so I’ll tell Eden and Lexi that you’re safe.” Lexi had been pretty relaxed about it but when he called her name, she was ecstatic and almost skipped backwards. While Eden was almost the opposite as she stepped back, her arms remained crossed and her disappointment showed for being voted on to leave. Lilith smiled at them both when they stepped back, happy that not only she was safe but they were too, they seemed nice…
“The next person safe is Nova,” Johnny announced. Nova gave an extremely nervous smile as she walked shakily back to the safe group, relieved to be back with her new friends. Lorelei watched the pair standing before them, looking very pleased she wasn’t in their shoes. Mia stood with her leg cocked, surprised that she was still standing there. While Maya looked distraught, as if she knew she was going home. “And the first female leaving us, who had the most male votes was… Mia. I’m so sorry. … That does mean that, Maya, you are safe.”
Maya’s knees couldn’t hold her after hearing the news and she sank to the floor. Lilith came forward to help her back up. Mia’s mouth also dropped to the floor. “Excuse me? Moi? Time for a recount because you haven’t seen the last of me.” She turned around to the group. “I’ll be back, b^tches!”
It was now time for those ten safe women to go downstairs to the awaiting limos.

Are you surprised by who went home?
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Relief flickered over Beckham’s face when he didn’t hear his name. He would have felt more sympathy but he didn’t know them well enough. Two other relieved faces were Connor and Jace, both pleased to hopefully have the opportunity to meet their bachelorette.
No more than a minute after calling those three names, Johnny started to speak again, “Not wanting to leave you guys in suspense for too long, I’m just going to tell one of you you’re safe. So that guy would be Danny.” Danny had definitely been nervous, standing there trying to slowly keep his breathing calm. He rejoined the group and Ezra clapped his back, smiling about he, Danny, and Sacha all being safe. Danny looked over at Sacha who gave him a reassuring nod of approval, glad he wasn’t going home. Sebastian, however, was looking rather annoyed. Not only did he believe this was unfair that one guy didn’t get to meet the bachelorette but there was now a 50/50 chance his new friend, Yong-rae, was leaving. While Sloan stood there quite unaffected, in fact, one could say he even looked a little bored, and Walker was happy but not surprised that Erick was up there.
The pair, Erick and Yong-rae, were standing before Johnny, waiting for the verdict. Both seemed to not particularly care though. Johnny made another announcement, sensing it was time, “And the first male leaving us, who had the most female votes… I’m so sorry, it was… Erick, which means that, Yong-rae, you’re safe.”
It was now time for those ten safe men to go downstairs to the awaiting limo.

Which of the three do you think is going home?
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Dean’s Meet and Greet (part one)

Dean wasn’t too nervous as he stood on the wide pathway that lead up to the famed Bachelor House, which was nestled in the Hollywood Hills. He was still in the same outfit as when he had been filmed for the introductions, the only difference was the makeup artists had kept him looking tidy, despite his protests. He had been standing there now for a little over three minutes and knew it wouldn’t be too much longer. In fact, he must have known something without being told, because at that precise moment, a limo arrived.

It parked in the middle of the road, the crew had cleared the street for private-use for the next hour, and the door was opened from the outside by a man in a suit. Out of it came one… long leg, slowly extending out of the door. The rest of Lexi Belle followed. Her smile was confident and she strutted right up the path to Dean. She pointed a relaxed finger at his face and said, “You have a little something right here." Lexi paused long enough to let out a small laugh. “I’m sorry, that’s just your handsome face, my mistake.” Dean raised his eyebrows, as if surprised by what she had told him. Lexi covered her face with her hand. “Sorry, that was a little cheesy. I’m Lexi and I promise 56% of the time, I’m not that bad”.
“I’ve not heard anyone call my face handsome before, Lexi. Rugged, sure, that’s one I get often,” Dean commented. “You, on the other hand, are very beautiful.”
Lexi laughed again. “That, Mister Dean, I have been told before. Although I do doubt you’ve never been told you’re good-looking. It’s just a pity, really, that beauty doesn’t stop cheesiness.
“Dean, please, no need for titles,” Dean requested politely. “If cheesy is who you are then I’m 100% for you being yourself.”
“Good to know. I like you, Dean, I like you a lot.” She ran her finger along his jacket’s shoulder-sem as she walked past and into the house.

Next to be let out of the limo was a younger girl who was a few inches taller than Lexi. Her name, Maya, and she glided over in her black stilettos. “Are you the bachelor that I have signed up to meet?”, Maya asked with a bit of a flirty tone on top of her southern accent without the normal southern twang.
Dean smiled. “Hope I live up to the expectations you’ve set.”
“Honey, you have done more than that. You are a box of chocolates that I cannot wait to open.” Maya hesitated. “I did not mean for that to sound so crass.”
“It’s fine.” He quietly chuckled at the comment. “Do I detect a strong southern accent there?”
“Born and raised in Southlake, Texas. Have you heard of it?”
“I haven’t, no. First time out of Tennessee for me,” he told her. “You’ll have to tell me more about Southlake later on.” Leaning toward her, Dean gave her a light peck on the cheek. She smiled back and walked to the front door.

Again the limo door opened and out stepped Nova in her long pastel-yellow dress. Just one step; the second took her to her knees. “…Hi, I’m N-,” she started before falling to the ground.
Dean jogged over to her, offering a hand up. She timidly put both hands in his and he gently pulled her up. When she was on two feet again, he asked, “You alright? That was some entrance.”
As she realised his hands were still holding onto hers, her cheeks reddened. “I’m… I’m Nova.” She made no attempt to escape his hold but could feel herself getting warmer.
“Nova, that’s a unique name,” Dean stated, letting go of one of her hands and guiding her back up the path towards the house. “I’m Dean. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself.”
“…No, no, I’m just clumsy. … Dean, I like that name, it reminds me of James Dean.”
“Thanks, I don’t have many similarities with him but he was a good actor. I’ll talk more about that later, what do you say?” Nova gave a shy nod before opening the door and Dean walked back to the spot where he had been told to stand.

The door to the limo had already been opened when Dean returned to his spot. A tanned left leg escaped from the door, the skirt and the woman who wore it followed within seconds. Dean’s eye was drawn to her smile though, and he followed that smile until it had walked right up to him. “I would have told you to stop looking at the assets,” Noga laughed. “But you don’t seem to be doing that.”
Dean blinked out of his trance upon hearing her words. “My apologies. Your smile, it had me.” He cleared his throat. “You’re a very beautiful woman.”
“Thank you,” Noga uttered as she blinked rapidly and a blush crept onto her cheeks.
“You’re very welcome. I’m Dean, by the way, and what name do you go by?”
“Nice to meet you, Noga.” He bent his head down as he reached for her hand in his, then kissed the back of it.
Her blush turned a darker shade as turned to head inside. “Nice to meet you too.”

The first thing that Dean noticed as the next bachelorette got out of the limo and strutted towards him was not the empty limo driving away, but the number of tattoos Lorelei had. “Nice tatts. How many do you have?”
“Too many to count,” answered Lorelei with a thick central European English accent. “How many do you have?”
Dean smiled. “19. Got this one just last month.” He patted his right thigh.
“19, really? Impressive that you have kept count.”
“They all mean something. I’ve gotten a new one every year. Best present I’ve ever received was my first one.”
“Best present, huh? Can’t wait to find out more about them then,” she told him coyly. Then added just before heading inside, “Later, if you tell me about yours, I’ll tell you about mine.”
Dean was left speechless and impressed by this, unable to stop himself from watching her walk inside.

These are just the first half of the females’ conversations, the rest are still to come!

Whose conversation with Dean was your favourite?
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  • Maya
  • Nova
  • Noga
  • Lorelei

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Dean’s Meet and Greet (part two)

A second limo pulled up; the driver got out and walked around to open the door. First one out was Adelaide. When she had walked up to him, he greeted her, “Hi, I’m Dean. What’s your name?”
“Dean,” Adelaide repeated almost to herself. “Simple name, simple guy.” She was referring to something from earlier.
“I’m sorry?” His face looked perplexed.
Suddenly aware she’d spoken it aloud. “I- No, nothing, I didn’t mean that. Uh, I’m Addie. Nice to meet you, Dean.”
“Good Afternoon, Addie. It’s okay, I get it, I’m a little nervous too.” Dean shrugged with a kind smile to help to relax her.
“It is more nerve-racking now that I’m here. A lot is riding on our first meeting.”
“Not to worry, you’re doing alright. We can talk more later, it’s all good.”
“I hope so,” she replied, before slipping away and entering the house.

Next to exit from the vehicle was Bexley, who bounded up to the Bachelor, her dress’s train trailing behind. She looked him straight in the eye. “Hey, I’m Bexley but you can call me Bex, most do. How are you?”
“Yeah, I’m doing good, Bex, thanks for asking. How are you doing?” He chuckled lightly.
“Me? I am so excited, you seem really nice so far and I think we are going to have a great time getting to know each other."
“Yeah, so do I,” he agreed. “I’m Dean, by the way, just Dean. There aren’t many nicknames for a Dean. Say, do you prefer Bex or Bexley?”
“I don’t know, I’m sure I could think of a good nickname for you,” she giggled, a slight blush growing in her cheeks. “Just Bex, it’s more casual. I use Bexley when I need to be formal.”
“I shall challenge you to do so then,” he encouraged. “But I don’t know about being casual, you’re looking rather formal right now.”
Bex’s cheeks reddened more. “…I accept your challenge. Should we seal the deal with a hug?”
Dean’s smile widened. “Sure.” Opening his arms, he put them around her, bringing her into him. She rested her cheek on his shoulder. It only lasted her a few seconds before they parted ways, agreeing to talk again.

The woman who followed Bex seemed to pique his attention more, not only by her style but the way she confidently strode up to him too. She stuck out her hand and said, "Eden Jett Charles, nice to meet you. Have you ever been skydiving?”
Dean took her hand in his and they shook. “Hello Eden Jett Charles, I’m Dean Lambre’.” Their hands each dropped to their sides. “No, I haven’t, haven’t the time yet. Hope to one day, but what about you?”
“Seriously?! Okay, you should make time. I’ve done a tandem dive over Long Island, but next on the list is doing a solo one.”
“Ah, you’re an adventure junkie from NYC I take it?”
“Born and Raised,” she exclaimed proudly. “You ever been?”
“To New York? I haven’t. I’ve seen the show, Friends. ‘Suppose that doesn’t really count, does it?”
Eden snorted a laugh. “It isn’t the greatest representation of the great city, no.”
“You’ll have to tell me about what I’m missing later then.”
“I’d be happy to.”

After Eden went inside the house, the limo door opened again and another amazing smile came out. It walked right up to him and held out a hand. “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Lilith.”
Dean took Lilith’s hand in his and they shook for a second or two, before he turned her hand up and bent down to kiss it. Standing back up, he responded, “Very nice to meet you too, Lilith, my name is Dean.”
“Oh my, chivalry isn’t dead,” Lilith announced in awe. “Good to know. Though I do wonder why someone as chivalrous as you is still single.”
Dean tilted his head down slightly, smiling humbly. “I could say the same for your beauty, which I’m sure your personality matches.”
“Thank you.” She giggled. “Is that you blushing, I see? Because I’m thinking I might too if you keep holding onto my hand.”
He quickly let go, looking everywhere but at her. He was embarrassed, yet still smiling. “I’m sorry. Uh, maybe I could make it up to later, when we next talk?”
Giggling still, she answered, “I’d love that.”

Dean was covering his face with his hand after Lilith left, not believing how stupid he’d been. He didn’t see Maria hop out of the limo, nor it driving off down the street. She was right in front of him, his hand still on his face when she pulled out a set of handcuffs from inside the bust of her dress. Placing her right wrist in one cuff and his left wrist in the other, she then stated, “That was easy.”
“Uh…” Dean lowered his left hand from his face. “What are you doing?”
Maria gave him a flirty smirk. “Hold on.” With her free hand, she removed her left dangle earring and used the back of it to pick the cuff lock. Her cuff unlocked first.
“Okay, that’s impressive,” Dean commented.
A few seconds later, his cuff opened and she caught it as it dropped. “Just a trick I know.” She shrugged cockily as she put the cuffs back in her bust and her earring back on.
“I want to learn how to do that. It’s not my first time in handcuffs, so any chance you could teach me?”
“Sure, only if you share the story of the time you were in cuffs?!”
Dean returned her smirk with a kind smile. “I believe that’s a date.”

When Maria had gone inside, a shorter limo pulled up, and Dean made his way down the drive to it. Jessica stepped out, still wearing her strapless, Black Swan-inspired, full-length Dior dress. She exchanged only glances with Dean before he took her place inside the limo and it drove off.

These are the females’ conversations with Dean, the males are still to come!

Whose conversation with Dean was your favourite?
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  • Bexley
  • Eden
  • Lilith
  • Maria

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Jessica’s Meet and Greet (part one)

After Dean left in the limo she had arrived in, Jessica was directed to the spot where he had been standing. She was quietly confident, only a slight bit of nervousness upon meeting so many potential partners. Her reddish-brown hair brushed her shoulders but wasn’t a strand out of place. Makeup artists tried to come closer to her to make sure she looked perfect but she shooed them before they could. Jessica had fixed herself up in the limo, she was already looking her best self, she knew that. She looked toward the road, put a hand on her hip and cocking a leg, already growing impatient. It had only been a couple of minutes. Though she didn’t have to wait too much longer, as the first limo was arriving.

It parked on the road right in front of the house, and the driver quickly got out to open the back door for the bachelors. The first to exit the vehicle was a tall specimen in a navy designer suit and Jessica devoured him with her eyes as he approached. “Mmm, Mmm, Mmmmm,” she hummed melodically through closed lips. “Boy has style. I like it. I know a Versace when I see it.”
“Great that you noticed. It’s not all suit either, there’s an exceptional man behind it too,” Sebastian joked.
Jessica gave him a snide laugh. “Says you. You’re a little biased, don’t you think?”
“Possibly,” he agreed shruggingly. “After all, it is you who will be the deciding factor on whether this is fact or factoid.”
“Yes, I will be.” She seemed rather pleased.
“You know, you remind me of a phrase in italian that my nonna taught me. It’s Le cose belle arrivano quando non le cerchi, which roughly translates to beautiful things come when you’re not looking. I don’t really know what I was expecting coming into this competition… but… I’m looking forward to getting to know you a little bit better.” Then with a smile, he left her with those words, and was directed to the path leading around the back of the house.
Watching him leave with surprised glee, Jessica turned back, fanning her face with her hand. “Yes, yes, he’ll do. I’m done. I pick him.”

Just as she was saying that, the door opened again and out stepped Beckham. As he walked up the drive, he pushed up his rolled shirt sleeves to try to hide his nervousness. “It’s a good thing you already seem to be warm,” he stated, in observation of her fanning herself. “I was going to offer you my jacket but I seem to have forgotten it.” He then chuckled to himself.
“Bit of advice, a jacket would not have saved that outfit,” Jessica said with condescension. Beckham went quiet, looking down at his shirt, a little hurt by what she had said. But Jessica wasted no time. “What, cat got your tongue? You realised I was right about the shirt?”
He looked up again, ignoring her comments and tried to start again. “Hello, I’m Beckham.”
“Jessica.” Then after a moment’s delay she excitedly asked with sarcasm, “Hold Up! You’re married to a Spice Girl?”
“I’m not,” was all he responded before moving on, not wanting those comparisons again. “I like your name, Jessica. It’s nice to meet you. Maybe we can talk more about fashion in there?” He pointed to the house.
“Maybe,” she said before he walked away.

Jessica noted that the next to step out was a man who knew how to wear a designer suit, who she’d soon learn was named Yong-Rae. When he locked eyes with her, his mouth curved upward revealing a cheeky glint in his eyes. He had a sort of swagger about him. “You look pleased,” she told him as he drew closer.
“Yes,” Yong-Rae replied. “Do you know what type of food we are going to eat on our first date?”
“No, not yet. Any ideas?”
His smile evolved into his signature smirk. “Seoul food.”
She blinked. “I don’t-”
“I’m talking about Seoul Food, get it?”
“Wha-” Jessica rolled her eyes. “I’m guessing you mean the capital of Korea, adding an E in Seoul. I guess you’re Korean then?”
“I am. My name’s Yong-Rae.”
“Okay, Yong-Rae, I hope that your personality is more like fashion sense and not your ‘jokes’,” she said sharply, using air-quotes when she said jokes. “Maybe we’ll talk later.” With that, Yong-Rae’s smile dropped and he left dejectedly.

When Walker stepped out of the limo, Jessica wasn’t really paying him any attention. She was kind of annoyed at the turn out so far and she looked as if she was almost regretting entering the show all together, until… Walker strode up, a rose in each hand and he passed one of them to her. “So I rose to the occasion, as my love stems deep, and I hope we have a blooming good time.” He squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head as he handed Jessica one of the roses. “I’m Walker and sorry about that. My friend suggested I say that and just thought we should have the first roses of the season. Now I realise how cheesy that sounded.”
To even Jessica’s surprise, she laughed as she took the rose he offered. “Yeah, you’re right. It was cheesy. But thanks, it was really sweet. Or should I be thanking your friend?”
Slowly bouncing his head up and down with a smile, Walker responded casually, “It’s okay, I think he’d want you to thank me.”
“That works.” Then she took hold of his tie in her free hand and gently pulled his neck down a few inches, only to give him a peck on the cheek. She let go and stepped back. “Gratitude enough?”
“It is in my books. Thank you. Talk to you… inside?”
“Of course.” And off he went with lipstick on his cheek and a crew member came to take the rose from her.

Next person Jessica saw leaving the limo was a slightly scruffy… time traveller? He strutted over to her carrying a small, black, velvet bag. “Hi, I’m Connor, and you are?”
“Jessica. What decade have you come in from, Connor?”
“This one. Why’s that?”
She looked him up and down, slightly repulsed. “Because my Yéyé called, he wants his flat cap back.”
“Well, I can tell your Yéyé has style.” He made sure to pronounce the word carefully, hoping it was a good thing.
“He does.” She smiled at the compliment of her grandfather. “What’s that you’re holding?”
He looked down at the small bag and opened slightly, for Jessica to put her hand in. “Love is like a bag of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get. You just have to dive in and be surprised.”
“Chocolate, you say…” She reached in without looking and pulled out a Belgian chocolate shaped like a seahorse. “Guylian chocolate? Yum.”
“Yes. That’s dark chocolate too. I guess you’ll fall in love with a dark horse.” He closed the bag and walked around the house smugly.

These are just the first half of the males’ conversations, the rest are still to come!

Whose conversation with Jessica was your favourite?
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  • Beckham
  • Yong-Rae
  • Walker
  • Connor

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Jessica’s Meet and Greet (part two)

Just as the second limo arrived, before the next contestant exited it, a crew member came to box up the chocolate for Jessica to have later, if she wanted. Then it was Sacha she saw stylishly dressed in all black. She attempted to wolf whistle at him to an abysmal effort, causing her to laugh hysterically at herself. “That’s how to fail.”
“Moi?”, Sacha asked, his left fingertips touching his chest as if to assure her he was asking of himself. “That wheestle to me?”
“Whistle? I hardly call what I just did a whistle. But it was to you. I wanted to cheapen your experience here by treating you like meat on the market.” She laughed again, tilting her head down and noticing what he carried in his right hand. “You play that or is it a handbag?”
“This?” Sacha looked down at the case he was holding. “Oui.” Though Jessica didn’t respond, as she watched him carefully rest the case on the ground and take out his saxophone. Taking a few seconds to adjust the reed and his finger before playing. From the sax came part of a tune by Kenny G.
Jessica applauded him when he was finished and began packing away his sax. “Smooth. All cards on the table with you. Now I know what to expect.”
“J’ai encore quelques surprises,” Sacha told her with a smile. “Tu es belle.”
Surprised by the French, Jessica did a double-take as he left. “I don’t know what he said but-” She began fanning herself dramatically again.

The next guy hopped out before the limo as Jessica forced herself to stop fanning. The tight denim shirt had a container under his arm, she realised as he arrived in front of her. “Don’t think you’ll be staying here long, do you?”
“What?”, Jace asked, confused.
She pointed to the small container. “Not much can be packed in there. It won’t last you a couple of months.”
“No, it’s not that,” Jace answered seriously. Then as if remembering, he forced a nice smile and removed the container’s lid, holding it in front of him. “Omelette you in on a secret. You and I would brie perfectly gouda. Life would be feta if we were together.” His smile lifted somewhat, proud he’d said it. “Hey, I’m Jace. Care for a pepperoni pizza breadstick? ”
Jessica hid her face behind her hand and shook her head. “Jace, that was cheesy.”
“Pun intended?”
“What pun?” She pulled her hand away from her face. “Nevermind. So like, did your mum write that as well as bake those?”
“I-” He was a little speechless and began rubbing the back of his neck. “That wasn’t my aim to make you think that, I just love to cook. Those are my words and baking, because everyone knows the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.”
“Do they? I don’t.”
“Maybe that’s why you meet me. Maybe I’m the one to cook my way into your heart.” He smiled at her as covered the container. “Hope to cook for you again later on.”
“Perhaps you will,” she told him as he headed away.

The second contestant was quick to get out of the limo. She noted that the strapping young man with piercing blue eyes wore a much more casual look than many of the others she had met. “Hi,” he said as he reached Jessica.
“Hi, I’m Jessica.” She stepped back on one stiletto, looking him up and down. “I’m not too sure I should ask you this but do you like what you see?” She ran her hand down over her body as if she was selling a car.
“Dan,” he responded back to her greeting, putting out his hand for a second before retracting it and rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah, I do, I do. The dress makes you even more beautiful.” He smiled genuinely.
Jessica looked pleased. “Thanks, it’s Dior.”
“Golly, you must love clothes a lot to give them names.”
She blinked multiple times. “No, that’s the brand. Dee-or.” She sounded it out in case he was stupid.
Danny laughed at himself. “Oh. Silly me. I should have realised that. Well, you look amazing anyway.”
“Thanks, I know. And you look… comfortable.” Though it may have sounded like a compliment, the distaste for his clothing choice was all forced into the word comfortable. “Might talk to you later,” she added, trying to end the conversation.
“Yeah, I’d like that.” He walked off smiling, clearly happy with how that went.

The man who followed Dan seemed to be even more casual, he seemed to be on vacation. With a cocky grin and nod toward Jessica, he strutted up to her. “Hola hermosa dama, pareces ser la mujer más hermosa que he visto en mucho tiempo.”
Jessica narrowed her eyes and loosely folded her bare arms over her chest. “…You know this is the American version of the show?! I don’t understand… whatever that was.”
“Lo siento,” Sloan apologised and Jessica signed loudly. “It was Spanish. I called you lovely, the most beautiful woman I’ve seen.”
“Really? Now that’s good.” She smiled and relaxed her arms. “Much better. I like to understand the compliments I receive. So is this some kind of vacation for you?”
“No, señora, it isn’t.” His tone became a little more flirty, “I’m here to win the heart of the most ravishing person. I can see that person will be you.”
Jessica laughed in an alluring flirty way. “I’m not too sure if a relationship between us could withstand all that the confidence we both have, but, I’m willing to see if you are?”
“Sí, I’m ready.” He gave a little wink to her before leaving and she felt a little flushed.

The last man out of the limo before it drove off was Ezra, smiling at Jessica as he walked up the drive. “Hello, I’m Ezra, how are you this evening?”
“Hey Ezra, I’m Jessica. Honestly, I’ve got mixed feelings. You’re looking sharp.”
“Thank you, you too. That dress looks like it was made for you.”
“I wish,” Jessica admitted. “Don’t get me wrong, I have had clothes made to measure but this, this is something special.”
“Could be the person in the dress who makes it special,” Erza offered, his smile still strong.
“Totally agree. That has to be what it is.” She was almost radiating from the compliment.
There was a pause of a few seconds. “Do you prefer new or old movies?”
“Odd question, but I guess…” She shrugged. “…I like newer ones. Unless old means ones from 30 years ago, not 50 plus, then I like old. Maybe I should just say the ones in between. Why do you ask, are you a director or something?”
“I’m not. I was only trying to break the ice,” he answered. “In between is a good way to describe those movies. I prefer that option too. Maybe we could discuss the movies we like, later on inside?”
“Yeah.” Another shrug. “I don’t see why not. Talk to you later then.”

After the last contestant walked around the house, Jessica didn’t get much time to think, before Dean returned in the limo. “How were the guys?”, Dean kindly asked as he approached her.
“They started off disappointedly,” Jessica answered honestly. “I hope the ladies were much more impressive.”
“I’m sorry to hear that. Yes, the ladies are very lovely,” he said humbly.
Then before Jessica could answer, a producer came over to explain what is happening next and usher them toward the house.

Whose conversation with Jessica was your favourite?
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  • Jace
  • Danny
  • Sloan
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